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Greece still thinks of asking US to close its airspace for Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria. Earlier it was reported that Athens responded to Washington's refusal not to spoil relations with Moscow. However, no legal basis for the United States has no such requirement.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece acknowledged receipt of the request from the United States to close airspace for Russian aviation, delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. According to Tass, according to a source in the Greek Foreign Ministry is now request is pending.
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Reprinted American magazine Forbes information about thousands of Russian soldiers supposedly killed in the Donbass, scattered by the world media. The primary source of fakes, which pleased rastirazhirovali and in RuNet, was "cesspool of spam", established six months ago. It was found out and that where it is growing legs of the stuffing information.
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Greece refused to close, despite the requirement of the US Embassy in Athens airspace (FIR Athens) for flights of Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria, he said on Sunday, a diplomatic source in Athens.
"On Saturday, the US embassy turned to the service to the Greek government to prohibit the passage of Russian aircraft in the FIR Athens. The Greek Government has refused to do so, so as not to worsen relations with Russia, "- said the source RIA" Novosti ".
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Operation "Allied Force" (NATO) or the "Merciful Angel" (on the codification of the US) - NATO military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the period from March 24 to June 10, 1999. The decision to start operations in circumvention of the UN Security Council adopted the then NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. Serbian authorities have been accused of ethnic cleansing. The official reason was the outbreak of hostilities announced the presence of Serb troops in Kosovo and Metohija
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While Baghdad four planes, they were taken in July this year. Overall, the country's Defense Ministry ordered 36 new fighter jets for the amount of $ 65 million. Now the Iraqi Air Force is extremely weakened and have little or no opportunity to influence the situation in the region. Air strikes against the IG for a year does the international coalition led by the United States. Iraqi pilots for several months being trained in America.
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Military demonstrated leading the program "Military Acceptance" Alexei Yegorov fire newest BMP "Kurganets-25." Journalists "stars" were the first who saw the shooting the coded armor. "Kurganets" is equipped with a unique system of fire that allows you to remotely control the fire and is equipped with night vision devices. Capture purposes may be made automatically at a distance of three kilometers.
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United States increasingly worried about keeping up with Russia in the field of development of the Arctic space. It's not even just about the military presence, but a purely technical indicators, such as the number and quality of the icebreaker fleet. This problem bothered now even Barack Obama. Can the US make Russia a real competition in the Arctic race?
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"Constantly occur provocation by 29 checkpoints (APU), which is ... Lviv team firing on from AGS (grenade launcher) and mortars from near the checkpoint Novotoshkovki.
From their side (APU) Minsk agreement is not respected, it can confirm the entire staff on the front line, "- said Pisarev.
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Stated by Germany because of "threatening the policy of Moscow" plans to increase the defense budget at first glance seem to be more or less significant. Since the end of the Cold War, the number of combat vehicles in Germany fell by three-quarters. And even the planned increase in military spending will not return to the armed forces of the German power, which they had only thirty years ago.
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Trips to Beijing and Vladivostok coincided not by chance - on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in China has long been known, and a few days after, in May in the Moscow celebrations, Putin finally confirmed Xi its presence in the parade, it was signed and the presidential decree the establishment of the Eastern Economic Forum. His conduct in Vladivostok will be annual - but first cooked, of course, with special attention. Especially since there are Presidential status only one economic forum in the country - St. Petersburg. Putin flew from Beijing to Vladivostok, which in itself was symbolic.
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