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15 years ago the United States and NATO began its aggression against Serbia
March 24, 1999 Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, flying on an official visit to the United States, turned his plane over the ocean and returned to Moscow to protest against the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Operation "Allied Force" (NATO) or the "Merciful Angel" (on the codification of the US) - NATO military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the period from March 24 to June 10, 1999. The decision to start operations in circumvention of the UN Security Council adopted the then NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. Serbian authorities have been accused of ethnic cleansing.
The official reason was the outbreak of hostilities announced the presence of Serb troops in Kosovo and Metohija

We were then witnessed the aggression of NATO against Yugoslavia showed us footage from US aircraft and the destruction of the earth. Civilian casualties, refugees - all this is a war that we saw, sitting in front of TV screens.

"It was hard to believe it, could not believe his eyes, but at the end of the twentieth century, one of the European capitals - Belgrade on for a few weeks to put the missile and bomb strikes, and then followed by a real intervention. What it did was the UN Security Council resolution on this matter, resolving these actions? Nothing of the sort, "- says March 18 of this year on these, he had seen fifteen years ago one of the frames of Russian viewers. Namely - Vladimir Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly that for the previous time, little has changed, and the United States continue to be guided by the law of the strong.
XX century has changed the technical possibilities, we now live show crimes against humanity, which earlier artists would prefer to remain silent. Previously, they were tried in Nuremberg. Today, they give a kind of "international jurisdiction" those who dare to resist them.
Everything else - in their places, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States felt the sole arbiter of the destinies of the peoples of the planet. So now they can not come to terms with the reality of a strong Russia.
In the nineties, the political leadership of the "new Russia" suddenly believe that the collapse of the USSR, NATO turned into a peacekeeping organization. In good lifeguard, who is in any part of the globe, even without waiting for the emergency call owners of the house.

The Kremlin and the Foreign Ministry in the 1990s assured: NATO rapprochement with Russia will strengthen the voice of Russia in the solution of international conflicts, to make the world safer, and without exception, the nations - happy.

Politicians at all levels, from Moscow to the suburbs, not the most adequate sported maxims about the readiness of the West to take us to the "great family of democratic nations." Today, even embarrassing to recall an irresistible desire to senior management of Russian start some international "office" to sit from time to time at its meetings anywhere in the gallery or on a folding chair. Then the "ordinary Russians" who have never climbed his words, let into use derogatory saying: "Thanks to Yeltsin, Russia adopted" six "in the" seven ". This, of course, there was the so-called "big seven" developed countries.
But in the nineties Moscow just kichilas his betrayal "world socialism" and rapidly developing novel with the "world of big business." There was greed: Russia yearned for Western money and all the attributes of a consumer society. Money was given little credit, and the "rags" chicken legs and VCRs inundated towns and villages. The West was in Moscow, Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev, who was practically publicly called "Mr." Yes "- as opposed to fundamental Andrei Gromyko," Mr. "No".
Three years ago the Russian edition of the US magazine "Forbes" has published a conversation with businessman Andrei Kozyrev, former Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch and president "Alfa-Bank" Peter Aven.

"In my opinion, we have not become a democratic country, and long sought to become a real, sincere ally of the West - said the former Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev their views on the situation in Russia. - That's why I did not. "

"I had neither the courage nor the powder to become a real maverick, there, a human rights activist, and so on - is a former minister has said about their beliefs. - I continued to work at the Foreign Ministry, but the more I began to ponder what I do, that we have for foreign policy, what it does, then gradually I have all this was to collapse like a house of cards, and I, in the end, to be honest It was just anti-Soviet. "
And finally, the third quote: "... I told Yeltsin that concealment of criminals in Yugoslavia, where the Serbs - our temporary error, it will pass."
... Touching symbiosis of US foreign policy, NATO and Russia was broken in 1999: Fifteen years ago, on March 24, ignoring the norms of international law, in circumvention of the UN and the Security Council, Washington and its European allies launched the aggression against Yugoslavia. Reason - the Serbian authorities in the prosecution of ethnic cleansing. As stated in Brussels, the attack was "firmly put an end to the regime" and prevent "a humanitarian catastrophe of the Albanian national minority."
The real reason for the bombing - "disobedience" in Belgrade, Slobodan Milosevic's unwillingness to play by the rules of the West.
According to information received by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov from the French general Pierre Galois, a conspiracy against Yugoslavia existed for a long time. "In the mid-eighties, the World Bank held two meetings to come to the conclusion that Yugoslavia, where there is no unemployment, free education, medicine and high dynamics of economic growth, not the best example for Europe - says Leonid Ivashov. - According to the Galois war Germany, England, France and the United States while still thinking about how to organize subversive activities against Yugoslavia. And if you need to - and then a military operation. "
It is believed that this aggression was also a personal cause: Bill Clinton escaped from their family problems. Wounded male pride president in the scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was compensated by military action against Yugoslavia.
Of course. You can not take seriously the role of intern in the adoption of Bill Clinton the decision to bomb Yugoslavia. However, there are also other proposed knowledgeable people version - again "with" Monica Lewinsky. Standing behind the president backstage forces demanded from him as soon as possible to launch a military operation in the Balkans, he hesitated and even refused, that's when "well-wishers" and bore the audience amorous adventures of the President.
«Cherchez la femme», looking for a woman - this reason, many would like to do a major in unleashing aggression. But the main reason, of course, was the policy of self-affirmation of America in the world. Plus - frank willingness to Boris Yeltsin Russia "to fluctuate along with the party line," the Republican or Democratic, to put in the time its president in Washington.
Boris Yeltsin simply had to react in any way without wanting to spoil relations with the "friend Bill." As a result, we have opposed NATO bombing air raids on Yugoslavia statements of politicians at all levels and views. No more. No one will say exactly how many hours and days flew, moving between world capitals, Viktor Chernomyrdin, "special representative" of Boris Yeltsin. Officially - fought for an end to the bombing. In reality, like an actor Pogorely theater depicting Moscow's desire to "fight for peace".

Our only politician whose act approved "ordinary Russians" and condemned "the Americans uneasy", became Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov.

He was flying on an official visit to Washington to learn about the beginning of the bombing, gave the command to turn the plane over the Atlantic and return to Moscow. It did not change anything in the NATO operation. But perhaps one of the reasons for which, in May of that year, Yeltsin dismissed Primakov's resignation.
As we explained during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, more than Russia could not do anything. About how Viktor Chernomyrdin agreed to the terms of the Americans in the negotiations on Yugoslavia in detail told L. Ivashov, who also took part in them. To quote: "Then I got reliable information about the night talking Gore (Al Gore - Vice President - VG) and Chernomyrdin. The fact is that even before they had met at the villa mountain in America and if agreed that Al Gore will be a candidate for US president, and Viktor Stepanovich - the Russian presidency. At the same time the United States in the face of the incumbent President Bill Clinton and his fellow party member Al Gore Chernomyrdin promised to support ... ".
But in the daytime, the official Moscow fervently assured Yugoslavia in its support. Yeltsin's televised address to the citizens of Russia and "to all who care about the preservation of an atmosphere of cooperation and stability in Europe", delivered on 24 March 1999 from the domestic television, deserves to be part of his quote: "Let us, yet remain some minute, we will persuade Clinton not to do so tragic, dramatic step ... I ask: join indignation throughout Russia. To perturbations. We, of course, all that is possible to do its part, but not all of us can. That is, we can, but his conscience does not allow us to. "
What he wanted to say, whose conscience had in mind - no one knows. Yes, no one paid any attention to this pseudo-patriotic pathos. Moscow formally marked its position. Other statements by Boris Yeltsin in the days of NATO bombing dazzled traditionally formidable: "We will not allow," "Russia will not allow it", "We will not allow." There was also promising: "We are going to think."
Allow gave. And we think no one ever prohibited.

Parliament of Yugoslavia April 12, 1999 voted in favor of the accession of the Republic to the Union State of Russia and Belarus, the State Duma deputies have supported this initiative, Boris Yeltsin promised to "think" ...

Then he buries the call to unite. The power in those years always promised to think it is - but "anti-American" solutions categorically did not want to take ...
During the bombing, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of NATO, Secretary of Defense William Cohen announced strategy of NATO in the XXI century - is the transition from the defensive to the use of force in any part of the globe, regardless of the opinion of the international community. Already in the new century, his replacement as Minister Robert Gates in 2007, elaborated: "Although NATO was created to counter Soviet communism, its guiding principle has been wider and deeper at the outset: it was to build a defensive alliance against any threats to the security and interests of the transatlantic community for generations to come. And today we see that the alliance did not do during the years of "cold war" is not a single shot, performs combat missions in six regions of the three continents. "
Total: forget Yugoslavia, it was not aggression, and forced the establishment of democracy. Standard propaganda harvesting, born into the world with the advent of NATO in 1949.
During the bombing of Yugoslavia, US military aircraft and NATO has made 35 thousand sorties, a total of "Balkan natives" were dropped 79,000 tons of explosives.

According to the authorities of the FRY, from 24 March to 10 June 1999, the total number of civilian casualties amounted to more than 1,700 people, including - almost 400 children, about 10 thousand people were seriously injured.

Without water left about one million people.
The total damage caused to Yugoslavia, according to the estimates of Western experts, is estimated at one billion dollars. Serbian sources name different figures: 29.6 billion. During the bombing had destroyed or damaged 89 factories and plants, other industrial facilities 128 120 energy facilities, 14 airports, 48 ​​hospitals and hospitals, 118 radio and teleretranslyatorov, 82 bridges, 61 road junction and a tunnel, 25 buildings of post and telegraph, 70 schools, 18 kindergartens, 9 buildings of university faculties and 4 dormitories, 35 churches, 29 monasteries ...
But perhaps the most important was the fact that for the first time in many years, all NATO members so willingly supported by Washington. The measure of participation in the aggression was different. Until proven "veterans" block bombed Yugoslavia, together with the US Air Force, the candidates for accession to the alliance, yesterday's "socialist countries" jumped out of his pants, in order to attest their loyalty to his master.
Albania has provided its territory and airspace for NATO aircraft. In addition, in its territory were terrorist training camps "Kosovo Liberation Army" and its military units participated in the battles with the Yugoslav forces in the border areas.

Hungary and Romania have presented to NATO territory and air space, the territory of Macedonia settled NATO ground forces equipped with armored vehicles, artillery and helicopters. What is called, voluntarily and happily mated with the blood.

Bulgaria has produced thousands of bombs - NATO, of course. In order to be reset to fellow Slavs, the Serbs.
Total on the side of NATO was attended by 19 countries, and with the states that are not members of the alliance, but feasibly supported the aggression, that number grows to 26.
The United States, moreover, always considered their "humanitarian mission" outside the country a great opportunity to test new weapons. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - it is a reader crimes most democratic country in the world. For example, in Vietnam in the sixties I have passed break-meteorological tactics of war, and in March 1974, Lieutenant Colonel Ed Soyster expounded in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee consideration of the Pentagon about a new kind of weapon - the rain. The magazine "Science" introduced into the lexicon of workers meteorological fundamentally new concept - the "Fire Storm". Weapons, which at minimum cost the desired effect destruction. Covering an area of ​​several hundred hectares of forest is ignited, a fire is absorbed by oxygen, then cyclones formed, extending in a fire at a speed of 230 kilometers per hour. The inventors have carefully planned and carried out the operation in South Vietnam "Sherwood Forest" ...
In Yugoslavia, were successfully tested bombs "GDAM": each weighing 907 kilograms, they are designed to attack air defense radars, ensuring the accuracy of hitting up to three meters. Cluster bombs banned by international law, also spent lavishly American pilots, they were dropped a total of 37440 units. And then also sounded a warning experts that armor-piercing projectiles with depleted uranium U-238 "will have an impact on millions of people for many generations." In Kosovo, these shells fired 31,000. However, as it turned out, they suffered themselves "peacekeepers." Soon, 53 soldiers from NATO countries involved in the operation, fell ill with leukemia, 22 of them died. Then their fate is no longer anyone interested.
The Pentagon praised the dignity and bombs "BLU-114", temporarily incapacitating electrical substations using graphite filaments. Although cruise missiles for a long time accepted for service in the USA against Yugoslavia used their new modifications: technological progress should not stand still ... Actually, in March 1999, it has been tested high-precision weapons, which by its damaging capabilities is gradually approaching the nuclear weapons.

And the aggression was to test the US military doctrine, according to which "humanitarian pacification" must be carried out without entering the troops in most of these enemies. As in Libya - but already in 2011.

"In the former Yugoslavia, the situation was quite different - outraged now entering the Crimea to Russia, General George Dzhoulven, who commanded NATO forces in Bosnia. - First of all, we intervened because there was an obvious humanitarian catastrophe. Serbia's goal was to annex the entire state and killed civilians, carrying out "ethnic cleansing". We began to act to stop the violence. "
Of course, according to the West, the Serbs in 1999 - a Russian in Ukraine in 2014, the Albanian militants from the "Kosovo Liberation Army" - members of the fascist organization "independence", they now form the backbone of a certain "national guard". Good or bad there, but legitimate president overthrown, and new authorities in Kiev are ready to step on the red carpet that leads straight into the temple of Western democracy. As Chile in 1973 - with the direct support of the United States. Only the most ossified liberals exactly happened there putsch. So today, Russian opposition leaders called the bombing of Yugoslavia "overthrow the bloodthirsty dictator," and the seizure of power by the Nazis in the Ukraine - "democratic revolution." It's not their creativity, only a translation from English, where the US president express themselves.
"After all, that Serbia made and lost as a result of the breakup of Yugoslavia, we, the Serbs, most of all it is clear that the provocation of civil war in Ukraine - it is a direct attack on Russia, - says the People's Artist of Serbia, chairman of the Society of Serbian-Russian friendship Ivan Gigon. - Please, to all circumstances in Russia and the Crimea, who remembers the brutal bombing of 1942, do not forget, as the whole of Europe bombed the Serbs some fifteen years ago. Believe and know: Serbian love for Mother Russia, to Russian and Soviet soldiers in the city-hero, to Sevastopol not kill! ".
Shots bombing of Yugoslavia fifteen years ago some left indifferent observers. Others have decided to become a jury. But more than that we had among the judges, who bore his sentence organizers of aggression against Yugoslavia. It Yeltsin "conscience" will limit the shaking of the air, and his fellow citizens actually took the US Embassy in Moscow in the siege. The indignation in our people was universal. Surprised Western journalists have reported unprecedented: implacable enemies, football fans of "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow, joined together in protest ... "And then there were Afghanistan and Iraq, and a clear violation of UN Security Council resolution on Libya, when instead of providing so-called no-fly zone also began bombing "- reminds people that live saw the bombing of Yugoslavia. Yes, it is again - Vladimir Putin. The President of Russia, which is now the Western countries accused of "aggression against Ukraine." The same NATO allies, who are proud of the way they are "to bomb democracy" in Serbia fifteen years ago. The pride of them is so great that footage airstrikes in 1999 are now showing them as a sign of willingness to again fight for peace throughout the world.

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