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As media deceive Americans and Europeans
Honestly, provocation happened base, but it shows all at a glance. Simply amazing that for lack of anything Western news agencies pounce on a cheap provocation. To be honest when I first saw this report could not help laughing. Colleagues-journalists from local publications with distrust looked, well?"

Those who understand English probably enough to see the movie to understand how base this "work of art". Who does not know English and the author will try to clarify some points. In General I must say that the company submitted SNN roller - training manual for Amateurs-provocateurs. Look how it's done and what arguments supported own delusions, it is safe to say that the man who is all trying to say thinks Americans are complete idiots.

The person shown in the photo know many and we will not give you his name, because the aim of the article is not the man himself and his wonderful name. And what good does it do to call such a lot. We are not talking about his interview, and about the interview in General and how it might look if the interview gives unfair, biased and corrupt people, perhaps even the Manager or employee of any of the Fund. Its an eight-minute TV interview hero of the interview was time to say much, not only had time to tell one truth!

So in an editorial under the TV interview it was said that Russian policy on 95 percent support the viewpoint of the us authorities to Syria. This of course not, but heard an interview with the Americans begin to think: Once Washington's position that Moscow supports, why can't we bomb still Syria? No resolution? So it is a trifle! The main thing is Moscow's consent. So if the United States begins bombing Syria won't be any problems. And if you are, then, "Oh, these crafty Russians! There had been not against. It would be interesting to know, how did the figure is 95 percent, where did it come from? Unfortunately in SNN these data do not lead.

The second interesting moment of the interview. Israel is a very ambivalent refers to the change of power in Syria, that is not insist on it (oops!). This is pure fraud. Everyone knows how Israel wants to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. Today, Syria is perhaps the greatest hindrance to the implementation of this desire. Then Israel will still keep it Assad or not hurt?

The following remarkable passage is that Russia does not sell and will not sell weapons to Syria, not because Putin does not want to sell weapons to al-Assad, but because Syria has no money to pay for these weapons. This passage is meant to convince Americans that unleashing a war against Syria, the USA should not fear a significant opportunities for the air defense of Syria, because Russia will not supply any arms, so I want to recall the biblical "blessed are those who believe!". As for the Russian base in Tartus Russia pays, and could just this money to deliver arms. So as you can see, there can be no money at all to do.

But as it was not all. Next to this interview seemed truthful, employee of the same Fund or institution adds a bit of truth. The Russian position on Libya became such after the conversation between Obama and Medvedev (where do Russians go away when the "senior ordered"). Medvedev did this even knowing that it "will criticize the people and Putin". (explicit puncture! If 95 percent of politics for American interests, who, then, would be criticized Medvedev?)

Next reporter asked whether Russia to get involved in a fight with the US because of Syria. The answer was quite unambiguously interpret: Russia is not going to protect the interests Assad, so if NATO will come in a head to bomb Syria, he does not need any resolution of the UN security Council, and Russia to fear, too, was not followed. Bombs on health! Here even the reporter was taken aback and said that she saw, that in this case Russia gives green light to bomb attacks. The interviewee believes that "weak" Medvedev then went on about Obama. However, somehow nobody remembers that Medvedev gave the order in which "ran timid Georgians" in 2008. If Medvedev is so weak and one left defeated Georgia, it's frightening to imagine what would Putin, be it in power. But Putin now the President of Russia, where such confidence that Russia is not against if the West "fix" Assad? Yes there is no certainty, it is a complete phony.

There are of course other "pearls", which is nothing but a smile anything cause I can't. For example, the English of this figure. Then of course it is possible to defend my doctoral thesis on the theme: "Beautiful "Russian-speaking" accent for your money". Perhaps even the local hoods Beni Cry so English is not spoken. The mind-boggling number of errors and absolutely wild accent turns interview in some special way encrypted message. Those who does not understand in addition to the above, and heard all this taliwaku, now can think of the rest yourself. If we consider that the problem will be native to the Western mentality colours, educated in provocations English Newspapers like today's interview, we should not be surprised if the consumer of these body-cutlets, will make a conclusion: What are we waiting for? It is high time to bomb and topple Assad.

And then imagine what will happen to think the man who learns that the Russian ships three fleets go to Syria. "Why did they go there? What game started them damn Russians? They are never to be trusted! Blame the KGB and Putin. Russia evil Empire!".

Generally I must say that the provocation in this interview not only cheap, but also as a provocation, pursues certain goals. In this case, some groups you want by any means to remove al-Assad, and therefore to throw the Russians out of Tartus and to open the way for Iran. This some circles, just don't give a damn if they get pushed off Americans and Russians will die citizens of the USA and Russia. Stakeholders make such provocations are not in the name of these two countries, so let them "RET" each other. There is even an opinion that all the Gentiles for there to serve the interests of certain people.

Actually, this provocation has one single purpose, to make Americans believe that the Russians are not going to resist the USA in Syria, and therefore, you should immediately begin. Then when we find out that Russians still against, will be a new provocation which will convince you that you must not bow down before treacherous Russians and go to the end. That's the way involved in the war in the country. Here it is as they say "servile of booms " is not bad. Swallow whether this body-katleta Americans? Will swallow. Will pay if they for their gullibility own lives, and of course will pay. This is all to say so predictable consequences.

But what will be the reaction to all of this by Russia. It is ridiculous to even hear that 95% of Russians support the aspirations of the White house on Syria. Probably 95% of Russians strongly against what the US does in the world in General and in Syria in particular. Perhaps never before in the last 20 years, the recent history of Russian-American relations, there was such a gloomy period. People giving false information in an interview, like a thief who you talking and looking straight into his eyes, however, goes into your pocket. These are "teleware" and push against the army of the two countries. They consider themselves clever politicians, but in fact is only a "sharps".

Those who understands and sees their cheap trick, of course knows them and the price. The Russians don't need to explain who reaches into all the cracks and trying here and there to create tension. It disturbs those who constantly caught. Once in one of the Russian analytical transmission, a political analyst from the USA stated: the Problem of Russia is that Russian too politicized. What they do care about foreign policy, while the Americans are interested absolutely in other. Americans need to be repaired roads that were built schools and so forth.

Here it is important to understand that this is not Russia's problem is that she has such citizens, it is a problem of politicians and political scientists of the USA that they can't fool the Russians because fool Americans. What the Western media make of Americans are idiots, that's even grandmother don't go, and it is very much possible drag through the minds of Americans, but with the Russians until the problem. Russians refuse to consume a similar concoction. Russians have a pathological flair and the search for truth, but the Western media just seek the truth to hide in deeper. Today's interview is a vivid example.

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Honestly, provocation happened base, but it shows all at a glance. Simply amazing that for lack of anything Western news agencies pounce on
a cheap provocation. To be honest when I first saw this report could
not help laughing.

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