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SU-24 Khibin
 April 2, unarmed Russian su-24 bomber for about an hour and a half passed 12 times at low altitude directly from the American destroyer "Donald cook". The Pentagon has reacted very nervously. stated that such actions"unacceptable, provocative and unprofessional". And this despite the fact that the su-24 was flying at an altitude of 150 meters and kilometer distance. That conforms to international rules and treaties. And all this happened in international waters.

What caused such a reaction of our American "friends"? Stumbled on the Internet on interesting view. It's possible that our military has tested new technology.

A little explanation of the terms:

Khibiny is the latest electronic warfare. Used for jamming enemy.

Aegis - American ship multifunctional combat information and control system.

Phalanx - anti-aircraft gun self-defence.

On 12 April, in the great day of cosmonautics, our outfitted to fly in international waters, unarmed SU-24, BUT with "Mountains" under the wing.

Below all developed about this:

"Cook" spotted from afar the approach of "drying" played combat anxiety and froze in combat positions. Everything was going normally, radars considered the rate of convergence of order, "aegis" properly controlled guidance systems. And suddenly – Bang! It's all out. "Aegis" is not working, the screens show a haze, even "Falanx" can't get the designation! SU-24 meanwhile went over the deck of the "cook", did battle turn and simulated missile attack on the target. Of course, successful – because the counter no! Then turned around and faked another. And so on – even 10 times! All the technicians attempt to revive the "aegis" and provide target designation for air defense, failed and only when the silhouette of the "drying" melted away in the haze over the Russian coast, the screens came to life, and the guidance system faithfully showed clear, radiant emptiness of the April sky." Source

Although official confirmation of this has not, but it's possible that all was well.

Very happy that our army enters into operation novesa weapons systems.

Also, the army was pleasantly surprised and in the case of Crimea. Alarming NATO, she stood before us, updated and professional!

"BEST-4" is such a cool toy.))
Which completely extinguishes all airborne radar planes and drones: no view nor aim poor ' Predator - even cry.))
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