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Leading Western media caught the anti-Russian duck
Reprinted American magazine Forbes information about thousands of Russian soldiers supposedly killed in the Donbass, scattered by the world media. The primary source of fakes, which pleased rastirazhirovali and in RuNet, was "cesspool of spam", established six months ago. It was found out and that where it is growing legs of the stuffing information.

The second day of the Net continues the discussion of "sensational" information that allegedly Russia pay compensation to soldiers who "participated in military operations in the Ukraine" in 2014-2015 - this information, as you might guess, the Ukrainian media was used as "evidence" of participation Russian troops in the conflict in the Donbas, Kyiv insists on mode.

"Cesspool of spam will not quote the most respected media, but Forbes, of course, would be cited"

Numerous Ukrainian Internet resources gladly reprinted a message stating that "for the families of deceased soldiers who participated in military operations in the Ukraine, financial compensation is 3 million rubles. And those who have a disability during the fighting, - 1, 5 million rubles. ". It claimed that as of February 1, 2015 allegedly "has paid monetary compensation for the families of the victims more than 2,000 military and 3,200 soldiers were seriously wounded and cases of disability."

Links to this post placed by many prominent opposition bloggers and a number of public figures. Stuffing gave weight to the fact that it has consistently cited such respected publications as Forbes, The Times and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (quoted in turn, Forbes).

Where does "grow legs" in a sensational message?

Error professor Gregory

The author of an article in Forbes - not anonymous, and that respectable publications columnist Paul Roderick Gregory, a member of the international expert council of the Kyiv School of Economics and a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (USA). However, Gregory publication in Russia, some called the American "economist Russophobe" (in other material he thought about the possibility of the coup in Russia).

Gregory calls the source of some sensational information "edition of the" Business life "specializing in the markets and finance," frankly indicates the address of this site - bs-life.ru, and publishes a screenshot sensational material - which is actually a couple of paragraphs in the text, entitled " Raising wages to servicemen in 2015 ". Aside from these paragraphs, the text is very small, although harmless - it is nothing more than information.

And the strange thing - a sensational passages of the notes have been removed from the site, they do not exist even in the cache "Google," the truth, but are available in the "Vebarhive."

Someone hacked into the aggregator?

Who is the site itself bs-life.ru? In later reprints it was called the "Russian newspaper" and even "well-known business magazine," and stuffing - the "Analytical Materials". However, in fact the resource - not the media. The shape of the "Business Life" is a personal site anonymous individual (with a simple interface based on the free "engine» Joomla). In essence it is not even the media, and aggregator of foreign news and background information related to finance and accounting. Attendance resource is extremely low.

Bloggers note that using the service Archive.is easy to establish that the note "Increasing salaries to servicemen in 2015" has appeared online 15 March 2015. And on August 22, Friday, at the material was attribution. One of the calls was made from the blast zone .ua. Note that the author used the expression changes "in Ukraine", not "in Ukraine." After the weekend, on Monday, August 24 material from the site entirely disappeared.

It is believed bloggers may site bs-life.ru («Business Life») was elected by hackers because of the weak system administration and resource editor. However, probably on Monday admin deleted "corrections and additions" material that has already been reprinted by news aggregators and managed to make a splash.


Get clarification from the holders themselves anonymous website "Business life" can not - no contact in its pages is not specified. The only way of feedback is the standard form for sending e-mail to the general e-mail site. Such a lot of resources in RuNet, but, perhaps, the first time such a site has received such widespread citation.

As noted above, after Forbes and The Times reached many Ukrainian media, including "RBC-Ukraine», Ukrinform and others. Everything they write that the Russian media "merged" or "accidentally blabbed" about Russian losses in the Ukraine.

Journalist and social activist Olga Romanova noted that the information on the site stayed there two days, and then "demolished, of course, but from the web is no longer snesesh." However, in a postscript, she agreed with other members that a "satellite site" and "still stuffing."

To such conclusion and blogger Ruslan Leviev. "After analyzing the site, we came to the conclusion that it is intentional or a duck or a satellite. Unfortunately, many have fallen for the duck "- he wrote

in his Twitter.

In addition, users have found that the site has existed for about six months, and that "regular cesspool of spam."

"The author of this Faika himself was Forbes»

The deputy director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies and the Moscow State University Bogdan Bezpalko belorusistiki described it as the usual method of information and psychological warfare. "In fact, the author himself is this Faika magazine Forbes, because journalists are required to verify the accuracy of the information and the quality of the source from which it comes, the more experienced journalists, such as the editorial staff of the magazine Forbes», - told the newspaper VIEW Bezpalko.

The expert is confident that Forbes consciously took the information with unsolicited garbage and "placed it among themselves with the aim of legitimizing, to give it weight, and ensure the veracity of the citation of fan principle." "Cesspool of spam will not quote the most respected media, but Forbes, of course, would be cited. By and large, Forbes simply provided the credibility of this information. But he will pay for it, probably, their reputation, "- said the expert.
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