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Should I go to the United States for permanent residence now?/Стоит ли ехать в США на ПМЖ сейчас?
Президент СШАThe collapse of the dollar world is inevitable, because the process has already begun. Rouble, Yuan, Euro not want to be by the roadside on the road. Start currency wars, the first sign of which was the devaluation of the RMB. And before that, a serious devaluation of the ruble.

This is a very serious game, which change over the financial structure of the world, as every player here will seek such a scheme, which he will be most beneficial. This process can be compared with the worldwide network of the Internet - it seems to be one in the whole world. But every country perverts his own way: the US is spying on everyone, China has established a powerful firewall, Russia has its own plugins.

In fact, the Internet is divided into large segments controlled by its owner, a major player. It will also be in the future and with the financial system - the dollar will be subject only to that part of the world, which is in orbit of the United States. And it will happen much faster than the Americans think.

What is the danger for the Americans, "the collapse of the existing financial system of the world"? First of all, the fact that the dollars in the uncontrolled territory of the United States can turn into candy wrappers.

The course which will not depend on the willingness of the US authorities, as dictated by another player to their advantage. This means that other countries sharply in the United States will no longer see the rock-solid stability and will put their money into something else, so as not to risk it. Some countries require back their deposits, which will further devalue the dollar, called wrappers.

It threatens to default for the United States - that simply is disaster Armageddon. And the US leadership understands the structure of the time. And that's what it would mean for the US population:

- A lot of people lose their jobs, their incomes depreciate, many companies and banks go bankrupt, go a chain reaction;

- Considering that in the United States each house its own arsenal of weapons and there is a serious racial problem between blacks and whites, whole areas ghetto, beyond the control of the authorities, just massacre begins.

The poor will rob the rich to smash shops in arms. Here, in Russia, such a thing is impossible - even if there is a serious crisis, just need to tighten their belts. In the US starts a war - there are too used to big salaries, high standard of living. They can not live in another way, the third generation has grown up in this fantastic world. The sharp decline in living standards turn into a catastrophe;

- Business, universities, research companies, accustomed to large state orders and unlimited budgets for development. There are not used to save money. In the army, for the development of astronomical isolated by the standards of the world of money. And all this grace suddenly end - there will be no development of modern weapons.

Many "bulging brains" will go to other countries: some to their homeland, some to Europe, someone else somewhere where quieter. In short, the United States - a colossus, which rests exclusively on the power of the dollar. There will be the dollar as the world currency, there will be huge armies around the world, there will be the NSA and the CIA, who control half the world and spend huge budgets.

In short, will not go, we believe that once the dollar will be the usual regional currency, and soon happen in the United States come collapse and begin a massacre in the country.

But this fact, unfortunately, understands well the US leadership. Therefore, the basic policy of the Americans in the world - set fire to as many countries quarrel between them, fan the conflicts weaken all major geopolitical players alone. And thanks to the power of the dollar - so stay afloat.

But this song is sung. Yes, it turned out to create igil, set fire to the Ukraine, to gain a foothold in the Arab world. But it is a Pyrrhic victory. It does not change the processes described above. Therefore, we should expect from the USA in the near future, serious and destructive steps against the whole world, primarily unconquered: Russia, China and other smaller countries. Will silenok Americans? No, overstrain.

Therefore, I would place our compatriots living in the United States, was already beginning to quietly sell off the property and flee the country. While you there negros and Mex did not break into the house with a shotgun. Do not say I did not warn you.
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