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The new weapon of Russia - silence
The US persistently continues to urge the EU to the introduction of the "terrible" of sanctions against Russia. And Europe even somewhat agree with the States, in the sense that forced them to indulge, but, on the other hand, no passion, even the slightest, it's in this question completely. Well, threatening to put Russia into a corner, as delinquent child, but at the same time, it is only threats. And perhaps Europe's just stupid little scared, because the child is already grown up, and, as it is sung in the same old song of the group "dune": "he's Got a paw, it is afraid of dad."

Frightens Europe even more that Russia prefers to keep silent, and when she tell about some miraculous sanctions as a stone tied to her feet and drag them to the bottom of the Kerch Strait.

Russia keeps silent when threatened to undermine the economy, dropping oil prices to the level at which intensive the Russian budget, calculated per 100-dollar oil, will not be able to provide practically all projects, particularly social. Silent when threatened military sanctions. In fact, keeping silent and personal sanctions", and the recording of separate groups of persons on the black list. And that Europe is terrifying. Terrifying silence in response to shouting threats.

And this silence is perceived by Europe as a very transparent sentence, they say, if you really are configured to break all relations, in our territory there are many forests, from which you can ' plane ' very many sticks that you can insert not only in the wheel, but in other places.

If Putin keeps silent, then he thought of something insidious: that's the way it is perceived by Europe.

Although, actually, Europe and say something for nothing. She understands that she had 15-20 years they will have no alternative to Russian gas. Understands it, and that you don't trust the American supply of liquefied gas since it is safe to say that will cost 30-50% more expensive than Russian. Liquefied gas will be transported in vessels-gas tankers, then it will have to pump for regasification, then only deliver to consumers. Moreover, in Europe there is not enough tanks to accept imported gas and overseas terminals for liquefied. Max, what can the United States is to give money to Europe for the purchase of Russian gas, if Russia psihinat and will lift up the price for its gas.

Moreover, the EU does not intend to block the construction of a gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine for Russian gas supplies to Europe. So Europe has put a big and heavy "pipeline" to the problems of Ukraine... they really need Russian gas, not because they believe in fairy tales about the American fuel.

EU countries already today evasively review their threats. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said on the day against the sanctions regime, declared Russia to Western countries, offering to "tone it down". "At the moment we need less to talk about sanctions, but instead to talk about the interests of Russia..." said former German Chancellor.

Take, for example, and military sanctions. In mid-March, the French foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has threatened Russia with the cancellation of the deal for two airborne helicopter ships of class "Mistral". On air of French TV channel TF1 Fabius called the situation in Crimea "the biggest crisis since the cold war. And a few days ago the President of France Francois Hollande said that the fulfillment of contractual obligations to Russia in helicopter carrier "Mistral" is unchanged: "the contract was signed in 2011. Currently, he is and will be completed in October. It is currently not subject to any review."

Perhaps France scared threat to Russia to present a serious penal sanctions if it refuses construction? Possible! But in any case, as we see, the sanctions of the EU, which pushes the USA, the EU was not really needed. But it still will respond...
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