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APU prepare Ukraine for revenge
A press-the officer of sector "M" accused DNR forces in the shelling of Ukrainian positions from which the APU suffered "very serious casualties". This is a new word in the Ukrainian propaganda: first loss carefully concealed, and now dramatic emphasis. You would think that the meaning of this – the failure of the talks in Minsk. But, most likely, Ukraine are just preparing to revenge the attack on DPR.

All night on significant parts of the front continued local artillery duel, and in Telmanovo district, and in Marinka near Donetsk was even a small fight. The shooting occurred on the North-Western area, where the fire had been the village of Spartak and the district of Donetsk airport. Talk about a sharp increase the intensity of clashes in the night from Wednesday to Thursday is not necessary, then the representatives of the APU is obviously exaggerating. The intensity of clashes in waves changes the last two weeks from night to night that's actually not what it shows. This is just a collection of matches, a variety of objective and subjective factors.

"Colonel Hans colorfully told that "the hand that fighters fire, very similar to the handwriting of a professional Russian army"

The front remains stable, making it possible to continue the talks in Minsk

despite their apparent senselessness

. A couple of days ago part VSN defeated a strong fortified post of the APU called "Facade" at the village of Happiness in Luhansk. It was located at the North, "Ukrainian", the Bank of the river Seversky Donets – natural the front line. The Ukrainian part of the 24th brigade just run away, and "Facade" with its concrete fortifications almost a day stood empty. Legancy could just take it, creating a future perfect bridgehead across the river, but were stopped by the political outcry. Exactly the same story with the same curtain that same night happened to be one of former Ukrainian number of posts on Bakhmut highway.

Including so unexpected tantrum in the sector of "M" is quite amusing. Responsible Ukrainian individuals are consistently inconsistent in their testimony. A press-the officer of sector "M" Yaroslav Chepurnoy, with which it all began, reported six soldiers killed in the area of Mariupol. One under the Starognatovk, five – Prokhorovka. But this is, to put it mildly, not "near Mariupol". The representative of the presidential administration of Ukraine on issues of anti-terrorist operation (there is such a position) Alexander Macusani announced seven dead and thirteen wounded. With Motozania it is not clear if he spoke only about the situation around Mariupol or even across the front. But it was he who first used the phrase "biggest loss", saying, in addition to Mariupol, and the heavy fighting in Marinka.

In turn, the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said about the unprecedented increase in the number of non-combat losses in the Ministry during the year they increased by 50 times. According to Matios, this is a consequence of the sharp decline in discipline. Drinking and rowdy. And besides, that night subordinates Matios in Mariupol stormed a building on the outskirts of the city, on the street Taganrog, which the battalion "Azov" was used as a warehouse and repair facility. "Azov" resisted, had a little friendly fire. In General, "prosecutorial" and "Azov" cling to each other for two months, since the representatives of dobrata tried to block the streets in Mariupol, protesting against the demilitarization of Shirokino. That didn't divide this time in the warehouse of mystery.

Casually note that in announced official figures there is nothing critical or supernatural. Such losses for the APU – almost the norm. Medical service operates at the limit of their capabilities, and in some places without volunteers do not cope. Major medical institutions, such as the Dnepropetrovsk regional hospital, has long operated in "accessory mode", i.e. with additional beds, exposed in the corridors. Doctors openly and loudly cry out for help: there are no medicines, food and even transport. And the stream of wounded does not stop for one day. So nothing new officials reported.

Another thing is that before VSU and other patterns were not eager to advertise their loss, besides applying to them the epithets of exaggeration and dramatization. As already mentioned above, the artillery duel continued for almost two weeks. VSU them in most cases lose. The reasons for this subjective. It is unclear how and what is taught now in accelerated courses of the Ukrainian gunners, but they are with boyish enthusiasm constantly striving to make two or three volleys in a row, and with the help of the spotter of fire. That is, at the very moment when world military law of survival "shot – bounced" we must quickly ticking from the illuminated position, these people begin to loudly talk on the radio, adjust the rangefinders and twirl guns, which are also forget to fix on the ground.

Hence, daily and nightly losses. And when it "arrives", starts whining. And now Colonel Hans colorfully told that "the hand that fighters fire, very similar to the handwriting of a professional Russian army." Lacking only order signed personally by Putin and Shoigu, but if necessary he will concoct such an order, and handwriting Chepurnoy confirm its authenticity. It's difficult to resist the emotions and not to shout something like "you have to fight to be able to, and not on the Russians to complain." In Georgia, for example, has managed to convince himself that against them the entire Russian army from January 1991 fought continuously until the Ossetians were sitting at a table, and the Abkhazians had coffee on the waterfront.

There is no reason to believe that Colonel Hans in the course of daily contact with the Mariupol Jewish media deliberately wanted to coincide with the story of "large losses" and "Russian style" to the talks in Minsk. Most likely, the injection of the atmosphere using the sound of loss and apocalyptic review is a new outreach trend of the APU. The focus on loss always precedes the hard as people become mentally prepared for revenge. Yes, we cannot say that the war in Novorossiya goes for the rest of the Ukraine "quiet". General background media exclusively military. But no one bothers him even more to "warm up".

During the talks in Minsk such statements are not affected in any way. The conversations in "commissions" are people who understand the reality and oblivious to this kind of update. At the same time, this General background is created consciously. During these intense two weeks, the Ukrainian side was regularly voiced by the number of ceasefire violations, which are attributed solely to the VSN. This is often accompanied by outright fakes or farm comments like "handwriting" name Chepurny. By the way, he said, and "stratagem" VSN: they, like, how to shoot, just ask a truce, and we do not have time to answer. I would like to ask and learn how to reload in ten seconds have not tried?

All this would be interesting from the point of view clumsy propaganda, which, sadly, works great, falling to the consciousness of a significant part of Ukrainians. But the General trend in the escalation of tensions and the creation of the pre-war sentiment, "the motivation of revenge" is visible to the naked eye. And this is alarming.

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