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The head of the Pentagon expressed confidence in understanding the priorities of Putin
The Secretary of defense Ashton Carter said that he understands what it considers a priority the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

"He regrets the collapse of the Soviet Union. He wants respect for the greatness of Russia. He wants to have a voice in regard to world Affairs. And he wants to have such neighbors, not threatened" - leads TASS with reference to Foreign Affairs, the words of Carter.

As the United States controls the entire planet

"Some elements on this, or the approach that he has chosen, can coincide with the interests of the West. In other respects, however, we should be strong," said Carter.

"I characterized our approach to Russia as solid and balanced. It is solid because we are developing capabilities in the military sphere, more direct measures to deter Russian forces. For 25 years we didn't do it, but do now," said the head of the Pentagon.

According to him, "we are helping NATO to focus on containing Russia after a half dozen years, the Alliance has been engaged in Afghanistan."

"And we help non-NATO States such as Ukraine, to counter Russian influence", - said the head of the Pentagon.

"However, we are trying to work with Putin's Russia on issues where its geostrategic interests, as he understands them, coincide with ours", he said.

"Terrorism is among such issues, it may concern, Iran and North Korea. And we continue to keep the door open, in case Putin, or whoever comes after him, decides to move in that direction, which, I believe, should lead Russia to its future. It is a future in which people have political and economic opportunities," said Carter.

According to him, Russia's actions were "undesirable development from a strategic point of view."

"So we create what I called the new rules of the game for NATO to take on a moderating role by strengthening allies", said Carter.

"So I think it should be borne in mind that we focus on economic and political measures. As for economic sanctions, the main lever is not the Americans and the Europeans, because their volume of trade with Russia is much more," he said.

"We support Ukraine's aspirations to build its economy. We also help train and equip the Ukrainian army, said Carter. - We provide ongoing assistance in many a direction."

On the question of why Washington has not yet started to supply weapons to Kiev, the defense Minister replied: "In Ukraine the situation is, in fact, lies in the clash between the attractiveness of European economic and political model and the resistance from Russia this development on the adjacent site, which it perceives as a threat."

Recall, speaking to the marine corps in California, Carter said that the main problems is considered a terrorist organization "Islamic state" and the policy of Russia.
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