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In the United States killed writer, blamed the CIA in September 11 attacks
13 April 2014 was found shot dead Michael Ruppert (Michael C. Ruppert) - known American journalist who devoted his last years to the collection and publication of evidence of direct prichastnosti the CIA to the deliberate demolition of the WTC and the cover of this bloody acts "by the terrorist attack of 9/11".

The fact that "9/11" is not a terrorist act but industrial demolition of buildings, it has long been no secret for specialists in the field of architecture and construction. But for those who are far from these professions, to this day, the issue remains unclear. Encourage and engaged media - both Western and Russian. The price of truth in this case is too large is at stake legitimacy of the entire foreign policy activities of the USA in recent years, not to mention the moral aspect...

In this film provides extensive arguments, evidence and statements by experts, irrefutable, systematically and impartially proving the fact of deliberate DEMOLITION of the WTC and fraudulent cover of this bloody and highly immoral acts "terrorist act" for political purposes... the Movie is long, but worth a look for the final solution of the question for myself, not to remain as a "havusha of pipe" and not to participate in further spreading lies, lies on the blood of innocent people whose lives were easily replaced by immoral political dividends. Bloody Scam "9/11" is a good lesson to all mankind...

"The fire was never to be the cause of the collapse of skyscrapers. Even in case of stronger and longer burning, than in the 7th building. And in the case of the seventh case the source of fire, which allegedly led to the fall of the building, disappeared for an hour before the fall," says architect Richard gage.

"This is a classic blast. First falls penthouse on the roof, and then goes smoothly the whole building," - said the blast Tom Sullivan.

"Fire in the office building was not strong enough to melt steel. We have pieces of melted metal structures", - said the Builder Kathy Magrad.
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