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Greece refused the US request to close the skies for Russian flights to Syria
Greece refused to close, despite the requirement of the US Embassy in Athens airspace (FIR Athens) for flights of Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria, he said on Sunday, a diplomatic source in Athens.

"On Saturday, the US embassy turned to the service to the Greek government to prohibit the passage of Russian aircraft in the FIR Athens. The Greek Government has refused to do so, so as not to worsen relations with Russia, "- said the source RIA" Novosti ".

According to him, Moscow has requested and received permission to Athens flights to transport humanitarian aid to Syria in the period from 1 to 24 September.

Official confirmation of this information has not yet succeeded.

In the media and social networks rumors about the possible involvement of the Russian military in combat operations against Islamists in the side of government forces in Syria.

Last week, Israeli media reported that Russia has started to "military intervention in Syria," in the coming days to arrive Russian fighter jets, attack helicopters, advisers, military instructors, pilots and other personnel.

So, on Friday there were reports that the armed forces of Syria allegedly supported by Russian artillery actively promoted in the vicinity of the port city of Latakia in the north.

On September 2, the Kremlin said that media reports about the alleged involvement of Russian aircraft and helicopters in the bombing of the terrorist group "Islamic State" in Syria can not be trusted.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the question of sending Russian troops to Syria to fight the terrorist group "Islamic State", as well as on the participation of the Russian aircraft in attacks on terrorists, not even raised.

In Syria since March 2011. The ongoing armed conflict, in which, according to the UN, has killed more than 220 thousand. Man. Government troops to confront militias belonging to various armed groups. The most active fighters are extremist groups "Islamic state" and "Al-Nusra Dzhebhat."

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