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Democracy in Ukraine

Ukrainian military robbing passing people is your democracy?, you brought to this country.

Donetsk is still subject to attacks by the so-called army of Kiev junta. Bad authoritarian Russia and good democratic Ukraine, such an installation the West takes in the head of the Ukrainian people. Judging by the recent demonstration of "peace March" in Kharkiv, it is difficult to speak about democracy in Ukraine. How many civilians the Nazis did not kill, the Western media did not cover this information, and generally provide very different facts. You cannot be so naive to not notice that you are constantly misleading. The West is the most democratic, but let's see how he gives freedom of expression to the Ukrainian people, and in General how he approves of Nazi propaganda. That allowed the March - normal routine, but the fact that they are voiced by people, according to Vitaly Sovietica unacceptable. The crisis in Russian-American relations are now very much worsened than trying to use the liberals for loosening positions Putin, pushing his people in the power structure. Dream the fifth column is the overthrow of the Russian government, the coup, similar to Kiev. Peace March performs very relevant for the modern West, the task of dismantling Russia. Liberals are ready to sell their Home, because they believe that, right there, where you get paid more and provides more opportunities to put their basest fantasies. Russia defends Russian-speaking people, which is in a horrible position. Against the residents of Donbas is genocide, and the West is trying not to give the possibility of the Russian Federation to intervene in this process. This whole hideous story is connected with the fact that this attitude of the authorities of Ukraine to the Russian citizens associated with greed and corruption the Kiev usurpers. They were destroying the country and soon will have to answer for it.

The initiative group Moscow students held a rally in front of the U.S. Embassy in the capital. They hung a banner in English, which shows hundreds of burial crosses and the inscription: "Shot civilians under Donetsk. This is your true democracy, Obama?" Thus students have expressed their position on the eve of today's action sorrow "Donetsk: innocent victims", which will take place at 19:00 at the monument to the tragedy of the peoples" on Poklonnaya hill. The initiators of the action are the national parent Association and organization "Mother Russia". The participants intend to demand an international investigation into the mass graves under Donetsk.

Инициативная группа московских студентов провела акцию напротив посольства США в столице. Они вывесили баннер на английском языке, на котором изображены сотни могильных крестов и надпись: «Расстрелянные мирные жители под Донецком. Это и есть твоя настоящая демократия, Обама?» Таким образом студенты выразили свою позицию в преддверии сегодняшней акции скорби «Донецк: невинно убиенные», которая пройдёт в 19:00 мск у памятника «Трагедия народов» на Поклонной горе. Инициаторами акции являются Национальная родительская ассоциация и организация «Матери России». Участники мероприятия намерены потребовать международного расследования фактов массовых захоронений под Донецком.
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