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The requirement for the United States to close the Russian aircraft flight through illegitimate Greece
Greece still thinks of asking US to close its airspace for Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria. Earlier it was reported that Athens responded to Washington's refusal not to spoil relations with Moscow. However, no legal basis for the United States has no such requirement.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece acknowledged receipt of the request from the United States to close airspace for Russian aviation, delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. According to Tass, according to a source in the Greek Foreign Ministry is now request is pending.

"If such services are operated on the basis of bilateral agreements, the intervention in the internal affairs of Greece and Russia is unacceptable"

Earlier it was reported that Greece rejected the US request this in order not to worsen relations with Moscow. Russia asks to allow flights in the area of ​​responsibility of Greece from 1 to 24 September. According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, the agency carries out various international humanitarian operations, including the help of Syria and other countries in the region.

President of the Russian Association of International Law, Anatoly Kapustin is sure that from a legal point of view, Americans have no reason to refer to Greece with such requests. He recalled the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation and bilateral agreements between states, which regulate the complex issues related to international flights, air transport, and so on. D.

"It is well established that the right of entry into the space of a State governed by its laws in accordance with relevant rules of international law. Therefore, Greece should itself decide to allow someone or not. If these services are provided on the basis of bilateral agreements, the intervention in the internal affairs of Greece and Russia is unacceptable. This is puzzling, "- said the newspaper VIEW Kapustin.

The expert stressed that the issues of transit are defined by international law, and this right is granted to Greece, which "is sovereign in its space to address such issues, and other states can not tell her."

Anatoly Kapustin noted that air transit restrictions are possible in cases where the State over whose territory the flight, "for one reason or another to close the spans portions of the airspace above its territory." "This may be a security zone, any emergency: war, conflict. With regard to the ban on the carriage of any cargo, if the cargo corresponds to what has been agreed in the bilateral relations, there are no problems here. They can check it out and see corresponds to such transit agreements or not, "- said the expert.

Kapustin added that similar requirements in the United States may be the case if, for example, there was an armed conflict between Washington and Moscow. "Then the United States may require by reason of allied commitments to ban flights of military courts. But the civil court must be passed without any restrictions. I see no reason for the US intervention. It is certainly not consistent with any of the provisions of the international law of the air "- he concluded.

However, if Greece still closes its airspace to Russian aircraft that Moscow can create a new flight routes to Syria. This was in conversation with RIA "Novosti"

said the first deputy head of the international committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabbarov. "This is a stupid move, and if it is supported by Greece, even unfriendly towards Russia", - said Jabbarov.

He stressed that there is a territory of Iran, Turkey and Central Asian states, which may assist us in the humanitarian mission. Commenting on the request of US Senator said that the Americans "are afraid of any assistance that Russia has the Syrian people."

According to him, the Americans fear the Russian government to help Syria in the framework of previously signed contracts. "The purpose of this campaign - to fan anti-Russian hysteria" - said Jabbarov, noting that, if given the United States the right, they will close for the Russian aircraft all space, except for Russia. "However, our country can develop new flight routes for the implementation of its tasks under international agreements", - he said.

The route through Greece has been chosen by chance. For the delivery of humanitarian aid to Russia uses Syrian port city Airport Latakia. The direct route from Moscow to Latakia passes over the territory of Turkey. However, in 2012 there was an unpleasant incident reminds Bi-bi-si. Turkish authorities with the help of the F-16, put the Syrian plane Airbus A-320 with 35 passengers. He followed from Moscow Vnukovo to Damascus. As a result of the search is found on board equipment for radar air defense systems. The aircraft was released, and the goods - confiscated.

In Moscow, then he explained that the cargo was legal and "directed the legal legal way to the customer." The equipment was dual purpose, but not prohibited by any international conventions.

Now the media and social networks rumors about the possible involvement of the Russian military in combat operations against Islamists in the side of government forces in Syria. Last week, Israeli media reported that Moscow has launched a "military intervention" in that country and in the coming days to arrive alleged Russian fighter jets, attack helicopters, advisers, military instructors, pilots and other personnel.

On September 2, the Kremlin urged not to believe such reports. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the question of sending Russian troops to Syria to fight the IG, as well as on the participation of the Russian aircraft in attacks on terrorists, not even raised. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "we are providing strong support for Syria's enough equipment and training of military personnel," stressing that talk about the possibility of direct participation of Russia in the military operations against the IG prematurely.

On Monday, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on Saturday held a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The initiator of the call was Kerry. He spoke about the concerns of Washington reports on the strengthening of the Russian military presence in Syria. Kerry said that the increase in the number of Russian military equipment in the region and could lead to further escalation of the conflict.

Zakharov stressed that Russia has never concealed the facts of military equipment to Damascus. "Lavrov confirmed that such aid is always provided and turns and that the Russian side has never concealed that supplies military equipment to the official Syrian authorities to combat terrorism," - said Zakharov.

In late August, the press service of the Syrian army issued a video footage from the area of ​​Latakia. Experts say that they are visible to the newest armored vehicle BTR-82A entered service with the Russian army only two years ago. In Syria, the machine is not officially shipped, so suspect that Russia has also sent its staff to teach the Syrians manage their new equipment.

In Syria since March 2011. The ongoing armed conflict, in which, according to the UN, has killed more than 220 thousand. Man. Government troops to confront militias belonging to various armed groups. The most active fighters are extremist groups "Islamic state" and "Al-Nusra Dzhebhat."
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