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Riots in Missouri cost the Treasury of the state of 12.5 million dollars
The head of the office of management and budget state Linda Luebbering in a statement released on Wednesday, December 24, explained that the National guard expenditures amounted to $ 7.1 million - this amount includes the salaries and the costs of providing food, fuel and other necessary materials. Increased highway patrol cost the state more than $ 5.3 million dollarsMissouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered to mobilize the national guard and patrol roads in the vicinity of St. Louis in anticipation of the Grand jury on November 24, which is not found sufficient grounds for initiating a criminal case against a white police officer Darren Wilson shot dead last summer, 18-year-old African-American Michael brown. After brown's death, after the announcement of the jury decision in Ferguson and other cities in Missouri rioting. The protests spread to other US cities. The protest in Ferguson quickly turned into riots, arson, looting and shooting. The police had to use tear gas and arrested more than 80 violators of public order. Large-scale demonstrations were also held in new York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and other cities across the country. According to media reports, the wave of protests engulfed in total, 37 of the 50 States. Arrested were more than 500 people.

Tuesday, December 23, at the gas station in the St Louis suburb police shot and killed another 18-year-old African American. At the gas station a police officer on patrol saw two unknown men. He asked them for the documents, but one of them, according to the chief of police of St. Louis John Belmar, sent a gun on a police officer, after which he took three shots to kill. The second man ran away. The weapons of the dead man was later found at the scene. The chief of police stated that the victim named Antonio Martin in the past has been repeatedly detained by police. The incident sparked another wave of protests, at least three protesters were detained.
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