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If war breaks out between Russia and the United States. What are your rates? whose country wins? whether war is fair?
It depends on whose territory the action will take place. Almost all the countries of Eurasia and the ally of Russia, the states did not pass, even with the use of the chemical. nuclear, etc. weapons. At the same time to be the aggressor and Russia is not profitable, because faced with the same problems, the US is also not a small state. And to land a sufficient number of troops, nor there, nor there will 1 2 Navy Naval Aviation 3 air defense forces. 4- Why do think that the victory of one of these states, on the other, all real, 5-Why do they fight?

Who doubts the victory of Russia all go to hell !!! I'm on these goats with an ax poydu.ot army mow no question but he was so until the Russian people kiss ass zashivelitsya.kak not who we have evolved in the war on germaniey.my win! !!

While there is a bomb - would be no war. Nobody wants to leave China world hegemony with the United States after our mutual destruction.
In the war without nuclear weapons, we are likely to win, too - too far to carry amerikosy troops, they are vulnerable during transport.

US win, our boys from the army mow in all, what there is a war, who will fight? A 100% fair war will not be, there is no fair war.
Although in spite of everything Russia does not give up the US, we are not the country to comply. So in the end will be defeated only two countries in the doldrums

Refer to this new user (which is not named) who Sach in the US !! which is supposedly the Russian Army had not taken! And you can listen to gay so you have nothing to do? What about the army: RF rigidly rearming !! Medvedev is now planning to spend a lot more on the army, he said, that is the goal number 1 !!! now, even in other industries to cut the budget to send it all to flow Army !!!! Now all the military will receive normulnuyu sn! Medvedev does everything for that !! give Russia time !! ! Give time!
and now private, Thou sayest that went to the US and is now Marine ready at any moment to soak his hometown of Peter? You know what I say ... .I went into the army after university! I served 2 years and now I am an officer in the rapid response team at the St. Petersburg FSB ! I also ekschempion-on fights M1 Central District! Doing this has become even in the army! I want to tell you ... this is a war .bud God forbid certainly met you I will break into pieces !!! Yes you're right you're a traitor! tear this abomination! !'ll break his native Peter talking about? You'll eat your brain to quickly die, I see to it, to us guys are fast! for saying we punish her even more so as you! wait !!!!! going to let Peter know !!! !

It is better for her not to think !!! peace in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bl..t pi ... ets read and weep not one war to bl..t would not have won if not for the Russian fought shoulder to shoulder, and now just have to hy Americans UTB stupid pi.arasy snickering in their McDonalds. And you h.ylo <<<< >>> Evneny would see s.ku Shot on location to .Che UTB he.nya of the US won the war with Russia where Russian spirit b.yat where b.yat all gone you cho vooshe e .anuty. Russia win even believe in the unity of the UTB is not necessary ruska people decide everything. Yeshe to bear and the entire government to think again what it does to Russian Shas did not live under the slogan "Medvedev said, sucking his paw," and gather all the strength and za.uyarit etih pi.darasov zhazhdushih power over the world. <<< Evneny and you brought honor s.ka vooshe history goner idiot could understand that the Russian people are the greatest.
Just me God for all the above Duc ......

And when it is the Americans, at least one war vyigryvyvali everywhere obseralis.Na Haiti for the second time, is that, if, as the first Cuban construction workers, riot police dispersed them, and so "I KYNO" yet.

The United States spends much more money on military weapons ... (
But the best Russian equipment

Who first let the racquet and will be close to victory, but as a patriot then of course Russia will win

Russia in its current state can not win. Army, no, "reformed", all the officers of the Soviet school, who have something could, fired on. Rockets slashed. Boats slashed. Planes rotted. The most efficient part disbanded. And it is about to lay a Russian radar NATO. God forbid, if we can finally answer. For flight time "their" power for about 20 minutes. There's nothing to do in no time. But our government .... although what it is "ours." They actually just so glad prospects.

PS especially pOTsreotichnym. You can not win a war by hanging a sign around his neck: "We always won. I am Russian, and niibet." For one you will not fight.

Because like you !!!! Russia falls you are ready to sell his mother to not touch your ass !!!!! you I do not understand think US technology, armament, abmundirovanie stronger than us ... we have Russian money where it is not just leave them go to such as never dreamed, won Zhirinovsky slip right in front prizedent US one button and fucking America is not - is not rocket or that nuclear !!! we both taught in Russia a lot of oil, gas, and we will not have ideneg netrogaem here but if you look at predpriyatelnym Cartier in America more than 2 times he watched !!! We are not stupid to give money komuto we are doing secret !! !! Here is an example of the USA, I'm sure you know a lot of movies where the secret base -zone 51, Sector 7 ... yes we are frightened !!!! there we did not show off secret databases mean more secret things !! yeah maybe not any secret bases in America povypendrivatsya-intimidating !!! porobadit example of America-Africa-famine, terrible diseases, nescheta.musulmanskie countries to Iraq, Afghanistan Iran, like alcohol and tobacco as we are (each child thumps to 10 years, also smoking, per year falls by 800 000 people, and it's Brett?) but the Muslim people was strong not taken and bombed justify Iraq no, Afghanistan-drug Well so other countries are not hollow where 60% more drugs hit the US? and the same at their countries' oil and gas (judge for yourself) at left and started here, come down to us-alcohol, tobacco !! !! entitled Prohibition Medvedev smiled and said it was Brett (no excuses) !!! spetsiolisty told Russian diplomats vXXIveke remaining 11% !!! ito they pawn !!! I saw a documentary on tv not hit Americans divided Russia where Moscow America where Tatarstan bashkireey Turkey's eastern Japan !!!! well known global company predskozala war 17.00 28yanvarya 2050goda !!!! and if the blame, frightened, plump and smoke bombs there is no war, no one to take over Russia !!! preloaded you bastards tails for grandfathers shed blood for you at home, hut 0.000001% change the past we would not have not have not you one! !! Well we tear dictator, will fight for freedom !! ??? !! I believe in the Russian people, we do not just Russian and Russian with a capital !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Here are the full details of the armies of the US and Russia
United States
Population: 281 404 thousand. People. The military budget of $ 293.3 billion. (2001). The regular forces people 1367700. Provision 1,200,600 persons .. Organized Reserve consists of 464,100 National Guard people. (CB - 357 200, the Air Force - 106 900) and the provisions of the Armed Forces - 710 900 (ST - 363 700 Air Force - 74 400 Navy - 173 000 MP - 99 800). Reserve 2nd stage - 25 600 people. (CB - 700, air force - 16,800 Navy - 7200, MP - 900). Paramilitary groups (civil aviation patrol force) 53 000 people. Acquisition: on a voluntary basis.

SW 477 800 people. (71 400 women), 3 of Staff of Army, 4 Staff AK (1 Airborne), 10 divisions, 2 armored (3 headquarters of brigades, five tanks and four infantry battalions, 3 ached, Division MLRS, anti-aircraft battalion, brigade AA) 2 Mechanized (of the same composition as Armored Division), mechanized (3 headquarters of brigades, 4 armored and five infantry battalions, 3 ached, Division MLRS, anti-aircraft artillery battalion, brigade AA), mechanized (3 headquarters of brigades, 4 tank, 3 mechanized infantry and 2 air assault battalion, 3 was raw, anti-aircraft battalion, brigade AA), two light infantry (3 headquarters of brigades, 9 pb, 3 ADN, anti-aircraft battalion, brigade AA), Airborne (3 headquarters of brigades, 9 airborne battalions 3 ADN, anti-aircraft battalion, a helicopter combat support battalion, brigade AA) and Air Assault (3 headquarters of brigades, 9 air assault battalion, adn 3, 2 AA teams: 7 helicopter battalions); 11 separate brigades (5 AA artillery 6: 3 was raw, 3 ADN). 11 battalions of MLRS. 3 separate Cavalry Regiment separate HSE Airborne Task Force, 11 separate anti-aircraft missile battalions (10 Patriot, Avenger 2). National Guard 357 200 people. 8 divisions (armored, 3 mechanized, 3 Medium, Light Infantry), 16 separate brigades (two armored, 5 mechanized, 7 Infantry, Light Infantry, Cavalry), 17 staffs of artillery brigades, separate pb. 36 artillery battalions, 19 battalions of AA, 37 engineer battalions, 11 separate anti-aircraft missile battalions (2 Patriot, Avenger 9). Provision 363 700 people., 12 training divisions, 13 regional commands.

Special Operations Command ground troops 15 300 people., Headquarters, 5 groups SPN Ranger Regiment, a group of PSYOPS (5 b), the battalion of Civil Affairs (SGA), the 2nd Battalion (communications and general support) Regiment of Special Operations; Reserve Special Operations Command: 2 800 people. - National Guard, 7800 - Reserve; Spetsnaz group 2, 4 and 8 Command teams due SGA; 2 groups of psychological operations, 36 units due SGA.

Armament: 7620 main battle tanks M1 Abramc all modifications, 110 BRM Fuchs, 6710 BMP Bradley, 15,400 BTRMPZ all modifications 1547 towed guns (434 M102 416 M119 697 M198), 2476 SG M109A1, 881 MLRS MLRS (all capable of launching rockets ATACMS), 1556 mortars (932 M120 / 121, 624 M252) 19 000 PU ATGM Dragon, 950 anti-tank systems Javelin, 626 self-propelled anti-tank systems M901 TOW, 6710 PU ATGM TOW installed on M2 / MZ Bradley 1379 multipurpose vehicles Hammer to ATGM TOW, 785 SAM Avenger, 483 PU SAM Patriot, 271 aircraft (128 C-12 of various modifications, 43 C-23, 11 C-26, two T-34 and 3 C-20, 22 UC -35 2 31 C-2 C-182, PA-1 31 UV-20A 2, 18A 4-UV) and about 4715 helicopters (including 1 340 combat): 1S-AH 370, AH 740-64A / D, 64 EH-6QA, 452 CH / MH-47, 387 OH-58A / C, 385 OH-58D (194 combat), 36 AH-6 / MH-6, 735 UH-1 H / V, 1405 UH-60 / MH-60 / VL / K, 135 TH-67, 4 UH-60Q, 2 RAH-66, 7 UAVs Hunter (5-based storage), 51 amphibious ship, 89 boats LCM-8 radar (ground ) 122 AN / TPQ-36 (apT.), 70 AN / KPQ-37 (apT,), 66 AN / TPQ-32, 15 AN / TSQ-138, 24 AN / TSQ-138A

Personnel: 1 700 000 people. Paramilitary units: 200 000 people in the interior troops and 250 000 people in the border troops. The military budget is 12 billion US dollars. Options: on an appeal. The period of compulsory military service is 24 months.

Strategic forces. Personnel 125 000 people. Strategic Rocket Forces ground-based 188 SS-18, SS-19, 170, 46 SS-24 and SS-25 318. Strategic Rocket Forces sea-launched 684 rocket launchers with 2,500 warheads by 45 submarines. 6 Akula class submarines, the Dolphin-class 7 (Delta IV), 13 Kalmar class (Delta III), Class 4 Delta II, Class 15 Moray (Delta I). Strategic Rocket Forces airborne: 1074 warheads by 83 Tu-95MS, 240 24 Tu-95M / K, 192 20 Tu-160 Blackjack.

Ground troops. Personnel: 850 000 people. Structure: 8 military regions - Moscow, Ural, Siberian, Trans-Baikal, Volga region, Leningrad, North Caucasus, the Far East. Armaments. Tanks: 5 000 T-80, T-9000 72, 4000 T-64 and is large in the number of T-62 and T-55. Infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers: 2400 BRDM, 700 BMP-3, about 25 000 BTR-50, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, BTR-152, 2000 BMD, 4000 MT-LB. Artillery: 40 000 122mm, 130mm, 152mm; 122mm and 152mm self-propelled guns. Mortars: 14 000 82mm, 120mm, 160mm, 240mm. Recoilless rifles: 73mm SPG-9. Missile launchers: 7500 122mm, 140mm, 220mm and 240mm, 300mm Smerch, 40mm RPG-7, RPG-15, 64mm, 73mm RPG-16. Anti-complexes: 8000 57mm, 76mm, 85mm, 100mm, ASU-57/85, AT-2 Swatter, AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spandler, AT-6 Spiral, AT-7 Saxhorn, AT-8 Songster, AT -10, AT-11 Kornet. Missile launchers ground-to-ground missiles SS-21. Air Defense: about 4 900 units. Army Aviation: 4300 Mi-2, Mi-4 and Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-10, Mi-24, Mi-26.

Air forces. Personnel 167 000 people. Structure: The long-range aviation (strategic forces) tactical aircraft, military transport aircraft, air defense, training units, aviation Navy. Armaments. Bombers: 28 Tu-160, Tu-100 22M, 43 Tu-95, Tu-87 95cm. Stormtroopers: 500 Su-24. Fighters: 450 MiG-29, Su-27, 150, 250 MiG-27, MiG-23, 300, 130 Su-22, MiG-31, 30, 20, MiG-25, Su-25 250. Reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft 80 MiG-25P, 80 Su-24. Helicopters: 300 Mi-1, Mi-2 600, 50 Mi-4, Mi-300 6, 1900 Mi-8, Mi-26, 50 and 60 Mi-28. Refueling: 10 M-4 (Bizion), 20 Tu-16 and 60 Mi-28. Transport aircraft: about 700 airplanes of the following types: 320 AN-12, 24, AN-124, 45 An-22, Il-12, 300, IL-76, 300 An-2, 100 An-24, 50 An-32, 30 AN -72, 20 Tu-134/154, 150 L-410. Training aircraft: 2000 Yak-18, L-29 and L-39, MiG-23U> MiG-25U, the Su-7U, Su-11y, Tu-22U.

PVO.Struktura: power space surveillance, missile forces, air defense troops, 4 military air defense combat units, the technical part. Armament. Interceptors: 180 MiG-25, MiG-31, 320, 250 MiG-23, Su-27, 200. AWACS: 15 A-50 Mainstay, AN-12 and IL-14/18. Protivoballisticheskie rocket launchers: 33 ABM-1 rubbers. Missile launchers surface to air. Stationary systems 300 SA-2 (Gudeline), 200 CA-3 (GOA), CA-600 5 GAMMON. Mobile Systems: 2000 CA-10/12. Air defense radars: 9 long-range radars, 9000 other radars in the 1200 points.

Navy sily.Lichny composition: 420,000 people (including 65,000 people in the Fleet Air Arm, 15,000 Marines, Coast Artillery 7000), plus 500,000 in reserve. Structure: 4 main fleet - the Black Sea, Baltic, Pacific and Northern. Navy. Carriers: 1 class Admiral Kuznetsov. Carriers with the aircraft vertical takeoff: 1 class Admiral Gorshkov. Nuclear missile submarines: 6 Akula class submarines, the Dolphin-class 7 (Delta IV), 13 Kalmar class (Delta III), Class 4 Delta II, Class 15 Moray (Delta I). Nuclear submarines: 11 Oscar class, class 5 Charlie, Charlie Class 5 2. Nuclear torpedo submarines: 12 Class Shark 2 Sierra, Class 1 Alpha, a class 8 Victor I, Class 5 Victor II, Class 26 Victor III. Diesel submarines: 24 Class Kilo, 18 class Tango, 25 class Foxtrot, 4 class Bravo, 2 class India, 1st class Lima, 1st class Beluga. Cruisers: Admiral Ushakov Class 3, Class 3, Moscow, 5th grade Nikolaev. Destroyers: 2 class Admiral bassist grade 11 removed, 20 modern class. Frigates: 2 class Undaunted, 33 Krivak class. Guard ships: Class 2 Crake, 65 Grisha class, grade 10 Mirka, 22 Petya class, grade 12 scab, 40 class Tarantula, 36 Nanushka class, 1st class Sivush. Light unit: 1 hydrofoil class Locusts, 30 patrol boats Tyr-class, 15-class missile boats uterus, 1 hydrofoil class butterfly, 1 hydrofoil class fly. Mine layers: Class 3 Alyosha, Class 3 Andrei, 45 Class Eugene, 35 class Natia, 45 Class Yuri, 1st Class T-58, 60-class Sonya 3 Class Eugene, grade 7 Spider, 2 classes of Poti, 65 class Vanya, 10 Class Sasha, 40 K-8 grade, 4th grade Olya Ilyusha 10th grade, 10th grade Pidanka. Landing ships: 3 class Ivan Rogov class Ropucha 25, 13 Alligator tank landing craft class, class of 36 midnight, 10 tank landing craft class Otter, Muskrat Class 40, Class 15 SMBs. Hovercraft: Skua Class 3, Class 33 Gas 20 Class Stork, class 5 Orlan, Swan 20 class, 2nd class Duckling. Support vehicles and supply 7 Ugra class, 1st class Berezina, Chilikin 6 Class 6 Class Don Susanin 8th grade, 6th grade Lama; and Class 4 Amga.

That's up

She is already underway.

The war is informative (cold) bias.

Any war, which it would not be fair, always a heinous crime and great sacrifices, especially in modern warfare. As for the military potentials of Russia and the United States, of course, NATO, the European Union and their dominions, and, uh, so-called "protectorates" of these countries are not always averse to profit by another's good and the ground. Not casual at us for our millennial history attacked so often and so many and such powerful enemies. But we survived. But as Einstein said, "I do not know what weapons will be conducted a third world war, but the fourth will be carried out precisely with stones and sticks." Only very serious extremes can cause anyone to attack us, knowing that we are not a weak country and allies, we also very strong, such as China, the CIS, all the current socialist countries and the countries in which we have helped to be or become independent, and these vryat country will help our enemies, but also to help openly dared not all. Now nuclear weapons is not such as what the enemies burnt, destroyed, completely unsuitable for the life and development of the land affected by these weapons, in addition to nuclear power parity equals. This means that all bets on traditional Russian patriotism, faith in the power of the people, prudence USA. If they come to our land and we will kill them all, too many graves they would have to dig, and the world proud and will submit himself willingly the most fair and just country in the world - our Russia. That's the phrase of the great man, Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor and Kaiser Germany: "Russian long harness, but quickly go. Agreements with Russia are not worthy of even the paper it is written on. Do not fight with a Russian. In your every stratagem they answer unpredictable folly ".

Well, actually the first prav.No if you start to win the friendship, you will begin the same as in 3 terminator at the end (of the world will not remain any Th with the reserve warheads).

Understand if to blow up the nuclear weapons of the Northern Fleet God forbid, even on its own territory, those who are not ready for the nuclear winter just disappear like dinosaurs from Greenland to Africa and part of America, this despite the fact that part of Russia most of all will still be habitable as well as general Russian course win what can I say.America without satellites would no longer be efficient in contrast to Russia, and China, we should not forget the largest army in the world, and they claim to Russia with the most powerful and strong-willed army of the world two largest countries. The US Army just a high-tech and expensive compare at least how much the plane, tank and say cartridge rifle manufactured in Russia and the US, and how much production is simply the count, and if you count how much you need to spend the money that would have each cartridge to hit these allies one by one, Brad turns, America is also a clever country, and they do not need this, they need a bunch of small countries with which even do not need to fight, they have them in his sra..oe NATO will take and will lead them like puppets, Russia and China's who will rule the planet America and so will sink soon, you need to think not about the war and about the world and how to cooperate with all countries for the good of all mankind. War, of course, there would be no! And by the way smart people such thoughts did not occur. It is better to ask how many seconds will live neighboring countries if there is a conflict God forbid.
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