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Strict military censorship. Alexander Zubchenko
Upgraded ammo in 7.62 with a tungsten core, made of depleted uranium is a terrible thing. Moreover, the ignition of gunpowder with undermining the nuclear capsule. While the shell of the cartridge is made of rare earth material. So rare that it's not even in the shop "Everything for the garden". A sample of this terrible weapon defense Minister geletey showed on one of the press conferences.

Such munitions are weapons of Russian terrorist forces, in particular, the Plesetsk special forces, about which we wrote in one of the articles. Bullet with a tungsten core and even somersault on the go, mocking whistling through special holes. Such weapons prohibited by international Geneva Convention, because it cannot carry in your Trouser pockets. The Russian Ministry of defense is mean, evil, and even cynically denied absolute information of the Ukrainian commander. They all hihanki Yes hahanki. He says, soon geletey pull from a wide leg laser Blaster and Jedi sword. That's because the damned imperialist invaders. Our Minister accurate and unbiased in their assessments. He has never been wrong. Nuclear missiles in Lugansk airport? Of course, they were. Thousands of people have seen the characteristic mushroom in the forest. That is, mlya, in your opinion? What more proof is needed? 't understand.

The time has come to impose a strict military censorship in all media. To start, you severely OTP... to talk with the leading news and information editors. They, you know, quite blossomed. The enemy literally at the gates and in the air going on God knows what. It came to explicit betrayal. Some bastards allow myself to quote the Russian media and even, bitch, publicly to question the stability of control of the Ukrainian military over the Donetsk airport. Where to watch the NSDC, security forces, activists, "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Histogram"? The urgent need to introduce emergency measures. First, the TV must be the same. If more of them, then inevitably arise opportunistic point of view, undermine the growing combat readiness of our country. Everything must be strictly and consistently.

Secondly, you should leave one of the official speaker of the ATO. If there are two or four (Tymchuk is considered together with a helmet), there are contradictions in the testimony. One argues that the Donetsk airport is under the control of terrorists, the other talks about storming the runway Marines invisible in nanoform, and the third with the fourth, consider the number of contacts per night. I, of course, pleased that Tymchuk could 37 times. But what does his personal life have to do with the conduct of peaceful, democratic and absolutely transparent anti-terrorist operation?

Thirdly, to enhance the information security of the state should enter a single news program. To call it "the Bulletin of the ATO". Or "Spotlight anti-terrorist operation". To find explanatory leading in the form. Preferably the major. Give her the correct text and regularly, three times a day to tell people that says the Minister of defence.

Fourth, the Internet for a period of ATO should be disabled. You see, the measure is ambiguous. However, no other way around it. According to reliable data, the majority of users - agents of the Federal security service of Russia. They bring confusion in the immature minds of voters, sow panic and this... how... ethnic strife.

Release peaceful Negroes with Keizai, Buddhists with Absurdistan, chataut the dollar and distribute links to porn sites with indecent content. All should bear in mind: content is everything. It should be simple, uniform, preferably green. If there is a yellow herb, then it must be painted. It's not bullshit, and military wisdom. Don't we invented it, and not for us to discuss this cornerstone principle of the universe.

And finally, fifth, should in a few hours to minimize destabilizing factor in the parliamentary elections. Unfortunately, some of us sometimes considers the election campaign as a way to get the ball in the trash and to sow above the strife. Including, not afraid of the word, and gender, which is especially hard to recognize. Therefore, Parliament should be formed on the basis of opinion polls. This will save a lot of time and resources that can be directed to the fees for the group "Pink Floyd", performing the hit "the Wall" on the border with Russia.

I want to emphasize and make all acceptances: freedom of speech today, there is a perceived need to limit yourself in everything, including the consumption of information. All suspicious cases of Internet connection conscious patriots should inform the competent authorities. Each case of unauthorized connection with suspicious content should be recorded in duplicate and considered by the special Commission on National morality. To charge a specified fee within two days to draw up a list of prohibited resources with a view to its constant expansion and additions. All routers owned by citizens must be registered in the Ministry of internal Affairs. Better, of course, stupidly broken, and then to introduce licensing for new. Smartphones should be banned hostile content. Zuckerberg be required to close Facebook, and instead of this bad network to establish proper military Internet. All Ukrainian users group Vkontakte are traitors and potential terrorists. They need to identify and send to digging trenches near Kharkov. I don't know why.

Now on radio. Why do we need so many efamol when enough warning systems about air alert? You can understand this logic? I don't. Newspapers also not necessary, because off Russian TV channels have no need for TV programs for the separatists. Yourself printed edition has long become obsolete, because enough of the leaflets of the NSDC in each mailbox. Here is a minimal list of measures, which will allow you to quickly intensify, deepen, optimize and even improve. Computer viruses occur in the information environment. Therefore, all female, must watch TV in the mask, so as not to get infected in the transition period. He will be short. When cold, will have no TV, because it will turn off the electricity. And it's absolutely the right decision. Ukraine should join postinformation stage of development.
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