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Shooters: "Fighting for Novorossia, we fight for Russia"
Shooters: "Fighting for Novorossia, we fight for Russia" This man, speaking without excessive pathos, turned the modern history of Ukraine. Coming in Slavyansk with a small band of patriots, armed solely with firearms, he departed thence, long column, consisting of equipment, poorly completed the Ukrainian army.
After a few brutal military campaigns of the 20th century, it remained a living embodiment of an intelligent Russian officer, inappropriate resembling cynical modernity that true honor and loyalty to their Homeland has not lost its relevance.
He became a symbol of struggle, much more than the struggle of the people of the South-East from Kiev Nazi junta - and because it was too dangerous at the head, which began to form the army of Novorossia...

Despite its absence in the active events in the Donbass region for more than a month, Igor Ivanovich Shooters will never be a stranger to our land, as it will not become distant. Because the territory of the Russian world is determined by other criteria than border posts and bureaucratic stamps politicians...

Igor Ivanovich, only in September in the South-East have been several important developments and we can evaluate and discuss their results. Let's go in order. Your attitude towards signed on 19 September in Minsk peace agreement?

- I believe that the agreement will negatively affect the fate of the people of new Russia, the fate of the Russian people of Ukraine. And if it is fully implemented, especially as it plans the Ukrainian side, it will be a catastrophe.

Despite initial consent with the points of the Memorandum, the proposed conduct on our territory elections on December 7, more recently, the government LNR and DND appointed elections with independent date, which will allow the areas indicated by these abbreviations to elect self-government. Your attitude to this election?

I think this is a very big mistake, and possibly deliberate sabotage aimed at the maximum fragmentation of the insurgent people and territory in the face of evolving enemy.
What elections can be discussed when the fighting goes almost without stopping? We are talking about the armistice, but it exists de jure, the truce does not exist de facto. There is a war, opposition to war, are continuous fire... In the rear area of the army, and quite narrow, the conduct of any free elections - is a fiction.

Then how do you feel about the initiative to hold a Council of war, and thus to try to unite the territory under really acting in the interests of the people warlords?

- Another question - who is the initiator and organizer of this military Council?

This initiative Alexei Brain.

- Alexey Brain is practically the only remaining on-site Novorossia major commander, which I certainly trust. I now do not consider the level of battalions or mouth - there is, of course, there are still quite normal commanders, whom I know personally and respect. The brain is the person with whom we worked hand-in-hand, when he was in Lisichansk, and I in Slavyansk, disciplined, constantly aimed at the fulfillment of his military duty, does not have a any dark and doubtful cases. If Alex is taken to organize a Council of war, then I am 100% sure that this will be a positive event, necessary at the moment.
And, I believe, all the warlords of Novorossia must be collected in order to determine its position. The enemy threat has not been removed, and the fact that the resistance remains extremely fragmented, uncoordinated is a huge threat. Whatever this ended the military Council in any case it will not be useless.
Because in that situation, you must begin to act. Unfortunately, I have no way to return to the territory of Novorossiya, because for me there nobody will let you in. I not thence removed to return again in a different capacity. So waiting for that Shooters will come - the order will bring - unfortunately, I have to disappoint...

The planned military Council should ideally be a uniting disparate resistance forces into a single army of Novorossiya. And whether there can be proposed a prototype of the vertical of power in the new Russia, as opposed to the existing unclear leadership, intercepts the initiative in the construction of the Republic of the people? Because the warlords are already faced with the need to solve many problems of the civilian population, coma of local government in these matters and actually take their hands on vital questions... you Need to control the territories in addition to the war... And what now is right?

- Speaking theoretically, of course, in wartime, especially in such a small rear area, neither of which the civil authorities of the question not be. Civil authority must be an appendage to the military - it is an axiom of military art. Let's say, in German, and Russian armies during the Second world war, zone of control, which were exclusively military authorities, was extended to 200 miles behind the front line, and all the other bodies she obeyed.
We now have the depth of the rear of the army of the new Russia, a maximum of 100-150 km, and in some areas and 15-20 km... what in General civil administration may be involved in the same Donetsk, which is daily subjected to artillery bombardment? Yes and from Lugansk to the front line in Happiness is just nothing... What in these conditions can be elections, what is democracy? It is a fiction. The fiction created by the spin doctors to order certain people... They create a beautiful picture, fiction - that are used to create instead of the real things. And to create the scenery peaceful life and to legitimize those people, which they planted on both republics Zakharchenko, Carpentry and other - it is necessary to conduct these elections in order to say that the people elected them...
From all points of view, would not only cancel the elections, but also to create a unified management of the new Russia with the responsible people at the head, with the prevalence of military command over civil. This will allow the maximum extent and to establish military supply, and to suppress the gangs, who obey no one, hang out on the borders of the Republic and do not fight...

How, in your opinion, now it ought to be done to the civilian population to move in the most right way in this situation?

The issue is very complex, but to lie here I can't... it seems to Me that the population must be prepared to survive... unfortunately, those people who are now dealing with the issue of new Russia in Russia, which is authorized to do so, in particular, the notorious Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, these are people who are focused only on the destruction that no real and effective help will not have. Specifically WORKED brilliantly manifested itself in this regard in South Ossetia, in other regions, wherever he was, we had to deal with the "cuts" and plunder instead of real help.

In our case LNR and DND is just the tools for the organization of the same processes?

- Yes, unfortunately, there formed a team, which aims to ensure that all drain and coarsely to make money. Promise they will be very much. Money will be allocated, but I emphasize that this money, for the most part, when such a leader and such performers to people do not get, in the best case, they will be partially transferred to those people who trusts Surkov, whom he puts in all key areas, and will be provided such system, which will make it impossible to control the development of these tools. Will be simply "cut", as they say in Russia, the looting at all levels... I predict that half of these funds will remain in the accounts in Russia, the rest will mostly ends up in the pockets of those people who put our great leader.

Concerning the notion of the new Russia. Despite the obvious attempt to "merge" it began to revive public education has remained fairly decent and Patriotic people who are able to continue the processes it on the reunification of the land in South-Eastern Ukraine in a new quality. You can again indicate the importance of the new Russia and Russian society, and for people who don't quite understand what land he lives in, DND, LNR, Ukraine?...

From the ideological point of view - as I have repeatedly said in Slavyansk - new Russia today is a Bastion of Russia. Donetsk, Lugansk, all the Donbass, all new Russia in Odessa inclusive is part of Russia, the part that she forcibly pulled criminals and traitors in 1991. To talk about the new Russia, as something separate from Russia, especially on Ukrainian territory is unacceptable. Today fighting for Novorossia, we are fighting for Russia. War is actually declared Russia, and even if she hadn't started in the Donbass, she would have started in another place - would have begun in the Crimea, anywhere else.
Russia, acting in defence of their national interests, has caused such a reaction is the so-called international community that the setback is simply impossible. And it is deeply regrettable that the rise of the new Russia was not supported as it happened in the Crimea. For me personally this is a great tragedy, because, coming with his squad in Slavyansk, I had expected something completely different. Certainly not on such a massive destruction and not on such a shameful result that today are trying to secure a signed agreement in Minsk. And today there are specific people and influential forces that even this result is not considered final, and just try to destroy the new Russia.
But I know that quite many people with such aspirations will not accept, and believe that this result is inconclusive...
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