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Huge losses of Ukraine on money in Europe and USA
Huge losses of Ukraine on money in Europe and USA

Today, August 21, the media published an article about the catastrophic losses of the Ukrainian army in the battles for the last three weeks. To check the reliability of the information source is not possible, but the facts themselves, voiced mostly confirmed including the Ukrainian side. So, for example, information about the huge losses of helicopters and aircraft APU today was summarized in the analytical material on Ukrainian TSN.

"Changing tactics", Poroshenko stated during the meeting with the security forces on August 18, due to the loss during the "ATO" mostly shock weapons, according to a source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In his words, "the offensive of our troops under the Donetsk and Lugansk has actually stopped. The calculation of the success of massive use of long-range artillery in order to clear the bridgehead to capture our troops suburbs of Donetsk and Lugansk - you can say failed".

"Separatists in the last three weeks has been knocked out more than half of the existing tube and rocket artillery of our group. Specifically - since the beginning of operations lost more than 200 guns and rocket systems "Grad" and "Hurricane". But the worst thing is that about a third of them fall into the hands of separatists. During the retreat of our troops they [the militia] pull out all that can shoot in the controlled area and then used against our troops. I'm not talking about vehicles: tanks, IFVs and APCS, which according to a recent report from the staff of the ATO we have already lost more than 500 units. To compensate for these losses, we are forced today to withdraw from the conservation on the storage technique of the third and fourth categories. This means that it was stored for 30-40 years. Her condition, to say the least, unsatisfactory: optical sights stolen, engines start at best one of the three or four-wire half-rotted... Our company certainly help as we can, but they are not omnipotent, spare Parts should be ordered in Russia".

Thus, according to a source in Kiev, the catastrophic situation with the aircraft APU.

"It was so little able to fly. And now, after losses in the ATO almost everything that flew - 32 aircraft and helicopters, we can say that the Ukrainian air force is no more. There are no funds to restore it, or specialists, who are willing to do it, and parts are now nowhere to take for obvious reasons. Therefore, without a proper fire support troops stood up. Not only ordinary, but the officers refused to lead their troops on the firing point. If you had raised men to the attack calls, it will now only threats. That's the whole "change of tactics".

Analyzing what is happening in the world after the collapse of the USSR, maluba the actions of our diplomats (by the way not bad in the circumstances) long ago came to the conclusion that all public, global community and structure of the UN, OSCE, PACE, ICRC and other Fully controlled by US.
In the world of "rules" his Majesty DOLLAR! And those who have these dollars is a LOT!
All countries are VERY dependent on this dollar. Someone poor and asks for loans or direct grants. Someone wants to obtain from the United States, its blood and ready to do so, they "sing". Someone wants to be "friends to the big brother from overseas, thinking mistakenly that will be happy... a Lot of other thoughts on the part of ruling elites or leaders or those of other States. There are those who try to be independent and self-sufficient, but they are few. But the process is already underway. And walks confidently, consistently and steadily. The beginning of this process was initiated by the creation of the BRICS. Most countries of the world understand what will result from the process and resist on all fronts. Economic, political, informational, and military. Naturally, to lose their personal, present the interests of this majority does not want - I used to live and prosper at the expense of others! To lose or rebuild (loss though temporary, with uncertainty in the correctness of such a new path in the world) they do not want or are not ready yet. And all the international bodies and were created by the majority and to protect the interests of the majority. So they stayed and will stay for a DOLLAR!
It's time for a radical reconstruction of the world, international instruments, international politics and relations between countries and Nations.
The path of mutual respect, cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and joint resolution of global projects, improving the lives of their population is today the only correct way of development and progress.
Russia and mills BRICS he's been stood up. I am sure, will soon join them and many others!
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