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Obama was unhappy attempt to prevent the flight of Russian planes to Syria
Without the consent of President Barack Obama tried The US State Department on its own initiative, to prevent the flight of the Russian transport planes to Syria through the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria and Greece.
When Obama learned he had these tests "unhappy" because they were made without prior interdepartmental coordination, transmits TASS, referring to Bloomberg.

Has begun According to the agency, now the process of negotiations and on Thursday, the National Security Council at the White House meeting was at the level of deputy head of the law enforcement agencies (the so-called "Committee Vice") instead was.

It is that an agreement between officials not yet understood: some are willing to "try, for confrontation with Russia in Syria go", while others, including "someone in the White House", "the favor of cooperation with Russia in the fight against insurgents, "Islamic State.  "

Following the publication, Obama has instructed his national security adviser, a "consensus" to develop and offer an "Action Plan to advance as quickly as possible -. Maybe already in the next week"

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the plane, which Russia sends to Syria, the military equipment, were on the previously signed contracts, as well as humanitarian aid supplies.  Lavrov said that Russian troops in Syria, their presence with the supply of arms is connected the Syrian army.

September 8 Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said that Sofia flight closes for Russian military transport aircraft, the following humanitarian aid for Syria, for the period from September 1 to 24, 2015. This decision is in Sofia substantiated concerns about the contents of the cargo.

At the same time, the Kremlin has demanded clarification of Bulgaria in connection with the ban on flights to Syria.

September 9 Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov said that the Bulgarian government is willing to provide an air corridor for Russian planes to Syria after inspection of the goods fly.

September 7 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece confirmed that the United States has received a request for the closure of airspace for Russian aviation, humanitarian aid to Syria.  According to a source in the Greek Foreign Ministry, now has a request pending, while the previously reported on the refusal of the authorities to close the airspace of Athens.
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