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The driver was killed by a mine explosion (video you tube)
Ukrainian army violates all international agreements dealing civilians.
America should be ashamed, supporting such authority.

At the moment on the edge of Lugansk battle - fighters people's liberation army LNR storm Ukrainian border part, located in the area of peaceful quarter. The battle continues in the early morning. However're not Ukrainian border guards, and the militants "Right sector", retaining a portion of the Deposit.

Now there is a very intense fire, on-site parts are visible fires. Recently, likely to raise their morale, "prowazeki" included on the broadcast of the Ukrainian anthem which is sung without a break. Also from the side edge of the NLA fighters LNR works sniper. About the number of victims is still difficult to judge.

Earlier it was reported that the fighting started around 4:30. As part of the Ukrainian border guard in Lugansk - about 150 well-armed soldiers. Prior to the assault guide LNR addressed the command of the unit with the offer to surrender their weapons or switch on the side of the Lugansk national Republic, the military has refused.

In the vicinity of Slavyansk arrived the second battalion of the national guard", formed from the combatants of self-defense of the Maidan. This was stated by the Secretary of national security and defense of Ukraine Andrey paruby.

http://content.adfox.ru/transparent.gifСамолет air force of Ukraine day on Monday allegedly fired at the building of Luhansk regional state administration. The building began a strong fire. In the result of at least five people were killed.

From the Windows of the regional administration threw thick smoke, wounded started removed from the building, arrived by ambulance.

Authorities of Luhansk national Republic (LNR) reported that near the building there is unexploded ordnance. According to their data, it goes on cluster bombs. An international Convention banning the use of cluster bombs, not signed by the bulk of the post-Soviet States, including Ukraine. There are reports that the shelling was conducted by the Ukrainian bomber using unguided aircraft rockets (possibly, type C-8).

"Today around 16:00 in the center of Lugansk was inflicted by air strikes of the air force of Ukraine. Fighting machine has made a targeted attack with the use of cluster bombs, the building of the regional state administration partially destroyed. There are dead and wounded, on the place of work medics and rescuers, the number of victims specified", - it is marked in the message.

In Lugansk in the day lasts fire exchange in the vicinity of the frontier control, which began at night. There killed at least five militia, and eight were injured. Among the border guards seven people were injured, including three seriously wounded. 15 border guards allegedly surrendered to representatives LNR.

The guide LNR urged residents to leave the area where there is a building of God, because in the square in front of the building can be unexploded after flying bombs.

That law-enforcers started in Lugansk special operation, a militiaman was informed about 16:30 Moscow time. According to them, the first bomb exploded near the building of regional state administration. As stated by the representative of the headquarters of the militia JPL, many victims among militiamen and civilians.


Bomb the cartridge is of aviation ammunition curb aviation mine or small bombs of various purpose (anti-tank, antipersonnel mines, incendiary and others) In one ammunition can be from 10 or more bombs weighing up to 10 kg In discharged cassette bomb they are scattered on "minibaby" or the shrapnel fragments.

So, RBK-250 AO-1 (single cassette bomb) kerb of 150 fragmentation elements. Length RBC 2120 mm, diameter 325 mm Weight RBC 273 kg Weight elements 150 kg Maximum size of the lesion RBC - 4800 m2.

RBK-500 SAAB-0,5 curb 565 elements SAAB-05 (ball bombs calibre 0.5 kg). Length RBC 1500 mm, diameter 450 mm Weight RBC 334 kg Weight elements of 282.5 kg. attack Radius of ground targets 150-200 m

RBK-500 PTAB-1M curb 268 antitank elements PTAB-1M Weight RBC 427 kg Length 1954 mm, diameter 450 mm

Cumulative antitank element PTAB-1M weighs 944 Its length is 260 mm, and the diameter of 42 mm Element breaks a 200-mm homogeneous armour (when getting normal).

Already in the Korean war, the Americans used the borrowed from the Germans after world war II, cluster bombs SD-2, giving them the designation of AN M83. In this war the Americans began to use cluster bombs already its development BLU 26/B, received a slang term "Guava". The size of an Apple, they had a wall made of light alloy, which was fused 300 steel 5,5 mm balls that dramatically increased the destructive capabilities of the bomb.

Used Americans cassettes and unusual filling. So, cassette Mk 44 was equipped with several hundred thin arrows with feathers. Opening the cartridge arrows dispersed over a large area, but with such high flux density that the probability of hit in a standing person was very significant.

The interest to cluster munitions, primarily aircraft, has increased significantly during the Vietnam war, when it took cover fragmentation bombs vast territory. In fact, to determine the exact location of the Viet Cong Americans had failed, and the seeding of vast areas with many small bombs still gave hope for success. In those years there were a number of different designs of cluster bombs. They were mostly magazines, snaryazhenie explosive fragmentation bombs intended for defeat of infantry. For example, U.S. cluster munition CBU 52 was a cassette SUU 30, weighed 785 pounds (350 kg) and equipped 220 bombs type BLU 61 A/B. During the Gulf War in 1991, the us air force used against Iraqi troops almost 18 000 of such tapes.

Thus such a bomb has a very high damaging effect, literally exploding huge plot of land, killing its people, exploding cars, light armored vehicles everything else will fall under the bombing. Because after a reset, the land remained large small number of unexploded bombs and mines that still remain dangerous, many civilians, and especially curious children who tried to raise strange "piece of iron", had already been killed after a fire. In Vietnam, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries tens of thousands of people were victims of such bombs.

In 2008 there was signed an international Convention banning the use of cluster bombs, regarded as "inhumane". The agreement was signed by over 100 countries, but Russia, USA, China and India, which are the main manufacturers of the weapon, as well as Pakistan and Israel, which considers this weapon is one of the most effective, refused to sign the Convention.

"From Lugansk verbatim report: take out the wounded and the dead ,the body "as if they were tearing bear" is a cassette bomb. Scum pilots ,lists all get," - writes in Facebook Viktor Starchikov.
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