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The North Korean Ambassador to China: the Situation on the Korean Peninsula close to war
In connection with the ongoing political and military provocations from Seoul, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now close to war, stated the Ambassador of North Korea to China Chi Jae Ryong.

"The situation on the Korean Peninsula close to war because of the continuing political and military provocations" by the "imperialist" forces of the United States and the government of South Korea, said at an emergency press conference Chi Jae Ryong, reports RIA "Novosti".

The North Korean Ambassador also stressed that "reckless political and military provocations by South Korea are leading the country to a military crisis."

He said that at an emergency meeting August 20, "the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN gave a decree to transfer to the martial law troops on the front line, and the area along the frontline to enter into a state of poloviny from 17.00 Friday". "If the enemy will ignore the final warning, then we will be forced to give a harsh response," the Ambassador said, stressing that "the DPRK troops don't throw around empty words."

Recall, South Korea announced on Thursday of shelling its territory in the demilitarized zone by the DPRK in connection with the broadcast from loudspeakers and returned fire. Pyongyang accused Seoul that South Korea for no reason fired dozens of artillery shells on the territory of the DPRK. While South Korean troops were brought to the highest degree of combat readiness.

The North Korean military warned that if South to 22 August will not be terminated broadcasting from the speakers with the aim of undermining the military and the morale of the Korean people's army, North Korea will destroy them during the fighting. Later, the North Korean leader Kim Jong UN ordered to lead the country's armed forces on full alert for an attack. In Seoul in response to this threatened retribution.

While Seoul said it would continue to broadcast from loudspeakers in the demilitarized zone in the direction of North Korea, while Pyongyang will not perform political and military requirements of South Korea.
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