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Russia considers inefficient the US coalition against IG Islamic State
President Putin has said that Russia is not going to be included in the military operation against the IG. Thus, he denied rumors that our planes have bombed positions of the Islamists in Syria. Experts note: the main difference of the project, which offers Moscow, the actions of the US and its allies - in the "Partnership, not supremacy." However, the question is whether the US wants to win over the IG Islamic State.

Russia does not intend to join the military operation against militants of the "Islamic State" (IG) in the Middle East. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin, speaking Friday at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. "To say that we are ready to do it today, is ... too early", - quotes the president "Interfax".

"The United States always trying to pull the blanket over and distract allies of Russia"

Answering questions from journalists, Putin said the Russian leadership is considering various possibilities, but the participation in the coalition against the IG "on our agenda is not worth it." "But we are going to consult with our Syrian friends, and with the countries of the region", - the president added. Putin recalled that already "spoken on this issue with the president of Turkey, with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, King of Jordan, the president of Egypt, our other partners." Creating an international coalition was discussed in the conversation with the president of the United States Barack Obama, Putin said.

In addition, the President noted that the current US-led coalition action is not effective. "For example, the US Air Force does some punches. While the effectiveness of air strikes is low, "- he stated the head of the Russian state. In addition, Putin pointed out that the influx of refugees, who are now faced with the European allies of the US, due to the fact that "Europe blindly follows this (American) policy in the framework of the so-called alliance commitments, and then she and carries the burden."

Earlier, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook called for Russia's joining the coalition against the IG. "The coalition involving 60 countries - he recalled, adding - we welcome the opportunity for others to join this fight."

"I do not need to believe"

In this earlier on Thursday a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that media reports about the alleged involvement of Russian aircraft and helicopters bombarded positions of the IG "is not to be believed." The main source of such rumors began, Israeli media reported that the day before, that Russia has launched a "military intervention in Syria." It was argued that in the coming days to arrive Russian fighter jets, attack helicopters, advisers, military instructors, pilots and other personnel.

"Western diplomatic sources stress that the Obama administration is fully aware of the intentions of Russia to intervene directly in what is happening in Syria, but as long as she did not respond," - said in a note published by the Israeli portal Ynetnews.

There's also alleged that the White House has stopped calling for the disbandment of "murderous Assad regime" also Washington believes Iran is currently the main and necessary force in the campaign against the IG in Iraq. Russia and Iran, according to Israeli journalists, made a strategic decision: to preserve the power of all the forces of Assad that Syria has become a barrier to the spread of the influence of the IG and Islamic militants to "the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union."

Press speculation has become a subject of discussion at a high level.

Czech secret service check information that Russia really started to put on the air strikes of the IG, said on the eve of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Martin Stopnitsky. According to RIA "Novosti", Stopnitsky also noted that the Russian military intervention could contribute to a more effective fight against the IG. The minister believes that the whole problem can not be solved only with the help of aviation.

A few hours later a spokesman for the White House Joshua Ernest said that the US administration is closely following the media reports about the alleged sending units of the Russian armed forces in Syria. Although, as acknowledged by Ernest, the Obama administration is no corroborating evidence, "the United States are concerned about these reports." According to Tass, a spokesman for the White House hastened to declare: military assistance to Syrian President Bashar Assad in the fight against extremists, guns in Syria is "destabilizing and counterproductive" character.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the question of sending Russian troops to Syria to fight the IG, as well as on the participation of the Russian aircraft in attacks on terrorists, not even raised. In particular, in early August, it once again said Dmitry Peskov. Answering the question whether part of the Russian aircraft in operations against the IG, Peskov said: "I understand now about this question. Sometimes I do not have the information. " Peskov also said that Syrian President Bashar Assad was not referring to the president of Russia with a request to send Russian troops to Syria.

To strive for the creators of the "Islamic State"

At the same time Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in August acknowledged that Russia offers

military-technical support to the Government of Syria for the fight against terrorism. "We have every reason to believe that without this support the formation of these terrorist captured territories were estimated would be much more than a hundred and thousands of square kilometers" - then said the Foreign Minister.

"Russia offers partnership and not the rule of"

Program Director, PIR Center Conventional Arms Vadim Kozyulin newspaper recalled the view that Russia is not the first time, "refuses to go in the wake of US policy," while Americans are not the first time trying to draw Russia into it.

"In particular, they are in Central Asia created anti-terrorist coalition, while Russia had formed its own within the CSTO, but the United States has been trying to pull the blanket over himself and distract the allies of Russia", - said the expert.

The interviewee added that Russia - "self-sufficient power of large caliber, which prefers to pursue an independent policy in the interests of his country and its allies, and the United States, in practice, the interests of the allies consider weak, so Russia offers US partnership and not the primacy of such unions" He explained Kozyulin.

According to him, the current strength in anti-US coalition against the IG and the one that offers Russia will be the same, but "the way the decision will be different - it will not be a coalition, where a team of American General, and the others are at his command." "In the Russian version provided by the collective decision-making, and are likely to be somewhat different objectives," - said the source.

The expert reminded Americans believe that by arming anti-government forces in Syria, they are fighting so against terrorism, and in Russia, on the contrary, emphasize that the government forces led by Bashar al-Assad - these are the forces that are worth supporting because they are fighting terrorism, in particular, the IG in the region.

"Being on the ground and really interested"

Russia's position is that in dealing with the IG is necessary to include in the antiterrorist coalition of all players concerned, including the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his opponents such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. On the coordination of all the forces who "are on the ground and really interested in dealing with the IG," in particular, he said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told RIA "News" on 19 August.

"Practice shows that the last time the air strikes inflicted by the coalition led by the United States on the positions of extremists, do not bring a decisive victory in the confrontation with IG", - stated the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. How, in turn, noted the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, coalition air strikes on Syrian government forces play into the hands of the IG. "Weakened leadership thus loses its capacity to counter the further spread of" Islamic state ", - said Peskov.

As previously noted, President Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky Turkish military attacks on Kurdish positions in fact saved from the fall of the capital of the "Islamic state" - the city of Raqqa in the north-eastern Syria. In addition, the expert indicates the intention of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syrian territory to create a buffer zone for the organization of the offensive on Aleppo (for which are fighting between government troops and militants) and Damascus, Assad's government-controlled.

An Israeli security expert, columnist for The Jerusalem Post Yossi Melman pointed out in an article published recently by the newspaper Maariv, that out of 184 thousand sq. Kilometers of Syrian territory Assad government controls less than 20% - the city of Damascus and Homs, the coast with the cities of Latakia and Tarsus, as well as the southern part of the Golan Heights on the border with Jordan. About 80 sq. M. km is under the control of the IG. 10-15% of the territory seized by the breakaway from the "Al-Qaeda" group "Al-Nusra Dzhebhat."

"Count on US involvement is not necessary"

"To achieve the final victory over the IG is possible, using a clear advantage in power, but the Americans do not want, because they are interested in the preservation of military operations, as is calculated to eliminate and the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and maintain the tension in the Middle East, extracting various political dividends. In this sense, the US is such a position to rely on their active participation is not necessary, "- said in comments the newspaper VIEW expert of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), editor in chief of" Problems of National Strategy "Ajdar Kurts.

It is no secret that we are Americans and earlier offered to help in the fight against terrorism, especially after September 11, the source recalled. "The Americans then, on the one hand, from the assistance is not refused, but on the other hand, some decisive steps towards Russia has not been done. They began to upgrade their security services and thus relied on his strength and power ", - said the expert. But, he added, "as shown, or Afghanistan, or in Syria, or with IG Americans cope alone can not."

"Terrorism - a phenomenon that like all public struggle, but we know perfectly well who controls the world's financial flows, who bosses organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and why can not effectively even prevent the possibility of smuggling of oil from the territory of the IG. For me it is a question whose answer lies in the same plane - a profitable US ", - the expert believes.

However, apart from the United States in the world many other countries interested in combating the terrorist activities, the expert added. He noted that after our appeal is addressed to the world community, so that there are countries that are faced with the threat of terrorism. "It could be allies in the North Atlantic alliance," - said the source.

Kurts noted that the current situation with the migration show - within the EU is not going smoothly and commitments did not save the scenario when Brussels leaves them to fend for themselves alone to deal with this threat. "Those who often experience a terrorist attack may be less likely to look back on Washington's position when affected their vital national security interests", - said the source.

The expert does not expect the rapid developments in regard to the Russian initiative. Kurts reminded that we have offered to adopt a treaty on European security. "It has been mutually beneficial to all countries, but it did not go, because apparently someone in Western capitals had plans that were implemented in Ukraine, calculated to hurt the Russian position," - said the analyst.

But in the case of the proposal of Moscow "in the concept of a coalition can include not only work together on military operations, but also the exchange of information, which is an important element in the fight against terrorism."
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