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The European Union is trying to mitigate the conflict associated with the phrase Putin will Take Kiev for two weeks". "The Wall Street Journ
The European Union tries to smooth out the recent diplomatic conflict with Moscow. His spokesman said that the words of the Russian President regarding sending armed forces in Kiev were made public in isolation from the context".
Italian newspaper La Repubblica first reported that European Commission President josé Manuel Barroso in conversation with other leaders held on Saturday at the Brussels summit spoke about yesterday's telephone conversation with Mr. Putin, during which the Russian President said about the ability of the Russian armed forces to take Kiev for two weeks, if they wanted it. According to Italian Newspapers, when Mr. Barroso in this conversation was to talk about the movement of Russian troops in Ukraine, the Russian leader immediately replied: "this is not the Problem, but that if we had the desire, I could take Kiev for two weeks".

This message instantly caused a diplomatic scandal, and one of the Kremlin aides have criticized Mr. Barroso for breach of diplomatic Protocol and representation in a distorted light of the comments made. This conflict arose on the background of already existing tensions between Russia and the EU on the crisis in Ukraine. Mr. Barroso has publicly warned that the conflict in the Eastern part of Ukraine is approaching the point of no return".

Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen (Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen), the official representative Mr. Barroso said on Thursday that the European Union is engaged in the issue through diplomatic channels and not in the press." "I can only add that the President of the European Commission in closed session informed colleagues in the Council of the European Union about his conversation with President Putin. Unfortunately, part of his speech was devoted to publicity in isolation from the context," she said in a written response to the Wall Street Journal.

Another official of the European Union this week in an interview with the reporter of the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Mr. Putin spoke about the ability of its armed forces to take Kiev for two weeks in last week telephone conversation. However, this official EU stressed that the context of the statement is not entirely clear. He also noted that Mr. Putin may have made this comment in order to refute claims about the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. After the phone conversation, Mr. Barroso has published a short post about it and called it "very Frank."

Russia has rejected the claims of the West that it is in the last days brought across the border by thousands of its soldiers to support the Pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildt (Carl Bildt), among other politicians, said last week that Russia's actions are tantamount to a new "aggression" against Ukraine.

Russian state media reported on Thursday that the Russian representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov wrote a letter to Mr. Barroso. In it he said that Moscow may publish a printout of this telephone conversation in order to remove all misunderstandings". According to the news Agency ITAR-TASS, Mr. Chizhov said that words of Mr. Putin "were clearly taken out of context" statement, which, as reported, did Mr. Barroso.

Fellow at the Russian mission to the European Union confirmed the directions to the letter, but declined to comment on its contents. He also said nothing about whether published printout of the phone conversation. According to diplomats, the relationship between the two leaders cannot be called cloudless, and they sometimes publicly exchanged sharp remarks at a joint press conferences.

Mr. Barroso at the end of October after 10 years of work he was leaving his post.

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