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Huge mysterious hole in the ground, found in Russia began to study
Huge mysterious hole in the ground, found in Russia began to study

From a place of education mysterious crater on the Yamal Peninsula returned a group of scientists. Likely reason for the formation of giant holes in the tundra could be the so-called marsh gas is a preliminary conclusion of the researchers.

Let's remind, short helicopter expedition was organized on July 16, after an avalanche of messages in the electronic and print media about the amazing impressive "hole" among the tundra. Today, researchers will give in Salekhard press conference. They talk about what they saw and share their assumptions about the nature of education holes.

Scientists have suggested, how did the mysterious crater on Yamal

On the edge of the crater, scientists have not set foot. "Danger - edge crumble", - constantly reminded maintainer - rescue officers. Therefore, failed and in "the abyss" look. If the diameter of the bowl-shaped hole was easy to assess - about 40 meters in diameter, and about 60 on the top border of the crater, the depth is unknown.

- I think, also 40 meters will be, - told correspondent "RG" the chief researcher of the Institute of Earth cryosphere SB RAS, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Marina Leibman.

To the question "can accumulate on the bottom of melt water, the rain?", the scientist answered that at this depth, even in the heat - real freezer. Therefore, drain, the water would freeze.

Near the crater, and up to 100-120 meters scattered pieces of soil. That does not indicate a failure of the breed, and its release. However traces of charring, burning, any evidence of a thermal explosion is not detected. It turns out that knocked out the icy soil powerful pressure from below. For example, the so-called marsh gas.

- A purely natural phenomenon, there is no doubt. You should carefully think about how it happened, under any circumstances. Help to find the answer laboratory expertise of yesterday's trial, followed by a more detailed study. With this kind of funnel beyond the Polar circle I had not had yet to face. Amazing for our planet phenomenon worthy of close study, emphasizes Marina Leibman.


The news of the mysterious hole on the Edge of the earth (as translated Yamal Nenets) was taken up by many foreign media. By placing cards YANAO, pictures from the polar latitudes, talking about living here for indigenous peoples, they aroused the interest of the foreigners to this giant storeroom of hydrocarbons.

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