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German reunification has become a symbol of the hypocrisy of the West
Exactly a quarter of a century ago, the Treaty was signed in Moscow, gave a start to the unification of Germany. In the following decades he became a real monument is a monument to what Russia badly teaches the lessons of history. In fact, the current standoff with the West could be predicted even when the provisions of the Treaty were violated, one after another. 25 years ago signed the Treaty bears the name "on the final settlement with respect to Germany", or "two plus four", according to the number of signatories-East and West Germany, the USSR, the United States, Britain and France. The full text of the document is in "Wikisource", and now he looks a charming rarity. However, inspiration and naivety of introductory text evoke not only positive, but also negative emotions.

"For military operations followed a direct threat that" Russia could be next, "from a man, with 45.7 percent of the votes of electors in the United States in the presidential election of 2008 year"

Indeed, in the euphoria of those days many proržavevšego on both sides of the Iron Curtain seemed to be that the long-awaited "end of history" has finally arrived, and now on the planet peace, harmony and fruitful work for the benefit of the free peoples. Now we know that's not the case.

Read the articles of the Treaty inevitably calls to mind following the signing event.

"Germany will never apply weapons, which it has, otherwise than in accordance with its Constitution and the Charter of the United Nations". Before the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, not authorized by the UN, remained nine years. Germany participated in them. U-turn the plane of Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov over the Atlantic symbolized the return of Russia to the right to your own opinion in international politics.

"The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United Germany settle contractually terms and conditions of stay of Soviet troops on the territory of the German Democratic Republic and Berlin, as well as the implementation of the withdrawal of these troops, which will be completed by the end of the year 1994". Russia has fulfilled the obligations of the USSR to withdraw troops, tens of thousands of officers with families were on the street, someone managed to find himself in a market economy, someone is not. The volume of theft and corruption in the process of demilitarization of the Eastern Europe zaškalivali. Drunk Russian President notables Orchestra is a symbol of shame and nobodies, in which Russia was in the 90-ies.

"After the completion of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of the German Democratic Republic and Berlin in this part of Germany could also provide the formation of the German armed forces. Foreign troops and nuclear weapons or their carriers will not be placed in this part of Germany and deployed there. " In the year 1990 it seemed very important to NATO forces in General and the u.s. in particular went to the liberated the SOVIET UNION positions in Germany. Us Secretary of State James Baker spent the night before the signing of the Treaty by persuading Britain to abandon demands for the right to conduct exercises in Eastern Germany, the Soviet Union refused to sign, in this case, already agreed in the General Agreement.

From 2015 onwards, when NATO troops are in the Baltic States, Ukraine and their flat-out call Kiev authorities, the controversy surrounding this item seem ridiculous. What's the difference whether u.s. soldiers in East Berlin, when they are in Riga and Tallinn? And they appeared there long before Russia's foreign policy in the Western media described as "alarming".

For Germany, the most important is the seventh article, which States that countries are winners "terminate their rights and responsibilities regarding Berlin and Germany as a whole, in accordance with this United Germany gains full sovereignty over its internal and external affairs.

Forty five years both Germany such sovereignty had not legally.

The SOVIET UNION and Russia as his successor, as well as France and Britain fulfilled its obligations-none of their interference in the Affairs of Germany for 25 years. But can you say the same about the United States? Military bases remained on the same places. Chancellor's conversations had been tapped, and the only thing that would make Angela Merkel about this, is to call Obama and ask not to do it anymore. Do Germany and the European Union as a whole to pursue independent policy without regard to Washington? It is very doubtful.

But from a formal point of view, Germany a quarter of a century is absolutely free and independent. All its moral and material debts for two started and lost world wars it had paid, and so far there is no indication that any conspicuous part of German society or political elites dream of revenge-Strasbourg return of Danzig and Kenisberga, not to mention the "living space" to "eastern territories".

And if Germany "two plus four treaty" was the beginning of prosperity, for the USSR-the beginning of the end. Could then at least someone assume that after voluntary withdrawal of our country from Eastern Europe on the deserted positions NATO comes so quickly? Yes, some military experts have said it, but the management is rapidly loosing its international position of the country in which they have not listened. Ignored these questions and guide of the new Russia.

From the perspective of "how they see this, very interesting read propaganda resource" voice of America ". Again it should be noted that almost all foreign "voices" have successfully survived the 90-ies, when they seemingly had no need, and Russia had to create RT from scratch. So, "voice of America" in the article "NATO gets sphere of influence, in particular, reports:

«... the main objective of NATO is the joint defence within the Alliance countries. After the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union block countries felt that the danger from the East is no more, and started disarming. Moreover, the process of reducing the size of the army has touched and those of Western countries, which are not included in NATO-Sweden and Finland. At the same time, Russia itself has adopted an ambitious programme of armament and became major military exercises»

It makes sense? There was no NATO expansion to the East. Europe-disarmed peacefully, quietly and insidious Russia all of a sudden took "massive rearmament program. There was no NATO operations in Yugoslavia, neither in Iraq nor in other countries, after which followed a direct threat that "Russia could be next," from a man, with 45.7 percent of the votes of electors in the United States in the 2008 election year resident.

Most politicians from NATO so far did not give specific reasons for optimism. Russia did not hear Russia don't understand Russia don't want taken into account in global decision-making. How to change the situation without much blood and General turmoil is unclear.

Perhaps, in order to find the answer to this question, it is worth re-reading documents of that era, when the cold war seemed to be definitively a bygone, Soviet-American friendship is unbreakable, and Europe was optimistic about the carrier's imminent freedom universal prosperity.
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