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Peter "Bloody" confirmed his role.
Once again Peter Bloody confirmed his role. Now under his control MPs voted for sanctions against Russia. 172 individuals and 65 of the legal entity in Russia and Ukraine in connection with the Ukrainian conflict fall under the new "blood" of the law.
The law stipulates sanctions, under which fall ALL who, in the opinion of Kiev, or rather, the President is funding terrorism and supports the separation of the Crimea from Ukraine, promotes separatism".

The list of sanctions generally deducted from the Nazi "patriot act", when the main Fuhrer all times and peoples Hitler was given dictatorial powers - discontinuance of mail, disabling channels, closing all types of media, including the Internet, ban the use of radio frequencies and so on (it is clear that the Third Reich was no Internet, but if he was, then it would be centered).

Also its decrees Bloody Peter has the right to prohibit the operation of any of the parties and organizations. Now anyone without trial and without the right to counsel may be deprived of money, property, deprivation of civil rights. It is enough to call a man a separatist or terrorist, but to prove it is not necessary (the presumption of innocence is also buried, as well as other rights. These powers gave themselves the Ukrainian President.

Another new law allows suspects to be detained in terrorism, separatism thirty days. What goes some international norms and the human right to freedom.

Please note that this bill was not considered by the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech. Accordingly, the suspension or restriction of activity of the media and other subjects of information activity can be terminated at the request of the President.

In addition, restrict or prohibit the production and distribution of printed materials, which, in the opinion of Kyiv, supports separatism.

But what was going to disturb the public is the fact that the public is not involved in the discussion of this law. Let me remind you that the same situation was with ostensibly to negotiate solutions for the extraction of shale gas in Ukraine.

Why does society need to discuss anything, if he had already been sentenced to dictatorship. Of course, it is better to protect the public from anything that leads to an open dictatorship. But I want to warn and Poroshenko and Yatseniuk, such behavior and such decisions, especially on the eve of the parliamentary elections will end badly. Remember, that was in 1917, and today the Ukrainian rulers with the filing of its owners have created a very fertile ground for this.

The day began with the report of foreign media that column, consisting of 23 units of equipment of the Russian rooms at night, entered the territory of Ukraine, and was partially destroyed. Petro Poroshenko which reported to the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron. As a result, the British foreign office issued a statement that called for clearer messages about the Russian military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko.

Whether the British guide a balanced and judicious, it read in the media about the transition of the Russian military equipment through the Russian-Ukrainian border, would ask yourself a few questions and tried to answer them.

The first question. Why are Russians, they are constantly accused of supplying militias with weapons and in this regard, under close international attention, decided to walk through the territory of Ukraine on a military transport with their license plates? Not foolish enough not to change them into Ukrainian. This situation is akin to the American spies blacks, squinting under native Russian. Therefore, if the column was then organized it is not the Russians, and those who want Russia to discredit, i.e., the Ukrainian government.

The second question. Once the transport convoy was spotted in an area that is not controlled by Ukrainian border guards, as in the distance artillery fire, and at night, you could see the Russian license plates? Impossible! This circumstance is another confirmation of the Ukrainian insinuations.

The third question. The Ukrainian government claims that the Russian convoy was constantly under the supervision of Ukrainian intelligence, she was led. First, the Ukrainian government is thereby admitted that its military are on Russian territory, i.e. they have carried out the invasion of neighboring States. Secondly, a convoy of 23 units, but still near the localization of the Ukrainian troops, could not go without his intelligence. Why Russian intelligence lock exploration Ukrainian? This can not be!

The fourth question. Why the Russians decided to cross the border, close to where stopped their humanitarian convoy and there are many foreign journalists, carefully looking for any signs of the Russian invasion? Do to some jurnaliuga, alone in the woods with a colleague or a Russian beauty, noticed the convoy and immediately launched a photo or video in the Internet? Russians are not stupid. If want to carry some equipment on the Ukrainian side, away from the accumulation of foreign shark pen. 23 units, well this is what a noise they make!

Finding adequate answers to these questions, the Brits would say: the information media about the Russian invasion - at least duck, and by and large is a provocation. Can't the Russians exhausted under the pressure of sanctions, behave recklessly, and when you wish to deliver in Lugansk humanitarian assistance.

It is clear that one of the purposes of this provocation is not the admission of the Russian humanitari in Lugansk. Therefore, to implement the chosen place, where, according to the agreement, the convoy of vehicles must cross the state border.

Surrounding and de-energized Lugansk, the government wants thus to drive out the residents in order to be completely free in the extermination of the militia. Luhansk her, of course, is not bad. But tens of thousands of corpses on the results of the assault on the city - this is too much even with such a huge roof as Washington. There was established a quota of 2 thousands of civilians killed. This feature starts the difficulties in covering up the crimes.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Lugansk understand that if they leave, after the "liberation" of the city by the Ukrainian army will be just a bunch of flaming stones. To return, respectively, will be nowhere to go but ahead of winter. Slavyansk out when "liberated", and even a single apartment is not repaired, not being home.

Huge Russian humanitarian aid is able to improve the situation of people and the chances that they will be leaving the city at least because of the outbreak of famine, will be much less. And ahead on 24 August, and the President has already made it to victory in the capital. In short, to put the Luhansk food and medicines in any case impossible. Don't want to leave the city, "the high vindicate there."

Despite the importance of this task, the main other - charge of the foreign Ministers of the EU countries, going on 15 August at a meeting in new acts of condemnation of Russia and a new package of sanctions.

It should be noted that in the foreign ministries of the EU countries is concentrated the largest number of American agents of influence, which thus embody an anti-Russian policy of Washington in Europe. This, in particular, by simultaneous and identical in content of the absurd comments of the representatives of these agencies regarding downed Malaysian liner.

Due to false information about the invasion of the Russians in the Ukraine achieved the goal. The foreign Ministers of the EU urged Russia to immediately stop the flow of weapons, military instructors and armed personnel, and has threatened new sanctions.

My grandmother I was always taught that a lie can go away, but not to return.

Poroshenko and companies ought to keep in mind that the confidence of world leaders to his constant lies sooner or later will come to an end. It already has many cracks. UN Secretary-General and representatives of the Human Rights House increasingly remind that the first duty of government is the preservation of irreplaceable - life people, the conflicts should be resolved by way of peaceful dialogue, not military action. They are waiting for the action plan is built on the basis of the right to life and to a fair trial. Even the U.S. urged to abandon the use of heavy weapons. The world already noted the systematic persecution of journalists and absolute nedemokratichnosti accept Ukraine's laws, and their use will only increase originated the negative attitude towards the Ukrainian ruling elite.

Will change themselves and the leaders of States and international organizations. To power they will not come in last place on criticism "abarenkov" for mindless pandering to the obvious criminal activity current Ukrainian regime. Therefore, they shall neither hold nor defend from just punishment.

Committed by the Ukrainian authorities of the crime far more monstrous than one another, and do not have line of limitation. If she don't care what effect it will leave in history, or at least thought about that soon, when her kids will be ashamed received from the fathers last name.
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