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Russian President Putin has warned about the possibility of information war against Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve turned to the security Council. The head of state is the second day I quote all the Russian and foreign media. Supreme commander primarily assured - a direct military threat to the sovereignty of Russia no. And yet, the danger is. She is a full-scale information war that in the near future can deploy against Russia. Vladimir Putin urged people to unite and not let provocateurs to sow discord and confusion. This is also true for North Ossetia, experts say. For many years the Republic has managed to retain the ethnic balance, which in any case should not be shaken because of the attacks from the outside.

Russia calm, but Russia does not sleep. The absence of a direct threat is not a reason to relax. The President says Moscow has noticed the accumulation of NATO troops near Russian borders. Military power of the commander in chief of the country intends to increase, including in the Crimea. The concern of the state is to strengthen the economy and weaknesses: inter-ethnic accord, the fight against extremism and terrorism. President speaks openly about possible provocations.

Ruslan Bzarov, political scientist, doctor of historical Sciences: "the Russian President is absolutely right when warns that this problem is one of the problems of public security. If something needs to be strengthened, that is a clear idea of who we are and what the real problems we have. We didn't interethnic relations problem, our problem - to blow up these interethnic relations. Us trying to impose on this issue, stuffing. All this is done in the same paid channel of agents of foreign intelligence services".

To increase Russia intends not only the military power, it is necessary to prepare journalistic army that is able to reflect the informational impact. Media, social media, Internet media weapons lot today.

On the same day, when is the security Council in Moscow, the Congress passed an interesting instrument On the prevention of Russian aggression against Ukraine and other independent States of Europe and Eurasia". One of the points is to support Russian democracy and civil society. America is going to tighten censorship, and to be more active in the Russian Internet, to increase the independent broadcast media in Russia. However, what media America calls independent, not specified. The United States intends to work in the countries of the former USSR. There's also going to increase broadcasting. To support Russian democracy money will not regret: tens of millions of dollars each year.

Igor Panarin, Professor, doctor of political Sciences: "It's just information-ideological Subversion, which is aimed at undermining stability in the Eurasian space. We need to pursue two strategic lines: the first is blocking such external guides efforts aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country, and the second is the activation of our own information policy".

Scripts written in the West and skillfully orchestrated within States with weak system in Russia will not pass, said Vladimir Putin. Today, the President relies on the people of the country. Vladimir Putin is sure that the society should contribute to the prevention of extremism, Patriotic education of young people.

George Kaloyev, Chairman of North Ossetian organization "Combat brotherhood": "In Soviet times there was a whole Institute on Patriotic education. This pioneers, it is the Komsomol, who followed every step of the youth. Today these institutions very little".

Vladimir Putin asked is better to build migration policy. This is sort of a signal to the security forces. Russia is ready to accept refugees, but can cross the border and saboteurs. About a week ago during his visit to North Ossetia said and Ambassador Sergey Melikov.

Sergey Melikov, the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the North Caucasian Federal district: "We, unfortunately, do not have full understanding of who comes to us from Ukraine. Whether they are good and decent citizens, whether they hope to avoid war, or among them there are specially trained provocateurs. We already have the sad experience that such citizens are already present. Perhaps among them there are people who will try to destabilise the social - political situation in the country".

The world arena and big politics. It seems so far from individual small region of the vast country. But a month ago, no one imagined that North Ossetia will take over the mountain of hundreds of refugees from the Ukraine and will be thinking about how to help civilians to protect their land and the right to life. Because of this threat, which are being discussed at the highest level, tomorrow can pass not a party. So, the time to gather stones.


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