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Trump consolidated leadership among the contenders for the US presidency from the Republican
Billionaire Donald Trump retains leadership among the contenders for the US presidency from the Republican Party, it would support 30% potential voters, according to published on Thursday a survey conducted by the University of Monmouth.

For a month the level of popularity of Trump grew by 4%. Second place in the poll took a retired pediatrician African American neurosurgeon Ben Carson - it would support 18% of respondents. In third place - the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to the support level of 8%, referring to the survey data TASS.

The same proportion (8%) Senator from Texas Ted Cruz. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida are ready to support 5% of respondents, and the former head of Hewlett-Packard Corporation Carly Fiorina and former Arkansas governor Michael Hikabi - 4% of respondents.

Popularity of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in comparison with the results of a survey conducted in August fell by 8% and now accounts for 3%. Ohio Governor John Keysik, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul received support at the level of 2% each.

Commenting on the survey results, the head of the organization to conduct surveys at the University of Monmouth's Patrick Murray said that until now all the attacks from the GOP contenders in the Trump led only to the fact that his popularity grew.

Recall, US presidential candidate from the Republicans, billionaire Donald Trump is expected to establish a "very decent relationship" with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The billionaire said that the president of Russia "is necessary to get along," while the current head of Barack Obama "no one gets along", so States, "surrounded by enemies."

Trump became famous for his outrageous antics during the race: for example, recently he allowed voters to pull him by the hair. His main rival in the presidential race Lindsey Graham Trump called an idiot, and Senator McCain - a coward who could not avoid falling into captivity in Vietnam. This does not prevent (or, conversely, help) Trump rated nearly twice as fast as its nearest competitor for the presidential race in the Republican camp.
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