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Russia confirmed the provision of military-technical assistance to the Syrian presence in the country and Russian military experts
Russia confirmed the delivery of military and technical assistance to the Syrian presence in the country and the Russian military specialists, as it became known, this type of weapon handed Moscow to Damascus.

"Are under way or on the delivery of financial statements in Syria several batches of small arms, grenade launchers, armored personnel carriers BTR-82A military truck" Ural "and other weapons needed to carry out local hostilities and the transfer of the Syrian army personnel," - said "Kommersant" Sources in the field of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries.

Sources claim that the offer made "in accordance with international law, in accordance with the formalities and within the framework of the existing treaties" between the governments of Russia and Syria.

They also claim that some of these agreements is allocated on the money in Damascus as an advance (it is a sum of about US $ 400 million) for the purchase of air defense systems S-300 PMU-2 on, "Moscow after consultations with the Israeli authorities have decided not to offer. "

Moscow in recent months, pushing for the connection of the Syrian Armed Forces of the anti-terrorist coalition, which includes the countries of the region and the Western powers. In this context, Russia is planning military assistance as necessary to Damascus to meet the terrorist threat.

"The initiative of the President of the Russian Federation on Combating IG includes as a central element of the need to fight against terrorism everywhere, without trying to establish a gradation where" terrorists "who are good - bad", - said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov exposure Russian Russian arms Expo 2015th

The technical military assistance to Russia Syrian government Washington considers unacceptable, meanwhile said, "Kommersant" said a spokesman for the Embassy of the United States to Russia William Stevens.

"It is unacceptable to provide support for the Assad regime, - he said -. Because it allows him to avoid the search for a constructive dialogue to end the conflict."

Recall, on Wednesday, the US recognized the pressure on European countries within the framework of Russia steps in Syria.

Before that Bulgaria closed its airspace to flights by Russian aircraft in Syria, probably at the request of the United States. Greece to refuse a similar requirement Americans.

As stated already in the White House, the United States feared that the strengthening of the military presence of Russia in Syria could be used to support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, who ". War against his own people" by Washington

Meanwhile, the US media has said, citing sources in Washington that in recent days in Syria would be a small group of Russian marines and two Russian amphibious ships and aircraft arrived.

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said that Russia has never made a secret of the military-technical cooperation with Syria. Russian weapons developed the Syrian army securities to meet the terrorist threat, Zakharov said.
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