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Humanitarian blitzkrieg Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
гуманитарный конвой
And again about the humanitarian convoy Putin. Hysteria in the Ukrainian media, and the government reached a historic high. Just like the dollar, which surely beats all psychological "barriers" and, despite the clear command of the head of the NBU "stand...ka, otherwise leiut all!" continues to plummet. Already fourteen. And this is not the limit.

280 KAMAZ trucks with humanitarian aid has become a four hundred self-propelled devices that threaten the national security of Ukraine. All patriots with the same voltage track the route of the convoy that the impression of the occurrence of the special forces, which a minute will intrude into the steppe country. About the concentration of Russian troops wrote with lower share of tantrums, than about the approach of the white truck. And I know that today, the most actively discussing? How to stop the invasion of Vladimir Putin! The vast majority of patriots is sure: it is enough to at least one of the KAMAZ wheel to cross the cordon, as soon will come the total occupation. Therefore, in the Administration of President rashly decided to throw the whole burden on the Ukrainian customs in the truck. But Putin, ska, proved to be tricky. He just Asian despot. Just figured that all of the independent, sovereign and clear peppers, European Ukraine will not be able to find as much as 280 trucks. So brilliant plan "transshipment" fell through the good-natured giggles Lavrov. In his comments showed a clear disregard for the mental abilities of the elite of the nation. But the elite have decided not to give up, because lethal humanitarian danger looming over the vast territory of Ukraine. Everybody understands that as progress escort inland will start revolt, provoked measured including carriers who actually are experts in psychological zombie. With just one kilogram of buckwheat, they are able to convince racial correct patriot to sell the Home.

The result of an intellectual storm was born, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant idea of blocking humanitarian invasion Armada of Vladimir Putin. Her name was "Automedon". Tens, thousands, millions of participants atomidine", coordinating their actions in social networks, "Twitter" and porn sites, begin to block a convoy of humanitarian aid throughout the route. Courageous fighters for humanity on the "Aveo" and "Daewoo" not impatient hand send their cars right in the heart of columns with a cry of "Glory to Ukraine!". And killed hundreds of poisoned under the wheels of Trucks. Specialists from the FSB in advance smeared them with poison curare, derived from the venom gland of the famous Ukrainian bloggers in the cellars of the secret service.

Then you will live Billboard on the road of social activists. Just like in the film "prisoner of the Caucasus", when the coward, the Dunce and Experienced tried to stop a single convoy.

The problem is that until you know the exact route of humanitarian aggressor. Maybe in Kharkiv region. But, maybe not. Intelligence from social networks believe that actually, the two convoys. One all white and the Humanities. And the second is terrible, full of kadyrovtsy and systems of volley fire. Say, while we chase one guard, then the second will easy break in Lugansk. "It's all military special forces: yesterday specifically looked RTR, where one driver said - go on the March. So say only those who served" - shares his fears and observations one of the many network of patriots. The website "Commander in chief" has suddenly found a source in the Kremlin told the terrified browser of the three versions of the invasion of Russia under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid. "If Ukraine refuses to pass, then come to the aid of special operations forces. If they start to block the convoy on the road, you will be provoked international conflict, in which Kiev of Polish. And if you receive the "Right"sector, the convoy will just shoot to kill". Agree, a real nightmare. Browser Commander" with severe mental disorder delivered in a drug abuse center of Kiev, where he was given the necessary medical assistance. The editorial team hopes that it will cure.

The most astute patriots who like the theory of global conspiracy, announcing the following version: the humanitarian convoy is a red herring. While all were in hysterics about buckwheat, sleeping bags and baby food, the countless hordes of the GRU of the General staff of the defense Ministry, disguised as refugees and thoroughly fortified canned food production Mtsensk engineering plant (the dream of Tymchuk) secretly cross the border at the river. And that's all. After two hours in Kiev, is the humanitarian convoy, which breaks up the victory parade on the square. Very interesting for experts psychosomatic disorders version.

Meanwhile, tension grows. Tymchuk talks about trade in the Parliament. Bloggers have discovered in the convoy folding radar. All agreed that Trucks military terrain. Shorts worn by drivers, considered as an element of another provocation.

Well what can I say... not Even when he reached the Ukrainian border, humanitarian convoy provoked a panic in Patriotic strata of Ukrainian society. More effective psychological operation, we have never seen. Buckwheat so all scared that the level of hysteria repeatedly exceeded the indicators of the information wave times Malaysian Boeing.

P.S. Paranormal group section "D" Informatsioonogo non-resistance" has calculated that if three times loudly shout "Putin x...lo!", kneel facing North, then the humanitarian convoy Putin will disappear.

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