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Add the fascist in the database
Help to stop the evil. We must know them in person.

>>>> Add the fascist in the database

Amid the almost complete silence of Western governments and international organisations in relation to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Kiev junta in Donbass and other regions of Ukraine, the investigation conducted by the Investigative Committee of Russia, is the only mechanism to ensure that for their crimes junta will be held responsible.

To add to the database of persons involved in the genocide of the population of Donbass

If You know of persons supporting the fascist mood - Put them in the database

Nazism (not to be confused with nationalism) - the extreme severity of the celebration of their nation over the other, which consists not only in the internal sense, but also in foreign expansion, violence against others.
An example is Hitler, who talked about the uniqueness of the Aryan race, itself being part Jew and because of "the call of the blood" borrowed his philosophy of the Talmud, in which the idea of the superiority of the Jews over others "Goy" is expressed most fully.. .
Fascism - a philosophical doctrine about the unity of the nation, family, mutual support and cooperation under the Omophorion of God.
Later this term was "borrowed" by Hitler and distorted, filled completely different ethnonym content.

No one is a fascist or a Nazi, until proven guilty by the court. The project "anti-Fascism" does not aim to place discrediting the person listed above information is not intended to be "intangible benefits", all available on the website information on this precedent is public or is otherwise in the public interest, provided for reference and to prevent avoidance of responsibility before the law data lizano this material at the present time is not relevant, please notify us through the "Feedback". If You have evidence regarding this person, please send these materials to us in the database, this will help in the future to blame or deny the Nazi or fascist activity of the above mentioned persons or organizations. All the information provided to us anonymously. If You think that this person has got into the public database incorrectly or some information on this public web site is not true, please let us know about the error.
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