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Sniper - "the people's avenger"
Sniper - "the people's avenger"

In the area of Slavyansk, Ukraine has appeared is unknown sniper - "the people's avenger", which captures the Ukrainian military guards, according to Reports from the militia of new Russia" with reference to the data from the reports of the Ukrainian Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

Sniper - "the people's avenger", killed three and wounded several dozen guards of the Ukrainian army. The increase in the number of losses has led to the situation that was given secret orders not to divulge the true figures of the losses, to eliminate the dissemination of information about the sniper in the media.

As noted, the arrow appears in the deployment of units of the Kiev military junta, opens fire and immediately disappears.

It is also reported that the Sniper - "the people's avenger" exists in the city of raisins at Kharkov. Sniper fire destroyed four militants of machardie. On the track Raisins - Slavyansk from bullets fired from a sniper rifle, killing three soldiers of the armed forces. In the village of Barvenkovo shot the commander of the Ukrainian military-punitive battalion. By Slavic sniper - "the people's avenger" shot several foreign instructors, presumably from the United States and Europe.

Rumor has it that so Sniper - "the people's avenger" avenges the Odessa massacre 2 may. According to military fighters of the Ukrainian army "on the Right sector"Sniper "people's avenger" knows no mercy and never misses.
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