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On whom works Medvedev?/На кого работает Медведев?
Дмитрий МедведевThe expected time of removal kontrsanktsy moved - you will not believe! - As much as in August 2016. But Prime Minister Medvedev sternly warned: "They are extended for a year, but they are not infinite. And this pause is necessary to take advantage of all - the state and the farmers themselves", - he said.

However, it is recognized that for some product groups for substitution of products from overseas will take a few more years. And no reaction said, and told him this work.

We are so used to living in a dream, mindlessly swallow the information that is simply not notice the blatant absurdity.

Once the notice: a lot of information, it spurts out of all holes in one ear and out the other flew. And the words all right, right: the embargo, import substitution, konrsanktsii - what more do you want? Because speech Medvedev flashed and immediately covered with a dense layer of new "news" and other information garbage.

But if just for a second "stop-look", it becomes clear the tragic absurdity of the position of the state in relation to the most important sectors of the economy - agriculture. Because if you say the Prime, it must be understood, and there is the state's position. What is it?

Noteworthy is the now fashionable term "window of opportunity". That, you know, an image, a metaphor, we can say: the window opened and then slammed shut - Things to jump. Or jump. This metaphor describes a certain type of economic and wider - the life and behavior. Today - as tomorrow - syak, manage to turn.

For whom is this characteristic? To the greatest extent - for the speculator. For punters. Well, at least - for the merchant. This psycho-speculator: quickly enter into the matter, "cut the dough" and jump.

In no case did not create a major, long-term, which is not in a hurry to curtail and eliminate when it is the window suddenly slammed shut.

For farmers this means: do not get involved in the processing of agricultural products, that is, in essence, in the industry. Industry has long payback period, during which time anything can outplay. The storage for apples with controlled atmosphere is better not to invest but do not arrive an hour rovёn Polish, find yourself and you, my dear man in a pool.

And even in the livestock especially not poke your nose - too large investments and long cycle. Earn money on what is easier and faster - to the field work.

And it is the right type of economic behavior - not to get into anything long term - in the event that the State planning horizon does not exceed one year. And this with candor Roman says the prime minister; thanks to him, of course, that to lose illusions, and that I confess dreaming.

"We do not aim at any cost to replace imported goods, especially in the mediocre domestically produced goods. This is particularly disadvantageous and economically, and it is simply impossible," - Medvedev presents.

Let Careful reading in this statement. Here, they say, two in one. First, we have a firm goal to replace imported goods in the domestic. "Any price" we fill the market with their goods do not have to? And at what price we are willing to do it? Just like that, in passing, how God gives?

Maybe we still imagine that that's de Russian and foreign manufacturers will enter the Russian market in free competition and - the Russian manufacturer will win? It will not "at any cost", but in the right, in the market.

So I'll just say: do not come out. Needless to fail. Over the replacement of imported goods on the goods (and not only in agriculture, but in any branch of the economy) have to work seriously. States to work, not only by the manufacturers.

Domestic manufacturers have to give a serious advantage over the foreign supplier. Up to the complete closure of the import on those positions that are able to provide domestic producers.

Here is just, by the way, is the second idea implicit in Medvedev saying: We do not need mediocre domestic goods. That is bad not needed, and needed good. The idea is true, but how to implement it?

We need a hard and strong protectionism. Alien food on the market it is necessary not to let kontrsanktsy not because of, but in order to allow domestic producers to develop, to learn to work. As long as the market there are other people's products, or there is a constant threat to their appearance, no one really will not learn. And invest in this business will not. And then suddenly snap "window of opportunity"?

Wide protectionism contrary to WTO rules? Sanctions know too contrary. That is necessary under this pretext to take and get out of the WTO, so that at least at home to be masters of the situation.

At this point rising op: What about competition! You want to destroy the competition, the mainspring of development! No, dear friends, I want to increase competition. The whole experience of economic becoming rich and successful people say that limiting foreign competition strengthens the internal competition - between domestic producers.

Frederick Engels, a great expert on this issue, called protectionism "factory manufacturers." We need to pass this school - the school decisive protectionism. It will not be this - domestic producer will remain some curiosity, which with umilёnnoy playfulness in the news, not the normal state of affairs. This, incidentally, applies equally to all sectors of the labor.

Domestic manufacturer is willing and ready to work, but it will be to invest and work only when they see a coherent and long-term agricultural policy. Policy length a year - is the lack of policy. Talking about the "window of opportunity" convince: politicians we have.
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