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In the US, CNN broadcast a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin "The Most Powerful Man in the World." The author of the film, journalist, political analyst and editor of Newsweek Fareed Zakaria described the political career of Putin for an hour, explained the reasons for Russia's possible intervention in US elections, told why he calls the Russian president the most powerful in the world, and warned Donald Trump that he does not understand Putin.
"Agent of the KGB without a soul"
"I can not predict the actions of Russia. It's a puzzle wrapped in mystery wrapped in a riddle, "- this quotation from Winston Churchill Zakariya began the film. To understand Putin, the journalist says, we must remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, when KGB officer Vladimir Putin was left alone in Dresden, at the headquarters of the department surrounded by a crowd of demonstrators. Since then, the insurgent mob will forever remain for him the main fear, and the disintegration of the USSR is an internal humiliation, the journalist says. "He conquered fear, he decided total control," Zakaria ends.
After the collapse of the USSR, poverty began in Russia. "Yeltsin is unstable. Russia began to demand a new leader, "- describes the journalist career rise of Putin from the assistant to the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak to the prime minister, and then the president. "The country has fallen in love with the new president. But, more surprisingly, the United States fell in love with him, "describes the author of the film about Putin's relationship with US President George W. Bush, who admitted that he" saw the soul in Putin's eyes. "
The honeymoon ended when the Russian president met Hillary Clinton, who was then a senator from New York. Because of her words that Putin is an agent of the KGB, which means he can not have a soul, he harbored an eternal grudge against her, Zakaria says. "He despises Hillary," sums up Maria's biographer Maria Hessen. Ten years after Putin's accession to the post of president for the Russian-American relations, there was a point of no return, including because of Clinton, Zakaria asserts.
Victory of fear control
It all began with the "Arab Spring", the assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - Putin saw himself in their place, the journalist tells. After that, protests began on Bolotnoye and Sakharov, which was supported, among other things, by Hillary Clinton. According to Zakaria, Putin accused her of organizing these protests, and the hacker attack on Clinton's campaign headquarters in 2016 was the personal revenge of the Russian president.
As a result, in 2016, Putin managed to achieve even more - the president was Donald Trump, who repeatedly flattered about the Russian president. "If Trump is compromised, this can not be left just like that," says the film's author. Among the main events in Putin's political life, the journalist calls the murders of Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Nemtsov. An American historian and specialist in Russia Stephen Cohen said in the film that Putin's role in all these murders was "great," Senator John McCain explicitly states that Putin personally is responsible for the murders.

Zakaria uses in the film the installation of Putin's inauguration in 2012, when the motorcade of the president was traveling through the empty center of Moscow, and in another part of the city the police detained oppositionists. "Putin controls everything in Russia," the journalist concludes. He also discusses possible wealth of Putin and cites the words of William Browder, the founder of the Hermitage Capital fund, who estimated the state of Putin at $ 200 billion.
Zakaria also interviewed the press secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, who in the film denied all statements. Sam Peskov called the proposal to participate in the shootings "positive", but suggested that in general the film will not go beyond the "hysterical emotional background."
Make Russia great again
The main idea that the author of the film emphasizes is that Americans do not understand Russia well and the attitude of Russians towards the president. The accession of the Crimea became a source of pride in Russia, and the stakes on national power, anti-Western rhetoric and controlled media helped Putin achieve a record approval rating, the journalist explains to CNN viewers. Zakariya notes that Trump's rhetoric in many respects is similar to Putin's.
The journalist ends the film with a monologue, in which he explains why he calls Putin the most powerful person in the world. According to him, both the US and China are much stronger powers than Russia, but the president's power is determined not only by the country's global influence, but also by the possibility of pursuing domestic policy without restriction by other institutions and political forces. The "vertical of power" created by Putin makes him "the most powerful person in the world" in this sense, the journalist says.
"Putin understands Russia, but he understands the world. Putin understands us very well, which raises a serious question: do we understand him and Donald Trump? ", The journalist finishes the film.

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