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Latest BMP "Kurganets" smashed to pieces bus automatic cannon
Military demonstrated leading the program "Military Acceptance" Alexei Yegorov fire newest BMP "Kurganets-25." Journalists "stars" were the first who saw the shooting the coded armor. "Kurganets" is equipped with a unique system of fire that allows you to remotely control the fire and is equipped with night vision devices. Capture purposes may be made automatically at a distance of three kilometers.

"In the BMP is a combat unit" Kurganets "with its own characteristics - it is unmanned and actually penetrates the fighting compartment, ie in the fighting compartment fits a landing and the crew, there is a smooth ceiling. Bronekapsuly armor mounted on the machine and is controlled from the inside by means of pointing devices, even remotely. A remote control - a machine can put all one at a distance of 100 meters, is located in the shelter, and conduct operations. Armament - a traditional set, this 30-mm automatic gun, a machine gun and four ready to fight anti-tank "Cornet", "- said the first deputy chief designer of" SKB Engineering "Alexei Kozlov.

The target was selected old bus, which set a barrel of gasoline. The gunner was struck first from the gun BMP "Kurganets» rear glass of the machine, to demonstrate the accuracy and then destroyed the armored bus, undermining barrels.

"This system allows an ideal to aim precisely, getting guaranteed no matter how carried out the shooting - the move or stationary. That is, the car goes somewhere jumps up and a gun is kept perfectly straight, "- said military spokesman at OAO" Kurgan "Eugene Sutormin.

Most of the filling BMP "Kurganets" is still kept secret, so journalists are not allowed to shoot all the elements of the internal control fighting machine. It is known that modern armored vehicles - six forward speeds and three rear, reversing "Kurganets" can accelerate to 20 km / h.

September 6 at 09:55 in the "Military Acceptance" only the audience of TV channel "Star" will see how to shoot the latest BMP than it is armed as protected. Leading the program look inside "Kurgan" test armor car and talk about the possibilities of secret BMP "Kurganets-25."

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