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The candidate for US presidents called Putin "a gangster"
Republican Senator Marco Rubio called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin "gangster", and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN is crazy.

According to Rubio, Russia controls, "in fact, the figure of organized crime" controlling "the government and the vast territory". Rubio claims that opponents of the Russian authorities or waiting for polonium poisoning, or shot in the street, reports CNN.

He also called Russia one of the five major threats to the U.S., stating that "gangster" operates the largest nuclear Arsenal.

Other threats, in his opinion, this is North Korea, China, Iran and "jihadists". Harsh words from Rubio was in store for other world leaders.

Rubio worry that the DPRK, he said, nuclear weapons are possessed by "crazy", and in Iran aspires "radical Shiite cleric".

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has caused discontent Rubio to the fact that under her leadership, the country is increasingly anti-American positions, "wanting to join" to countries such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

All of these countries, according to Rubio - totalitarian, therefore, according to the Senator, the US should make greater efforts to spread democracy.

Note that the other candidate in US presidents from Republican billionaire Donald trump hopes to establish a "very good relationship" with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Billionaire stressed that the Russian President "we need to get along", while the current head of the USA Barack Obama "no one gets along," therefore, States "enemies are everywhere".
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