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Germany is unable to restore its military power
Stated by Germany because of "threatening the policy of Moscow" plans to increase the defense budget at first glance seem to be more or less significant. Since the end of the Cold War, the number of combat vehicles in Germany fell by three-quarters. And even the planned increase in military spending will not return to the armed forces of the German power, which they had only thirty years ago.

Germany for the first time in many years, will start to increase the defense budget. As the DW, the decision was made because of the policy of Moscow that Berlin considers threatening European security.

"Given the existing problems of the Bundeswehr qualitative leap with this increased funding will not happen"
Raise costs

The military budget for the next four years, will take the Bundestag. Now they are ready to discuss this issue. While it comes to the allocation of 34.4 billion euros in 2016 (1.9 billion more than in 2015), in 2017 - 34.9 billion euros in 2018 - 35 billion euro in 2019 - 35 2 billion euros. The Defence Committee of the Bundestag believe that at least in 2016 military spending will result in the above. For comparison, the current defense budget of Germany, twice as many Turkish and four - Polish.

In recent years, Germany has reduced military spending primarily due to the abolition of conscription and the downsizing of the army from 500 to 185 thousand. Man. According to the commissioner for the Bundeswehr Bundestag Hans-Peter Bartels, this policy has led to the formation of the army "dummies" - exists only on paper structures, and military equipment and other equipment to peacekeeping operations is collected from the very world on a string.

Bartels said that in Germany it is necessary to have a military budget is 34, and in more than 58 billion euros, but this increase in costs is unrealistic.

Military budgets hamstrung

How to grow the world's military spending

Add that on Thursday in a special edition of National Interest published an article about the sorry state of the German army, which was once one of the most well-equipped in the world, and now because of the underfunding is experiencing serious problems.

After the unification of West and East Germany's military budget was cut, the amount of military equipment fell by 75%. Now Germany's defense spending about 1.2% of GDP, while the NATO recommends to maintain defense spending at 2% of GDP. The increase in defense spending to 0.1% of GDP in monetary terms is equal to 2.9 billion euros.

Modern German armed forces were created 10 years after the end of the Second World War. At its peak, as the newspaper writes, the Bundeswehr consisted of twelve combat divisions and hundreds of aircraft, "menacing ships' and submarines. After the end of the Cold War and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Eastern Europe, the Bundeswehr has teamed up with the People's Army of the GDR and suffered a sharp decline.

These reductions continued until very recently. For example, not so long ago, Germany has canceled a large-scale program of purchases of fighter Eurofighter Typhoon. Now the Air Force of Germany is only 109 aircraft of this type. In October 2014 due to a lack of spare parts problem has worsened so much that they are ready for the flight was only 42 fighters. It was also reported that, due to defects in the design life of the aircraft fuselage was cut in half.

Because of underfunding, only 38 of the 89 Eurofighter Tornado fighters are in working order. Germany has reduced the number of main battle tanks Leopard II to 225 units. Earlier in West Germany was armed with more than two thousand tanks of this type. From standing armed CH-83 helicopters 53 on track 16.

Problems arose with assault rifles and G36. Since 1996, the Bundeswehr has bought 176,000 rifles G36, but later during the fighting in Afghanistan revealed that the long rifle shootings lose accuracy. During the exercises in Norway in February this year, some German soldiers had to use sticks instead of guns. The soldiers were transferred to other parts of the weapons of the Bundeswehr, but it was not enough.

Experts believe that even if the defense budget will be increased, then the volumes, which are now called, will not be enough to turn the tide.

Russia - excuse

Co-chairman of the Association of Military Political Scientists Vasily Belozerov reminded that Germany announced the creation of a new "White Book", where the policy of Russia was proclaimed a destabilizing factor in Europe. "And under the pretext that they intend to increase the military budget and ostensibly improve the combat capability of the Bundeswehr," - said Belozerov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, during the confrontation between the two blocs - NATO and the Warsaw Pact - the number of Bundeswehr in half a million people had been dictated by the tasks that they were going to decide. "Then they prepared for the fact that the land will start fighting right along the line separating the two Germanys. Now they are ready to solve very different problems, in particular the problem of Afghanistan. But if Berlin is now set itself the task even deter Moscow, it is difficult to imagine how they will do it and how much money they will need for this "- said the expert.

According to him, the Bundeswehr is not a complete and self-sufficient, and "solve some of the issues within NATO", so to separate fighting for the protection of the territory is not capable. This problem had not. In this regard, we can not exclude the fact that under the pretext of the need to strengthen fictional confrontation between Russia, Germany aims to solve the problem with the increase in funding, the more "material terms of problems more than enough."

"Given the existing problems of the Bundeswehr qualitative leap with this increased funding will not happen. US constantly demand to increase military spending by the European partners, which is very often convenient to hide behind the power of the United States, not to increase them "- summed up the expert.
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