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In Russia discovered on Yamal, a huge, mysterious hole in the ground
In Russia Yamal discovered a giant ground collapse of unknown origin. Huge crater said the helicopter pilots that serve the oil and gas fields on the Yamal Peninsula.

They took video of weird spot a huge size.

Failure is located next to Rovnenskiy gas field, one of the largest on the Yamal Peninsula.

The author of the video claims that the soil around thrown out of the crater, and a dark color indicates that it "is observed temperatures".

Like a funnel, only large diameter, was discovered in Guatemala, in 2010. Then a huge cavity was formed in the heart of the capital of the country. In almost perfectly flat crater with a diameter of 30 meters and a depth of 60 meters entirely collapsed three-storey house.


Maybe aliens?

Krasnoyarsk hunter found a mysterious hole in the ground on may 31, 2014 Incredible surprises, as you can see, in the Northern latitudes enough. Krasnoyarsk hunter found a new hole in the ground. It appeared quite recently, and scattered around the huge stone blocks. What was the cause of this hole - a meteorite or an underground explosion - now wondering scientists. He even decided to equip special expedition until panabajal to the tunnel, leaving the hard earth, lovers of aliens Yes other supernatural sensation. This amazing story came to Norilsk only a year later when it was discovered. In April 2013 in the administration of the village Sock turned Stanislaw Eptune. He told that on the way of the annual Argish discovered huge blocks. But when he came nearer, still a gaping hole in the ground. Nothing like this man had never seen before, especially in this place. Curious hunter walked past. Got a photo on edge of the crater. On this picture you can judge diameter. About 4 meters. But the mobile phone's camera hangs directly over the precipice. Later brave hunter will measure the depth with a hundred-meter ropes. Descended into the abyss with a weight at the end, she never hit bottom. Now over what is depicted on the photos, scratching their heads representatives of the scientific community and the explorers Club of Taimyr. "Today, having been in the Internet many times, I saw that nothing similar was not on the earth. After this chamber discussion we are going to make the case to the all-Russian, and maybe even to the world level. As possible", - said the President of the explorers club of Taimyr Stanislav Struchkov. For almost an emergency meeting of the club, ezoterikove and ufologists have decided not to invite. Too tempting seemed version of alien coming. For the first time decided to stick to the scientific point of view. At first assumed it diatreme. This pipe explosion of volcanic origin. But lamproites in the upper part of the crater close to the surface is usually a cone expansion. That is, unfortunately, diatreme fails. There is only technogene. Drilling? But this version has immediately found opponents. Drilling is conducted on a specific technology. "Hadrami. Let two feet, let two meters. It is not important. Were raised, piled up. And here ejection happened there. That is what is most deeply laid, then just appeared. Kilometer there, guys write. Scatter", - says the head of the Department of OJSC "Taimyrgaz Yuri Fires. Besides, people would have left on the place of manufacture traces. And here is pristine nature. "The mystery of nature" - so about this phenomenon wrote the now St. Petersburg geologist Gennady Schneider. His first thought, as of Norilsk, was also on the tube explosion. "The proximity of Yenisei-Khatanga trough. It is rich in gas. That is what the speaker may have been a gas. Some movement in great depth, which formed. Could well form", - says geologist category I, LLC norilskgeologia" Gennady Leysin. The longer lasted discussion, the more there were versions. And remembered about the Chelyabinsk meteorite. He and Taimyr hole also appeared in April. In the end, the crowd came together in one sitting at a round table in Norilsk, the mystery hole to Wear them not to unravel. Need to equip the expedition. This is little more than a million rubles. Until then will solve financial issues, Kitovy will send the request to seismologists. And local residents will be asked to collect samples of surviving for the year fragments. In order to compare them with those that pull in the process of industrial drilling of wells in the area. And only one person carefully observed, the expedition is good. But you wouldn't get as with Dyatlov pass.
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