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Flying morgue MH 17.
Flying morgue MH 17 (MN 17).

Ochevidcy claim that the bodies had been dead for a long time, they were previously Beskrovny for safety at the crash site was unbearable smell of farmaline, he came from corpses.

This American series is a very good provocation initiated on September 11, 2001.

The strange collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in Ukraine still raises many questions. This material includes facts that are not in the media. We offer you to look at the fall of Boeing from a different angle, different from the official versions.

The most elaborated and detailed version, in which the author on the basis of a large amount of evidence concludes that the Malaysian Boeing 777, carrying out flight MN 17 was not shot down, and "disaster" were thrown the bodies and the wreckage of another plane...

Like my videos Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Sari, found refuge in the Netherlands, spoke with indignation of those senile who discuss debile-a fantastic version of that on Board Malaysian Boeing was dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C_FeNWjlqY. The argument he has iron - himself Sari was at Amsterdam airport and ensures that it is impossible to load on Board the aircraft at least a dozen dead. Logical? Very. If you do not consider professional meanness USA.

And when you consider?

Interestingly, A. Sari educated scout, gave on his website the 12-minute and very candid video from the crash site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obeYJnPjTBI and could himself carefully to look at the fact that filmed on this clip. I, in addition to his view, tried to view all the photos from the event, which offered me Yandex and Google (probably about 2000, however, with frequent repetitions of the same). Of course, search engines are granted not all photo, but in any case, such that interested journalists.

What can you say. Confused me a lot.

For example, here is a photo of the fan motor as would be unfortunate Boeing 777

and here is a photo of the engine

These pictures are good because they near the fan and motor standing people, and their growth can be used for the scale. And here is how it looks compared to the real man engine GE90-115B installed on the Boeing 777

And so the engines 777-th look in comparison with the engines and the fuselage of a Boeing 737

The diameter of the engine Boeing 777 only 30 cm less than the width of the cabin 737-th).

Don't want to start with the claims, but don't you think that the remains of the engines at the crash site as very not similar in size to the real engines of the Boeing 777?

Then, my life had to ship the scrap into railcars, and trucks. Of course, I could be wrong, but, in my opinion, black and non-ferrous scrap metal from the Boeing 777 on all photo and video no more than 20-25 tons. Moreover, the scrap metal is very dimensional and not very large pieces, although the size of the Boeing 777 even earlier versions of 67 feet (65 meters) is very robust. And the dry weight of the Boeing 777 - up to 160 tons. Where are the rest of its design? Burned?

Yes, the main structural material of the airframe is rolling (sheets, beams, pipes) from the doped aluminum. When heated in air to a temperature of the melting point of this material may burn, but will need to arrange this burning - need understanding of the case to heat and serve oxygen (air). First of all, you need to organize as much as possible surface oxidation (which, when it is required to oxidize all aluminum, it sometimes crushed into powder). After all, your kitchen is and pans, and pans made of aluminum, and the temperature of the blue flame burner gas range about 2000 degrees. Well, how many pans you have disappeared as the Boeing 777, burned on the stove? They will melt, but not burn, they have a small surface oxidation. And the temperature of burning jet fuel in the air just 800 degrees.

We can agree that such favorable conditions, the oxidation of aluminum to smoke (from the smallest particles of aluminum oxide) in CERTAIN CASES, are created in the field of combustion of kerosene fuel tanks accident victims aircraft. We can agree that when the whole plane is falling nose down, and the crumpled nose of the falling wing fuel tanks, and the tail part, it is a well-organized fire, hot gases which rise upwards, pulling from the sides and more portions of air. But in this case will remain intact wings for fuel tanks. And according to the our case, the plane broke into pieces in the air, and its fragments fell in the band, some evidence that a length of 60 km i.e, you can agree that in areas falling fuel tanks part of the aircraft structure will burn, but the remaining parts of the glider will remain intact!

But all this, of course, not for A. Sharia, which does not consider debile is a fantastic version. But may he forgive me, but I will allow myself to consider this version on.

Information about what the passengers of Boeing were dead before the accident, was first received from Strelkova July 18 at 11:53. He told reporters: "According to the people who collected the bodies, a significant portion of the corpses, "stale". People died several days ago. For complete reliability of this information does not guarantee, of course, must be the conclusion of the forensic". In information, there is no, say, propaganda motive, for example, to dump their responsibilities to the armed forces of Ukraine. Information about the fact that the liners were corpses, Kiev will not harm. The reporter did not understand, and asked for more: "Someone else should fly this plane, off which is impossible. Version with a plane full of dead, exciting, of course, but somehow the meaning is not clear".

And Shooters at 12:40 said more: "first of All, not all people in the plane were dead before the fall. Secondly, the plane was found a large quantity of medicines, blood serum and other things, which is not typical for a normal liner. It seems that took place medical special cargo. Thirdly, or not insist on anything (yet). Just now talked to two people who personally collected the corpses immediately after the fall (both from Shakhtyorsk and arrived less than half an hour after the accident). With their words and writing. They stressed that many of the corpses had been "quite bloodless" - as if the blood had collapsed long before the disaster. Also noted strongest putrid smell, noted by many locals - this smell in any weather for half an hour to form could not, and the weather yesterday was cloudy, not too hot. Fourthly, the very very suspicious to all sorts of Conspirology", but 18 of our soldiers, poisoned by chemicals positions in Semenovka, executions of family members of militias and other "small pleasures svidomij patriots" convinced me that the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any villainy". Here Shooters mistaken, this Scam junta not on the shoulder, the junta is not more than the executor of certain actions of the American plan. Shooters finished: "the Pilots, of course, were quite lively - all cabin (the front part is well preserved) was literally drenched with their blood".

Remember this information - militia saw the cabin is well kept - this information will be useful to us later.

And now about bodies and their fragments. Video from the site Sharia shown about three dozens of bodies, some charred, but the rest into the fire not included. And no one no traces of blood. Incidentally, lost almost all dressed as if fell not from the cabin air, and straight from the tropics, that is, beating on the ground with their bare bodies. And blood is not visible! Shown cut off at the ankle foot without a sock... and no traces of blood. How so?

Shari believes that it is not worth paying attention to. And, if you pay?

There have been many questions. For example, in an airplane all secured well enough, but I have not seen any device or object that is attached to the designs - all separately. Chair, detached from the floor, devices

here is a cylinder of some drive carefully extracted from the lugs with your fingers

Pierce "black boxes" - the impression is that they only brought with dusty warehouse

The crew that during the fall of assorted airplane?

If it was a passenger plane, he was carrying persons and their Luggage. But we see in the photo pile, leaving the impression unloaded musorovoza that during the fall of assorted airplane?

If it was a passenger plane, he was carrying persons and their Luggage. But we see in the photo pile, leaving the impression unloaded the truck

There are also peacocks

Where are the suitcases and bags, which should be six hundred, given the range of flight? They are, but in a very, very modest amount of

And it all baggage almost 300 passengers? I will say that the baggage was plundered by the militia. This is you being at the crash site, be sure plundered the baggage, and I believe it. And now that the Luggage was stolen militia overloaded with weapons, armor and rasstraivaysya their comrades for looting, I do not believe.

And here's a question for Saryu confident that in Amsterdam it was impossible to immerse in the plane of the corpses. And where at the crash site at least one tangible proof that the passengers is found dead under Donetsk, sat on the plane in Amsterdam?

Found perfectly preserved passport some passengers

But their safety and appearance has caused so much debate in the Internet that I will leave passports without comment. Preserved cash and various paper products

But among these papers there is no boarding pass, half of which is stored at the airport, and half of each passenger. And no Luggage tags or receipts, and these Luggage tags are not visible on the suitcases and bags that were photographed at the crash site. But these tags are attached to the Luggage is very durable.

So than you can prove that dead people found in the Donbass, sat in the plane at Amsterdam airport? The fact that they're dressed, how they dress in the tropics? Or being found dead peacocks, and to prove further reasoning about the fact that peacocks because of the lack of visas it is the Dutch were deported to their historic homeland?

Strange lot, but I will stop to discuss the details and will do as promised, cabin. The cockpit of the Boeing 777 that such

And when the militia was reported Strelkova that the cabin is well preserved, it really was not supposed to burn. Would have been well-maintained all the front part of the aircraft to the wing fuel tanks (and this is the third part of the fuselage of the airplane), if the 777-th, legend or version (as someone seems to be convincing), broke up into several pieces in the air. It is clear that the cabin is in front, very far away from the engines and tanks with kerosene

But was does the militia, reporting on the cab, what is the size of the Boeing cabin? That's the question.

But nowhere to go - the militia had actually seen something similar to the cockpit, since said that she bathed in blood. It remains to find photo booths, benefit, its location is known - locality Loose.

However, the search gave nothing - on the photo from the crash not found a single photo at least something similar to the cockpit of the Boeing 777. Unless, of course, the militia was not talking about this piece

or this

But these fragments are not exactly the cockpit of the Boeing 777, even if they were covered with blood.

How so? The cabin was not of interest to journalists, or this cabin 777-th actually on earth not?

In aviation giant Boeing 777 not last - he has a fuselage diameter of 6 meters. And at the crash site so far not found a single piece of aircraft of this size. Yes, I repeat, it's hard to believe, but let's assume that such a huge plane could fall apart in the air. But he could not share in the air into small pieces, even if it had exploded from the inside out! The head part of the aircraft, tail, 15-20 meter ends of the wings - all it would have to be on earth. But it's not!

Moreover, even that which is not clearly identified as fragments of the 777. On the engines I've already written, but this is the only and deliberately inferior photograph of a piece of skin, supposedly from the cockpit of this unfortunate Malaysian Boeing 777.

Don't pay attention to the hole, in my opinion, broken pickaxe, moreover, both outside and inside. But can I just say that this part of the leftmost frame glazing cab from the Boeing 777

and not from a Boeing 737?

That in the end. Under no Donetsk most part, the design of the Boeing 777, and there is a dump of a small part of the fragments of the fuselage and equipment as of a Boeing 777, dump, stretching for many miles. There are tons of garbage a variety of content. There are about three hundred corpses, but on the total absence of their boarding passes and baggage receipts, it can be argued that these people were not getting on a plane at least in some European airport. There is a bit of suitcases and bags, of which we can say that they were not taken on Board in any European airport.

So what's the point to argue about whose and what kind of missile was shot down not Boeing 777, and these a couple of wagons of scrap metal and air morgue?

Reliable and unconditional withdrawal - Malaysian Boeing 777 departed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight Mh 17, disappeared.

And once gone, you need to refer to the country, which is a professional in the field of disappearance of the aircraft to the United States. For them to "disappear" the plane, this time to spit.

Let's at least remember September 11, 2001 in the United States, a day when the eyes of the public in two new York skyscraper crashed two planes, and these skyscrapers collapsed on the eyes of the people.

But in the same day third Boeing 757 (length - 54,07 m, wingspan - 38,05 m, height - 13,56 m, the width of the fuselage 3.7 m) disappeared in the Pentagon, a level inside the hole, comparable with the window of the building, and leaving the outside nor that of the wings, and a piece of sheathing

Fourth Boeing 757 fell in Pennsylvania. Fell without a trace. Journalists from afar showed the burned area with some garbage (which, of course, was "investigating" this disaster found the passport of the terrorists). Here is a top view of the place of its fall

And when you consider that a third skyscraper in new York 47-story "the Seventh tower" shopping center

that must have been hit by the Boeing that crashed in Pennsylvania, five hours of grief fell apart by itself and exactly the same as the first two skyscraper (they got the aircraft), the degree of illusionism US through the roof.

Luminaries of world democracy we are magicians that just amazing how Copperfield still not hanged himself from envy, and the UN announced on September 11 world day of the illusionist. Of course, all these tricks the United States is bound blunt and mean journalists, but this is the way.

I want as an example of U.S. tricks to lead the first, already ancient, but almost the same as the case with the "capturing" of the Soviet fighter of the Korean Boeing 747 over the sea of Okhotsk September 1, 1983.

U.S. specialist provocations

So, in the first part, pointed out that no witness disaster in the Donbass not seen the incident plane - all saw only the falling debris. But if in the air collapsed and fell real Boeing 777, the earth must be integral pieces of the fuselage and, most importantly, two of the largest in the world turbojet engine with a diameter of 3.2 meters and weighing 9 tons each. They do not exist.

If it was a flight MN 17 from Amsterdam, the baggage must be Luggage tags, and when the bodies of the baggage check. For some reason they are not photographed. And why not see several hundred mobile phones, tablets and laptop passengers? Well, okay.

Now from the point of view of a catastrophe under the Donetsk consider the case with the Korean airliner that was allegedly shot down by Soviet air defense in the sky over Sakhalin almost 30 years ago - September 1, 1983

Official and conventional media legend: brutal Soviet bastards knocked peaceful defenseless passenger aircraft Boeing 747, which was flying from the USA to South Korea flight KAL-007. In this plane were killed, except members of the crew and omissions, 269 passengers. About this, thanks to the "free" democratic press and the press of the USSR, the whole world knows.

Significantly fewer people knew that this plane was not flying at the normal safe route, and specially flew to the territory of the USSR and flew over it with the spy job. He had to provoke the inclusion of the Soviet air-defense radars, and above it an American satellite to determine the parameters of these radars. (In this regard, Boeing flew from anchorage specially for 40 minutes later schedule to be over Soviet territory simultaneously with the satellite). Data on radar needed were Americans, so that in case of war to let their bombers on the route, on which our means of detection will be impossible to detect. Accordingly, the Soviet air defense and never thought that flying passenger aircraft, all believed that it is an American reconnaissance aircraft electronic means RC-135.

Today, it is not surprising deliberately mean behavior of then-President Reagan and his administration in all matters related to the investigation of this case.

For example, the investigation of this accident, as any crash in the USA had to engage in the National office of transport security - because this is a direct work of it professionals. But the Agency is immediately banned by the U.S. government. "Investigation" has been the U.S. Department of State (Ministry of foreign Affairs, in our opinion), although there are no specialists and there is no trace. As a result of this "investigation" were destroyed records at stations tracking the aircraft, disappeared talks American and Japanese managers, the film talks recording our pilot stations guidance has been tampered with so rough that it at first her voice was noticed even by American journalists, etc. etc.

Now enjoy the story with Malaysian Boeing. To investigate the accident should the Ukraine, but she handed over its duty Holland, and the "black boxes" already sent to England. And already on July 27, the press gleefully reported that these "black boxes" have confirmed the missile hit to Boeing, because they confirm the decompression in the powerful explosion. And who would doubt that the "confirm"?

However, when in 2001 the Ukrainian defense more powerful rocket was shot down over the Black sea Tu-154 flying from tel Aviv to Novosibirsk at the same height, the pilots still 45 seconds of its fall three times included the radio and all dispatchers on earth has heard their cries. And then silence...

Moreover, Ukraine is not transmitting to investigate the records of the negotiations of their air traffic controllers, but this fact British-Dutch "investigative" not in the least don't care. Well, okay, let's return to the Korean Boeing.

As a Korean knock

Discover how competently piloted the plane on our territory, the pilot of Boeing, which, by the way, to life in this civil Korean airlines was a pilot with the rank of Colonel of the South Korean air force. See. On our territory Boeing flew from Kamchatka. He was spotted by ground-based radar station (radar), rose in the air a couple of our fighters, but the pilot of the Boeing decreased from 10 to 3 of KMI became impervious to radar zone of Kamchatka volcanoes. Station guidance of our fighters lost it and could not bring up in the air a couple. The spent fuel of the village. Boeing again appeared on the screens of locators, then lifted into the air a couple of fighters, but he was already so far that they did not have enough fuel to keep up with him. Then the Korean flew on Sakhalin, there were raised in the air another 2 of our fighters, but Boeing has again canavaral and entered the area, inaccessible to ground-based radars, and our guidance station again lost again; that is was unable to give him the fighters.

However, up in the air Colonel Osipovich on his su-15 still managed to detect insolent airborne radar to find him. However, when approaching when Osipovich wanted to seem to Boeing and to request the landing, he made another maneuver - Boeing dropped the speed from 900 to 400 km/h. The su-15 with such speed to fly no, he slipped Korean and had to make new maneuvers for reversal and convergence with Boeing, then in the tanks of our interceptor remained little fuel, and the Korean was already near the border. As a result, failing to gain height, Osipovich pulled up the nose of the plane and started a two missiles in pursuit of the unusual position - from the bottom up, from a distance of 5 km. So say a Eulogy to the deceased pilot of Boeing: he was "one more thing": he could fly and was able to evade the fighters.

I will not be distracted by the question of why the Soviet side immediately confirmed the fact of the destruction of the Korean airliner by a Soviet fighter. As expected, Korean Boeing fell in neutral waters near the island of Moneron. The USSR began searching the wreckage after a week and submersibles to capture the bottom and lifting bodies and debris were able to deliver to the place of event. All this time the sea freely went American and Japanese ships and ships flying American planes.

Contact us

Indeed, submersibles at the bottom of something found. Not a huge fuselage of Boeing, not his wings, not hundreds of chairs, etc. and a little very small aircraft debris, flattened by an explosion. And the wreckage was not found a single burnt things. And what was found, not experts, and at divers caused a bunch of questions. Here is the story of one of them:

"I never missed a single descent. I have a very clear impression: the plane was stuffed with garbage and people wasn't there. Why? Well, now if breaks the plane, even a little. As a rule, should remain suitcases, bags, at least the handle from the suitcases... And there was something that, I believe, should not be carried in the plane normal people. Well, let's say, a roll of amalgam as garbage... Clothes all from landfills, from her torn pieces... We're a month almost worked! It was not enough and clothing - jackets there, raincoats, shoes - very little. And what they found - range! Now you found, say, a scattering of Puranic. They remained intact, was opened. But, strangely enough, all broken inside the mirror. Plastic body completely whole, and mirrors are all broken. Or umbrellas: all covers, in whole cases - not even torn. But creased, outside... Knives, forks twisted"

But that's not it, the main thing is that out of nearly 300 people, flying on the Boeing, never found ONE body! But they had to be there, strapped to chairs, to anchors, or to float, if had to wear life jackets. For all searches was deep-sea vehicles were photographed tuft of hair and a seemingly severed hand in the sleeve and glove. All! Where are the passengers? The fact that they died, that's for sure, but where are their bodies?

Far from this "place of accident" is fake, can be judged by such examples.

After 2 years in the sky over the Atlantic at the height of 10 kmmsgbase exactly the same Boeing 747 Indian airlines. On the first day of searching they found the body 123 passengers, the next day another 8 and 4 months, when deep-sea research - one, strapped to the chair.

After 5 years, in 1988 exploded "Challenger" with 7 astronauts on Board at an altitude of about 15 km From the ocean floor raised 254000 fragments of the spacecraft, 90% of the fragments of the cab and body of all astronauts. And then not a single passenger?

And our Japanese rescuers collected 1020 fragments of this catastrophe Korean airliner, among which the Japanese picked up the 13 fragments of bodies, but not in the searches (see below).

Inconsistencies facts

A natural question, which the Soviet press, the leading "irreconcilable ideological war", unanimously not discussed was whether the Boeing shot down by Soviet fighter?

After all, the Colonel Osipovich, releasing it two missiles allegedly hitting one in the fuselage, and the other one of the 4 engines, said: "Target destroyed," just because, firstly, he had already turned to the airfield on the remains of fuel and crash not seen, and secondly, he believed that they had made a start on American reconnaissance planes RC-135, which two missiles could be enough ("dry weight" - 45 tons). But in order to shoot down such aircraft as the Boeing 747 ("dry weight" - 162 tons)required for calculating at least 7 of these missiles, which were the su-15!

Further, Americans marks on their radar calculated the time of the fall of Boeing after the defeat of his missiles. Up to a height of 300 m(when mark disappeared from the radar), it declined to 12 minutes. Compare: if he just went in for a landing, it would have taken him 15 minutes, but if fell unmanaged, then 30 seconds. So he fell or flew? That is, Boeing was not shot down, the pilot simply fell to the height at which in the depressurised cabin has established normal pressure. But if the plane did not fall in that place, in which was found by some debris, then where did it go?

The facts from an expert

In fact, with the Korean airliner was indeed a specialist - a person whose profession is the investigation of air crashes - the Frenchman Michel bran. He, as a specialist, investigated not only the facts that liked the hosts of the "free" press and then the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, but also those about which they remain silent. And came to the conclusion that it, naturally, considered a visionary and an idiot.

Looking ahead, I must say that bran was mistaken in believing that Osipovich was hit by a passenger Boeing 747, and reconnaissance aircraft, but bran was not wrong in what really happened with the Korean airliner.

In 1991, M. bran gave the book A. Illama and A. Shalnev "the Secret of Korean Boeing 747 interview ("fantasy" in their terminology), in which I cut the part where bran involves the battle between the Soviet fighters and American scout. (Fragments of the scout, in his opinion, were investigated by our divers, taking him out of the wreckage of the Boeing). M bran reported (emphasis mine):

"The most important specific details through which can pass the layman, but which will Zepeda professional. I participated in the investigation of a number of major accidents in civil aviation, and I remember when I first heard about the loss of the South Korean "Boeing", I said to myself at once - it will find within two weeks. Well, maybe for a month - can't because the world's largest passenger to get lost at shallow depths with smooth as a plate, a bottom, when even a much smaller size aircraft found in the ocean crevices at depths of one or two kilometers. Alas, in my forecast I made a mistake, started some kind of secret mess with the participation of many "influential parties" and with setting such justifications that any criticism could not withstand. Lied not only in the Soviet Union lied in the United States, in Japan, in South Korea. Why? I don't know, I'm not a politician. I am an expert, who is interested only in facts.

...The official version cannot explain the behavior of the "Boeing" on the Japanese radar, but if we assume that Osipovich was hit not a "passenger", and some other plane, then everything falls into place: the ship continued the flight, and in this case it becomes clear there is one more obvious "mystery"associated with the flight KAL-007" - the release of the pilots in the air after 50 minutes after Boeing was "buried" by a Soviet fighter. (This is not fiction, and the official record of the negotiations pilots "KAL-007", which appears as an official document and in Japan, and the United States.)

...As you know, 8 days after the tragedy pieces of the hull, the wreckage, the remains of baggage in large quantities was thrown on the Japanese coast of Honshu island, they were found in Hokkaido. An explanation was given: "physical evidence" killed "Boeing" drifted downstream and thus "sailed" to the Japanese coast from the North, from where fell the stricken aircraft. Everything seems to be logical. Except for one very significant circumstance which did not even bother to check till now no one is at the end of August and in September, near the island of Moneron and Sakhalin there is no current that drove would wave from North to South. Only from South to North! And to add to this, according to the weather at the time was blowing a steady wind in the direction of the mainland. Now explain to me, please, how could the pieces "Boeing" and the evidence to reach Japan against the wind and against the tide?

Nature was not playing political secrets, so that the explanation can be only one: the wreckage of a passenger "Boeing" has brought to the Japanese coast and Sakhalin really over, but not fictional - from North to South, and real - from South to North. Therefore, the aircraft fell into the sea much to the South of Moneron.

Still remained unanswered mystery of the other findings came in Wakkanai in Hokkaido along with the fragments of the South Korean "Boeing" - the remains of the tail of missile marked not Soviet. About this discovery was made even official press release, but it was never published, and the evidence is stored under seven seals in the management of Maritime security in Wakkanai. No cause why issues such unprecedented fact, as a direction distant from the Moneron square of the sea of Japan by a special aircraft of the U.S. Navy, which are often used in rescue operations. This flight, recorded Japanese radars, took place at the same time and in the very place where, according to my calculations, is a South Korean "Boeing", " Japanese Islands Kuromarimo near Sado island...

There have been many questions in order to believe in "easy solution" and agree with the stable version. But the most important, of course, where the corpses, where the remains of 269 accidents aboard the South Korean "Boeing"? The more time passes and the more you receive the facts connected with the disaster, the harder I become in her thoughts - it seems to me that this "Boeing" and now lies on the sea bed where he had fallen seven and a half years ago, Sado island, together with all the crew and passengers. This is the place I calculated, based on the speed of the local trends and the characteristics that were recorded by the radar.

About the causes of death of the liner, to be honest, I can only guess. Perhaps Boeing was really fired during the mess that was happening in the Sakhalin sky, and received damage and cracks that are "smashed" then the plane. It is possible that "KAL-007 was shot down actually, but not by Soviet fighters, and American missile of the same, part of the tail which was found in Wakkanai. (As the analysis shows, it was a military missile with infrared homing, which "worked", entering the nozzle). Understand that this assumption sounds may be ridiculous, but, firstly, captain Turner, in "Ys force jor-nel" a few years ago wrote that the death of the "Boeing" is one of the operations of American intelligence, and secondly, I have my own interpretation on this.

Want to understand me correctly, I do not insist on their assumptions about the causes of death of the liner, the role of intelligence agencies, some, probably, the existing high agreement between the Russians and the Americans about this incident. In the end, it's not so important, although probably very interesting for fans of the detective. Simply, being a professional, I come across apparent contradictions that beautiful and slender version, which strongly believe in the world for almost eight years. After the first publication devoted to my investigation, the CIA, as far as I know, specially to find out, aren't I, Michelle bran, a KGB agent. I am not an agent of this honorable office, I just want to get answers to my naive questions on the merits".

Version M bran that our downed American reconnaissance plane near Moneron island, does not hold the same arguments, which he denies capturing Boeing - there are no corpses, and there are things uncharacteristic of a passenger plane. As a scout crew of about 20 people, and their bodies are not. In addition, our divers have found a lot of unusual stuff, for example, a lot of old, out of fashion and torn clothes, but buttoned zipper and buttoned - like warehouse. Why is it on the airplane scout, why umbrellas, powder?

Korean could not fly in any case

But, as you can see, M. bran reported the facts on which stubbornly refuses to respond to the CPSU Central Committee, is that Boeing was associated with Japanese managers and even after 50 minutes after the "official" death, and that the wreckage was found stabilizer American missiles that directly says that the Boeing 747 was denied by American fighters.

You can see that bran is definitely to say, afraid he evades certainty is a disaster specialists. He can put yourself in the pilot's seat Boeing, and President Reagan was not. And to understand this case, you must only put themselves in the place of Reagan, only in this case, you can get answers to all the questions.

Let's do it.

So, Reagan agreed spyware share flight of the Boeing 747 with unsuspecting passengers over the Soviet territory. Will be on his place and calculate scenarios.

1. The plane safely performs the task, the pilot takes him through the defense, and if he meets the interceptors, they will not dare to attack aircraft. This option is good for the crew, but bad for Reagan. Passengers will raise howls when they learn how much risk was exposed. The airline will begin to interrogate the crew and so on and so on, oddly enough, but spyware essence of flight will be difficult to hide - not be excluded from, say, the National investigation Agency for transport safety. No corpses, all attention will focus only on the route of flight.

By the way, did you notice that the passengers Malaysian Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam, as too few relatives and friends, and they are passively behave? Okay, next on Reagan.

2. Our pilots shot down Korean and he dies. I think it had to seem Reagan most likely. After all, American spy planes regularly provoked our defense is demonstrated intent to violate Soviet airspace and, before lifting into the air of our fighters, they'd turn to the side. Suffice it to say that the Colonel Osipovich, Podbelsky Boeing for 10 years of service on Sakhalin more than a thousand times rose into the air to intercept. Troops were angry American arrogance, and those that would know. And this option for Reagan the best. In addition to the spy, he gave political dividends - it was easier to persuade NATO allies extra missiles in Europe.

3. The most disgusting, the most viable option - if Boeing is shot down, killed or injured people, and he will make it to the airport in Japan or Korea or make an emergency landing. Here to hide, nothing will: passengers will not. But among them was even a US Congressman. They cannot be set on the USSR, they focus on who sent them on this minefield. And it would be not only a political death of Reagan, but in its development, perhaps, NATO, and the US role in the world. As far as the cynicism of the U.S. in fact, the Korean airliner simply nothing comparable.

So, you see, we on the spot Reagan ought to insure against undesirable options.

In the first place. Be ready fighters, which, of course, will not allow you to fly to the aerodrome hit to Boeing, and possibly intact.

Secondly. To hide a possible crash site, because during the rescue operations, you may find that, and so, by pure chance, it turned out whose missile brought down the plane. And for this purpose it is necessary to simulate a false scene of the accident, which would have worked the rescue, picking up something related to the aircraft. At least this false place was distracted by them for a long time forces from finding this place on accident.

This was blown up in small pieces any aircraft or part thereof, of the wrecks together with rags and junk loaded into a cargo plane and dropped where Boeing declined, and where on the surface of the sea floated the debris fallen from him in the explosion of the Soviet missiles. This, incidentally, explains that the debris found on the bottom, were very small. The Boeing 747 was at that time the world's largest aircraft. His holistic fragments in transport aircraft could not climb, and throw them into the sea with the aircraft was impossible.

Such States were 40 years ago, I think they got right?

What used

Back in the Donbas and 2014.

Let's start with the answer to the question, and whether the American transport aircraft, capable of height to discharge such cargo? To answer estimate the weight of these goods. In the first part of the article I wrote that assess the weight of aircraft scrap 20-25 tons, maybe 30. Yes another 30 tons of bodies, debris and Luggage. Yes, and 10 tons of kerosene in combustible containers to simulate a fire. A total of 70 tons. In General the Boeing C-17 "Globemaster", which is useful when the load is 77 tons, without refueling can fly 4.5 thousand kilometers. In fact, the Il-76 of the Ukrainian air force, if it be refilled at 2000 km, too.

But, I think, was selected Lockheed C-5 "galaxy". In this plane the size and speed comparable with the similar parameters of the Boeing 777, and cargo it takes 120 tons, i.e. can download almost all 777-th, if the latter, of course, chop on the dimensions of the pieces. And in General: "7 June 1989 C-5B has set a record, desasterous over North Carolina four Sheridan tank (weighing 19 tons each) and 73 of the skydiver. The total weight of the cargo on Board was 86,293 so Galaxy also belongs to the unofficial world record for the most severe assault on the two parachutes 27-ton platforms". Today in the U.S. armed forces 94-C-5 different modifications.

"Debile fiction" version

Thus, "debile fiction" version at the time of passage of Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine, with some Ukrainian military airfield rose coming his way With a-5, a feed Ukrainian managers signals civil Charter flight. Donetsk has his mark on the radar approached the mark of Boeing, and they swapped signals. P-5, starting from Donetsk, replaced the Boeing 777 on its route, the starting signal of MN flight 17 from Singapore, and the Boeing 777 flew on the flight plan of the Charter, for example, in Georgia. Or wherever and flew the Boeing 777 the same company, which disappeared in the Indian ocean on March 8 of this year. At a given point p-5 dropped over DND prefabricated cargo of dead and scrap. Without much fear because "to investigate and to issue through their media needs "Ndebele-nepotistically" version of the world about the destruction of the 777-th "Beech", still will be provocateurs.

The correct or more correct theory is feature - it explains the facts that preceded the theory cannot explain.

Will suggest some explanations "debile fiction" version of the facts, in addition to those that were discussed in the first part.

Explains a lot, if not all

To start with, that this operation cannot be performed without collusion with crew Malaysian Boeing. And that, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail dated July 19, 2014. It turns out that the Malaysian crew, who must have been on track to fulfill this mission, July 17, did not fly. The next crew who was obliged in this case to replace the first, too, not flew, and flew the third crew, you have to understand, "that which was required". According to the newspaper, the first two of the crew explained their refusal by the alleged fear of flying over the territory of DND. However, because until 17 July, the aircraft of this Malaysian company all flights on this route served by Donbass! What they feared and feared?

Thus, the fact remains - in the Malaysian Boeing on July 17 was not regular, but some "particularly brave" crew.

Next, well put, well led Ukrainian air traffic controllers this Malaysian Boeing, well, knocked him down militia DND or air force of Ukraine, or Russia (what's the difference?), and flight MN 17 disappeared from the screens. What air traffic controllers? Why hide their negotiations with Boeing and its mark on the radar? But SBU immediately seized all the records and start to issue in the Internet fake videos about "bokah" militias. This means that there is something that completely ruins the version of the destruction of the aircraft by a missile. Isn't it?

Next. C-5 has a very unique design and a military color, and the route was flying and other passenger aircraft (only at the time of the action in this part of the air corridor was another three aircraft). Their pilots, and passengers could be seen unloading military transport over the Donbass and blab about it. And Russian managers, who watched flying up to the borders of the aircraft, said that "to Donetsk plane followed in the prescribed corridor, and then deviated from the route to the North. The maximum distance from the left border of the corridor amounted to 14 kilometers". That is, the C-5 has gone from possible witnesses. But neither the managers nor the Ministry of defense of Russia at a press conference and have not found an answer, which means this maneuver care of the corridor? Why was it necessary?

Further, transport aircraft, it was impossible to reset the load of the entire pack at once, the crew had to push the cargo in the rear hatch on the cargo ramp in parts. And this explains the scatter of fragments and pH range. Explains why, for example, a large piece of fuselage lies in Petropavlovka, fragments of the bow - in Alluvial and fragments of tail - Hornbeam. When loaded With 5 scrap metal and corpses, did not bother that ship in the beginning and at the end.

Next, the C-5 is unable to discharge the cargo at a cruising speed, he has the speed to drop. And at the press conference of the Ministry of defense reported data from the Russian civil radars: In 17 hours and 20 minutes on the destruction of 51 km from the state border of the Russian Federation, the azimuth 300 degrees, the plane abruptly started to lose speed, which is clearly seen in the scoreboard characteristics of the aircraft object. In the fall speeds of up to 200 km/h in 17 hours 21 minutes 35 seconds in the place of destruction "Boeing" there is a new stamp on air object. This aerial object was steadily observed radar posts Ust-Donetsk, Butorina within four minutes. Manager, requesting the characteristics of the new object, information about its parameters not be able to get, as is likely, the aircraft system secondary identification is not accessible, which is typical for military aircraft," said the chief of the General staff of the Russian air force Lieutenant General Igor Makushev.

Neither the traffic nor the Lieutenant-General of Makushev, held a press conference, did not explain this drop in speed before the "destruction" and the sudden transformation of passenger Boeing 777 instead of the wreckage of a military plane. And how it looks from the standpoint of "debile-fantastic version"? C-5 to the place of discharge of the cargo (before his "death") signal, as Malaysian Boeing, then slowed to reset the load and reset it, unplugged the device, signaling that he is Malaysian Boeing, this off imitating the death of Boeing.

But the plane they were flying! With the aircraft (in this case, C-5) nothing happened - his mark did not fall down, the plane disappeared from radar screens. And Russian radars saw him 4 more minutes, but as unidentified military aircraft. Seen extending into the Ukraine.

So who hit a rocket"?? Why talk about the destruction of Boeing, if the radar had not seen the destruction of the plane and just turn it into an unidentified purpose?

In my opinion, a serious question is asked immediately, " why is it so difficult? Why simply not to shoot down any passenger aircraft over the Donbass rocket? But actually, the rocket does not give 100% guarantee no contact with the aircraft or its destruction in the air, but for a long time leaves in the sky clearly visible mark, which is easily calculated location of the missile launch. Yes and satellites for missile launch monitor, and on the radar they are visible, and about a hundred people a battery of anti-aircraft guided missiles is a witness. Well, and why this risk, if the Americans recognized magicians in the business with the disappearance of the aircraft?

(By the way, it would be necessary to go back and quickly forgotten "destruction" June 14, long written off and stood on the joke of the Il-76 at the aerodrome of Lugansk. There, judging from the remains, the whole plane was also burnt down almost completely, and tires its chassis, but still some spare tire, lying in the ashes completely whole, causing a natural question is how these "refractory" tires burned miduni in Kiev? Much like the rehearsal...)

But make no mistake - all the media of the world will peck and peck only about the fact that the Boeing 777 over the Donbass shot down a Russian rocket militia. And not only because journalists are evil in their profession and do what they will order. They, like Shari, do not want to repeat "debile fiction" version. Why? Because of the professional cretinism.

Recently, with the RT retired American journalist. Why? She explained that he could not work on the canal, which doubts that Boeing was hit by militias, WHILE ALL the media of the WORLD CLAIM that they knocked. But once it took on RT, because it looked quite smart. However, this intellectual tinsel hid stupidity, does not allow journalists to think independently on any matter, except for food and sex, and even then, the journalists themselves will eat, "everything", and poses to choose, "everything", and viagra drink, "everything."

'll leave you with this issue, although I will naturally ask the question - what happened to the Malaysian Boeing, which flew from Holland? Will meet in Odessa - a question - and what happened to the Malaysian Boeing 777, which is the 8th of March this year, disappeared from radar over the Indian ocean?

But does that matter? If Malaysian Boeing was not shot down, what with the passengers of flight MN 17??

THEY CAN BE still ALIVE! And wait for rescue.

While everyone is busy discussing Ndebele-nepotistically version - who Beech hit, becoming accomplices of criminals.

Review "debile fiction" version that Malaysian Boeing 777, carrying out flight MN 17 was not shot down, and "disaster" were thrown the bodies and the wreckage of another plane, connected readers, pointing me to a couple of circumstances that makes sense to capture and attach to the rest of the evidence.

But let's start with the fact that on July 24 news.mail.ru repeated messages Bi-bi-si, in which, as if by the way, wedged information: "According to sources in the British government, intelligence indicates that the separatists had deliberately impede the collection of evidence at the scene of the crash Malaysia Airlines, moved and removed some of the body, and placed among the debris of other aircraft.

Unless you consider "debile fiction" version, which I substantiate those facts that other versions can't explain, this British information stupid to wildness, even compared to the stupid information, regularly issued by the SBU, - why the militia to existing debris to throw parts other aircraft?? And where will they get these pieces?

But if you consider my "debile fiction" version, it becomes clear that

- MI6 and the British government PREPARE an EXCUSE in case the wreckage of flight MN-17 will be found in other parts of the aircraft and, accordingly, we determine that the flight MN-17 no one was hit, and it is still unknown where.

What the British fear? Only if clearly small for a Boeing 777 engines at the crash site or something else?

Don't want anything to hint, but remember the story of the plane crash Bain 777. Of the three lost Boeing (without Malaysian), the first Boeing 777 (flight 38 "Beijing-London" British Airways") on January 17, 2008 did not reach the runway in London. And the third, 6 July 2013, fell on the runway and caught fire in San Francisco. These aircraft were out of order, but mostly remained intact.

In London the fallen Boeing 777 looked like this (photo 1).

That is, Americans and British would not be difficult to recruit similar debris from the crash of Boeing in their airports to throw them over the Donbass. After all the debris body Boeing in the Donbass clearly recall the results meaningful disassembly and cutting plane into pieces for removal from the scene of the accident, not the results of some uncontrolled separation plane. Well, here is a look at how exactly cut off the beams of the frames as transversely of the frames, and along their row (photo 2). As under the cord.

And then, if aviametrology at the Donbass parts other aircraft, not flight MN 17 may include a careful analysis of what fell on the ground of Donbass.

The fact that the aircraft is a single-piece construction, they are built for a long time, and even in the same type of machines and one series in each plane may be other details of its design, does not affect technical specifications, - other planning salons, other chairs, and other fixtures, different coloring, etc..

The Internet has found two recorded species of the Boeing 777 that flight MN-17. Look at these species and compare them with the debris in the Donbass.

First, this is a short video shot by a passenger on that flight already in the cabin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhJHfP3WOhA. Look in the upper-right corner of the picture, which, though vaguely, but visible way of fixing plates with the number of the row (photo 3).

\Мои документы\полка.jpg

The number attached on the front of the baggage section to carry the maximum to the left of the lamp, located in the middle section. And the room is located just behind the rounded bottom section so that the number and the bottom are somewhat at an angle of 45-60 degrees with respect to each other. By the way, two rows in front is a plate 31 in the second row.

But, as the plate 31 in the second row looks at the wreckage (photo 4).

\Мои документы\31.jpg

That is, in the Donbass dropped the baggage section, where the room is located in the same plane with the bottom and almost on the same axis with the lamp. There is no rounding of the bottom of the baggage section, well visible in the photo from a flight, MN 17. Similarly, in the Donbass looks and baggage section 17-th row (photo 5):

\Мои документы\17.jpg

That is, it is a completely different design of the Luggage sections, is clearly different from the baggage section of the flight, MN 17.

But this is not all.

Before leaving, one of the passengers-the Dutch posting in your Facebook photo Malaysian Boeing 777, carrying out flight MN http://www.rb.ru/article/polzovateli-sotssetey-vyrajayut-soboleznovaniya-blizkim-pogibshih-v-sbitom-boinge/7358847.html signed: "If he disappears, here's how it looks" (photo 6).

\Мои документы\777_ma 3.jpg

Here's a clearer photo of this machine in the same view (photo 7):

\Мои документы\777_ma 2.jpg

(Thank you, "the flying Dutchman", yet departed, apparently, into oblivion!)

Let's look at and remember the fuselage at the second door (near the flag). Let's start from left to right. The last letter "a" of the word "malaysia" is almost between the window and the door, anyway, far past the front door window. The doors in this plane have the same vertical dark recess approximately in the middle on the left. Under the flag of the solid shell plating and no Windows.

And that's how this place fuselage looks in the Donbass (photo 8)

\Мои документы\777 фото 6.jpg

As you can see, the letter "a" of the word "malaysia" does not reach past the front door window, doors have horizontal dark recess at the top, under Malaysian flag popped up another window.

However, readers say that Malaysian Boeing in this place there are Windows, but they were colored in the color of the case and therefore not visible, and during the crash glazing something squeezed together with other glazing Windows. Let it be so.

However, confuses the issue, and what could squeeze glazing portholes? Because it is in flight inside a pressure force in a ton of excess pressure in the cabin, and nothing with portholes does not happen - they are not pushed. Spillages and this power is already there, then have crushed glazing portholes?

Here, for example, the remains of a Boeing 747 in the Luggage compartment which during the flight was the bomb, and the internal pressure of the aircraft has grown so much that the fuselage broke crosswise into two pieces (photo 9).

As you can see, not only a glazing of Windows, but the glass of the cockpit. So, that photo 8 glazing Windows not from the collapse of the liner, but because when cutting residues Boeing duralumin enclosure separated from the plastic inner shell, and together with her and took glazing Windows. Well, okay, let's leave the Windows alone, still woodpeckers will argue that the portholes in the fall draught blew out and it's kind of an optical illusion. Let's door.

Photo 8 shows that at the top of the door has a horizontal notch, and the doors of the original Boeing 777 flight MN 17 such excavation no. By the way, it's not and no one Boeing 777 company "Malaysia Airlines" http://www.planespotters.net/Production_List/Boeing/777/28411,9M-MRD-Malaysia-Airlines.php.

But horizontal notch is on the door of the Boeing 777 that crashed at the airport in London in January 2008, in which you can verify by going back to photo 1. And here is a picture of the door of the Boeing better (photo 10)

By the way, Boeing 777 that crashed in San Francisco on July 6, 2013, also has these doors

This is what they fear the British government and its intelligence service MI-6 is the detail of another aircraft in the Donbass. Here they are - these items!

But as to the question of where in the Donbass took details of the aircraft, crashed in London in 2008 (or San Francisco in 2013), neither the US nor the UK to respond will not, you will have to ask the militia of Donbass. Militia, why you brought from London (all from him closer to the place of the tragedy, the wreckage of the fuselage crashed at London airport, Boeing 777, but still so that the valiant English scouts you have tracked down?!

But seriously, when you start looking for the Boeing 777, flight departed MN 17 from Amsterdam on 17 July 2014? Yes and the one that was lost on 8 March 2014. They can be whole.

And when you start to learn the fate of their passengers.
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