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In Barack Obama's next attack of confidence
In Barack Obama's next attack of confidence. This time the President of the United States is confident that the militia and Kiev was afraid of sanctions against Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama at the NATO summit all of a sudden said that it was confident that the agreement on a ceasefire between DND, LNR and Ukraine were achieved only through imposed on Russia sanctions. They say that Moscow saw the resolve of the West, appreciated and took a step back. And then he developed this idea further, promising that Washington and Brussels will continue to deepen and expand sanctions against Russia.

He blurted out, Mr. Obama, that, by and large, Washington is at war against Russia, using any occasions, and in the absence of such, not disdain and to create them. However, it has long been no secret, No wonder that before the NATO summit and the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron said that finally there is a real opportunity to put the Russian economy irreparable damage." Thus once again showing the true attitude of the West towards Russia on the background of all public conversations about the development of democracy, peace and partnerships.

But that being said, out of the equation. More interesting is the fact that the American President, who will soon outperform its predecessor George W. Bush on the number of nonsense and getting trapped, surprising everyone by inventing a referendum in Kosovo, the new pages of Russian history, suffers, it seems that not only MS, but also other mental disorder, attributing to themselves other people's deeds and actions.

First, it is Russia, Dating back to April, with negotiations in Geneva, insisted on a ceasefire and the establishment of the ceasefire. Each statement of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation concerning this crisis was accompanied by a call for a truce. But the state of the "civilized world" has done everything to ignite the flames of war more and is widely praised "peace plan" Poroshenko, who initially could not hold one side of the conflict. The fact that Russia is not a party to the conflict, and a truce is made between the republics of the new Russia and Kiev, Obama chose not to notice.

Speaking of "healing" the effect of sanctions, Obama thus appropriates the main role in achieving a truce, although a couple of days ago, when he was in Estonia news about the possibility of a truce caught him so off guard that he could not comment on it even two words, referring to what he "unknown items". But appropriating others actions (achievements, of course) he does not for the first time. Exactly the same happened in the history of Syria, when the head of the White house I was totally stumped and about to start bombing a sovereign member state of the UN, and that Moscow actually came to him for help, proposing a plan for destruction of chemical weapons by Damascus.

Then the resolution of the crisis had saved not only the world on the planet, but the face of the Nobel peace prize laureate, sitting in the White house. But after some months Washington has been called the proposal the Obama plan and started massively to implement this idea in international sinarmas" via friendly media.

To expect anything different from the current administration clearly is not. In recent months the Obama team surprised the world is unbalanced and frankly ridiculous statements, and it came even to the point that some members of the team refute others, and themselves, as it was recently Psaki, refutes Obama himself.

What unites them is only one - implicit belief that the United States of America in this Universe everything is allowed, and Russia (and everyone else) the only thing that allows Washington. And if the state Department spokesman Marie Harf said officially that the teachings of the Russian troops on the territory of the Russian Federation are a provocation, and military maneuvers of the US and NATO in Ukraine, on the contrary, stabilize the situation, so the whole world should feel. Or that the missile surface-to-air" suddenly the magic of the state Department turns, tilting the opinion of all experts and specialists, in "an offensive weapon".

And who believes not, or the mouthpiece, or a victim of the "Kremlin propaganda". Exactly, because Obama is absolutely sure about this. Due to the evidence, which, as always, for Washington requires no evidence.

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