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Comparison of nuclear weapons in Russia and the United States
Today, when the world faces a real threat of the Third World War, more and more people think about what would happen if in the course of this military conflict would use nuclear weapons? It is not difficult to guess, no matter who was the first strike nuclear attack, will lose the whole world, because this war will affect everyone.

But do not forget that today there are special development to effectively repel such attacks. By the way, we have similar systems have appeared in the 70s, which forced the United States to reconsider its aggressive policies in the world and offer us an agreement on disarmament.

So who exactly has a chance to win this nuclear confrontation? To answer this question it is necessary to spend a little comparative analysis of the military-industrial complex of the US and Russia!
US nuclear weapons

To get started is to remind readers that today America is the only country that has used nuclear weapons to destroy the enemy. But while such experience can not be considered as a factor in the benefits, as in 1945, no one was nothing like this.

If you believe Robert Norris, scientists involved in environmental issues, from 1945 to the present day America has created 66 500 atomic bombs, some of which had been destroyed in the course of the 1972 Treaty. Today, the US armed forces have mainly nuclear weapons on submarines, such as the sea spies in the event of World War III allows imperceptibly closer to the shores of a potential enemy and strike, significantly reducing response time for reflection attack. Incidentally, an interesting fact is now armed with American nuclear warheads remain in 1654 that according to the agreement on disarmament is the norm, but the Pentagon does not mention that another 5,500 nuclear warheads in reserve!

It should also be noted that, as always, with characteristic equanimity, USA explain a similar arsenal of nuclear weapons that:

not yet had time to dispose of (and that in 42 years)
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