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The military lied to Obama about the progress in the fight against ISIS
In the Pentagon scandal erupted, U.S. media reported. Military commanders were provided false information about the success of operations in Iraq against Islamic state. The report lay on the table of the President Barack Obama, but in fact the situation on the fronts looked different. Experts note that the failures of the U.S. in this direction were evident.

The Pentagon is investigating because addressed to captains of the U.S. allegations that they distort information about the success of combat operations in Iraq against Islamic state.

Lied to the President

"Air strikes on is positions do not lead to tangible damage, and it is an objective fact"

That investigation, told the newspaper the New York Times

citing an informed source in the Pentagon. Scandal

, according to journalists, began after a civilian analyst working with military intelligence, said that he had evidence of data corruption about the success of U.S. troops in the fight against "Islamic state" in Iraq. He checked the information provided by officials of the U.S. Central command – members of the military headquarters, in charge of the American campaign against ISIS and other actions.

The results showed that the military commanders distorted data in order to present a more optimistic reports about his work, the newspaper reports. Inaccurate information was received to the first persons of the state, including Barack Obama. To comment on the statements Analytics official sources in the Pentagon refused, however, on condition of anonymity confirmed to the edition that is being tested. Did not comment on the situation and representatives of the White house.

The speaker of the Central command of the U.S. army, Colonel of the U.S. air force Patrick Ryder said he could not comment on information that has appeared, but added that the command "responsible for the investigation of all statements made, and we welcome and encourage any independent oversight".

Rating military activity in Iraq, intelligence and the CIA are engaged in the numerous States of the Agency, recalled Colonel Ryder. This is done including in order to protect against any single report or opinion, unduly influencing leaders and decision makers, he said.

Recall that U.S. President Barack Obama in the summer of 2014, authorized the bombing in Iraq against Islamic state. Around 3,400 U.S. troops are currently involved in advising and training Iraqi forces.

Apparent inconsistencies

The media have repeatedly noted that there are inconsistencies between the official statements of the Pentagon and what is happening in Iraq on the battlefield. For example, in may the commander of the operation in Iraq reported that the terrorists are on the defensive and lose, that is the Iraqi army under the leadership of the USA is making progress. But almost immediately after the Iraqi government admitted that the militants occupied the Central quarter of the capital of Anbar province. Three days later they have completely taken over this city. And this is not the only military operation that had failed, despite the cheerful reports of the American commanders.

When failures were evident, Washington has shifted the responsibility on Baghdad. So, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said once about the poor quality of the Iraqi army and that because of their reluctance to fight ISIS militants captured the town of Ramadi. What sambreville of Iraq Saleh al-Mutlaq said: "all of us, it is surprising that a strong army retreated under threat of attack such small forces, said the official. – It is unclear to us why the Department, which, as expected, has passed the American training for many years and was supposed to be one of the best in the army, thus left Ramadi, leaving their weapons... It's not the army we want and expect to see".

On the question of an American journalist on whether it would be better to organize the Iraqi forces, al-Mutlaq said: "Yes, we were talking about the same since 2003 (this year the U.S. and its allies invaded Iraq). First of all, you shouldn't have to disband the Iraqi army and the Americans it was dissolved". First Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov in an interview with the newspaper OPINION also noted earlier that the Americans, in fact, destroyed the only force capable of resisting the ISIS – the Iraqi army.

In addition, unlike the European powers of the period of colonialism, the U.S. share of questionable management skills without direct military intervention. A classic example is Vietnam, where the government of Saigon collapsed simultaneously with the evacuation of U.S. troops. For comparison, after the withdrawal of Soviet army from Afghanistan and the cessation of aid from Moscow mode Najibulla lasted several years. One recent example experts call Yemen, where a joint force of American and local special forces are unable to prevent the overthrow of Pro-American President.

Propaganda veil

"The success of the United States in the fight against "Islamic state" is really small, and that's an understatement. Air strikes on is positions do not lead to tangible damage, and it is an objective fact," – said the newspaper VIEW senior researcher at the Centre for Arab studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov.

He explained that U.S. policy in the middle East does not involve destruction or even suppression of radical Islam, including the Islamic state.

"In General it remains the same – the hands of radical Islamists to achieve their political goals in the middle East: the overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad, the attenuation of Iran and to bring to power in Iraq Sunni forces, including, perhaps, radical", – the interlocutor told. The US-led war against ISIS expert calls "propaganda veil".

Messages about the exaggeration of the success of the United States in the fight against the Islamic state really have a place to be, he added. "Now start talking in America, because the objective facts speak for themselves: if we compare air strikes on ISIS with the same NATO strikes on the positions of the troops of Gaddafi, now is 20, maximum 30 flights a day, and qaddafis troops were committed 110-120 sorties per day," said the expert. So to say that the U.S. military leadership exaggerates successes, still nothing to say, he said. "They just mislead the public", – said Dolgov.

However, the current scandal does not change situation, said the source. "Criticism of U.S. military operations against ISIS and even the U.S. policy in the Middle East, which aims to achieve a hegemonic interests of the United States, was and still is. These voices are in the US, but it is a separate voice, and think that they somehow change the direction of this policy, will change the approach of the US administration to radical Islamists and to what is happening in the middle East, not worth it. U.S. policy remains the same", – concluded the expert.
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