Various American organizations provide assistance programs of the Ukrainian public organizations. The core financial support is USAID, USIA, and Freedom House. They largely directly receive the money of American taxpayers. In Ukraine these organizations work both directly and through many other American organizations. Ultimately, the recipients of the money are Ukrainian research groups, foundations, institutes, centers and associations, which are connected with the so-called Ukrainian national-democratic organizations.

This is such party, as the Ukrainian people's movement (two broken wing - Udovenko and Kostenko), Ukrainian Republican party (Levko Lukyanenko), "Batkivshchyna" (Yulia Tymoshenko), the Ukrainian conservative Republican party, and such funds and information centers, as the Foundation of informational development (Oleksandr Kochetkov), "Ruh-inform" (Victor Linchevsky), Ukraine incognito" (Dmytro Stus).

In addition to individual regular financing, American money goes directly on mass actions through umbrella organization Coalition "Freedom of choice". Through the coordinator Vladyslav Kaskiv the money goes to the activity of the Committee "For truth", which is the active participant of the organization of actions of "Ukraine without Kuchma".

All of these parties, funds, information and research centres are members of the Forum of national salvation and participate in the movement "Ukraine without Kuchma", who tried to remove from power President of Ukraine ahead of schedule. To do this legally not possible, because the popularity of the organizers of the shares among the citizens of Ukraine as small as the popularity of President Kuchma, vote in Parliament at them a bit.

So after months of civil disobedience and active but small demonstrations, the organizers attempted coup on 9 March, when militants tried to storm the building of the presidential administration and to block the Parliament building. The organizers of the action during loudly declared the beginning of the national revolution.

However, the above national-democratic organizations include mostly intellectuals, hot on the words, but not able to fight with the special forces and to take away weapons from policemen. This main revolutionaries work began others are also included in the Forum of national salvation and involved in the movement "Ukraine without Kuchma". This is the UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian national Assembly - Ukrainian national self defence), the Union of officers of Ukraine, SDPU - Social-nationalist party of Ukraine, KUN - Congress of Ukrainian nationalists, the party "Bratstvo" Dmitry Korchinsky and his "the Shield of Fatherland".

The strongest known of them - UNA-UNSO. This militant organization, its members are dressed in the typical shape of the Nazi stormtroopers, are under the flags with a stylized swastika, hate Jews and Communists. Its combat troops participated in almost all the wars in the former USSR. In Moldova they fought with the Russians against Moldovans in Abkhazia with the Georgians against Chechens in Chechnya - Chechens against Russians. That is, they don't care which side to fight, the main thing is to fight, to receive money, weapons, to recruit supporters.

Ukrainian citizens, who fought against Nazism during the second world war, realize that UNA-UNSO - fascists, that is why, despite all their hyperactivity, at the election they regularly receive less than 1% of votes. Therefore, the Ukrainian fascists are in dire need advertising. And that advertising they receive the maximum opposition against Kuchma.

Militants UNA-UNSO form the core of the fighting units, the attackers on the streets of Kyiv and Lviv on the police. For this they, their flags, leaders and slogans to be systematically on the TV screens, the photos in the Newspapers. The popularity anticuchos opposition in Ukraine fell sharply after the riots on March 9, and the number of UNA-UNSO is increased. But the manifestation of these, as we have shown, are actually on the money of American taxpayers, who, it turns out, pay fights and demonstrations Ukrainian fascists before dozens of cameras.

Ukrainian fascists actively come to American money and the other way is through radical Ukrainian trade unions that the Germans are trying to capture with varying success. The former head of the Executive Committee of free trade unions Alexander Meryl and was a member of UNA-UNSO. Fortunately, when money AFL-CIO went Ukrainian trade unions through FTUI (Free Trade Union Institute), the Nazis were expelled from the unions. But they did not abandon its attempts to subjugate the trade unions.

The then leader of UNA-UNSO, charismatic leader Dmitry Korchinsky, directly said that his organization has got a lot of money from the American taxpayers, and that they should be happy about this, because the money was awarded to the wrestlers from Russia and communism, and were not probity in taverns trade unionists under "seven forty". This typical modern fascist, anti-Semitic passage when they are not directly say about the Jews, being afraid of criminal prosecution, but hint at them ("seven forty" is the name of the Jewish popular melodies).

All this takes place in the late 90's, 80 years after, afraid of communism, German elite began to Finance Hitler. German politicians and Industrialists hoped that they use Hitler in their own interests, and came out that he used them. Maybe it's time to remember the lessons of history and to stop flirting with the fascists and anti-Semites?

The more that is becoming more popular the next version of the murder of Ukrainian journalist Georgy Gongadze. Not limp Kuchma gave the order to kill the little-known French journalist who asked him unexpectedly sharp question on one of the press conferences, and by future organizers of the action "Ukraine without Kuchma". First overheard 10 hours of phone conversations of Leonid Kuchma, has allocated there words addressed to the journalist, then killed unfortunate journalist, then blamed Kuchma. Revolutionaries and admirers of Hitler and Mussolini from UNA-UNSO is quite capable of it. If this version will be proved by the investigation, it turns out that the journalist was killed in American money allocated for support of freedom of speech.

The conclusion from all this is simple: an important lesson of the twentieth century is that it is not necessary to enter into an Alliance with the Nazis, thinking that you are using them, " no, that they use you.


According to opinion polls 30% of Ukrainian citizens believe that Ukraine should join Russia. A further 51% believe that Ukraine should have with Russia a particularly good relationship (something like a model of the USA - Canada or the European Union). Therefore, in a democratic way in Ukraine cannot be elected politician, who plays for bad or even just neutral relations with Russia. So unpopular Ukrainian ultranationalist opposition is afraid of democracy. Their candidate can win only by means of administrative pressure on voters and total control over the media.

Therefore, these ultra-nationalists, United in the movement "Ukraine without Kuchma" and, as we showed above, the receiving money of American taxpayers, are opposed to such democratic principles as freedom of information, freedom speak the native language and federalism. They are against the freedom of movement of information, as for Ukraine, it means the freedom to buy Moscow Newspapers and watch television from Moscow. They are against the recognition of the Russian language the second state, even though it says half of Ukrainian citizens - because the heart of their policies is not democracy, and anti-Russian nationalism, fueled by the financial. They are against federalization of Ukraine and the free election of regional leaders, because they are afraid that half of Ukrainian regions will win politicians who are for the political and economic Union with Russia. And this anti-democratic policy is not merely supported from Washington narrow group interests, usurping the American policy, but also directly organized from there. Any unbiased observer it is clear that Ukraine needs the development of democracy, economic Union with Russia and economic reforms.

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