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The role of Vladimir Putin in the sexual life of Kiev.
The role of Vladimir Putin in the sexual life of Kiev. And in Kiev autumn... No, not so: and in Kiev paint. Paint a feverish, fanatical, all in a row. Yellow - blue, blue - yellow, yellow and blue. Boxes, fences, bridges, overpasses, intersections, curbs, stop. At any intersection in any district between machines crowds dyes with cardboard and wooden boxes, decorated with ornaments of the letter ligature "Fri-FSO", as well as a large inscription: "Farbe". The different ages. From conspicuous hooks, walking school to seniors in camouflage. Many are dressed in yellow and blue colours.

From proposals to give the paint all flatly refuse. Only cash only cash. Submit as much as you can, Putin x...lo. And in fact give, because this madness does not stop, but on the contrary extends to include all new parcels. Than worrisome heart "cyanine-patriot", the more he subsidizes dyers, trying to paint his one-dimensional racial-correct world in bright, soothing his rebellious maganoy soul paint. This is some pathological phenomenon of totalitarian type. Even with the "scoop" so not abused in red. Hung standard posters in the standard seats standard calls. Well, there is "Glory to the CPSU", "Towards the next Congress beloved Communist party" and so on. Strictly on certain public holidays red filled the main space. And then everything was resolved. Before the next anniversary of the great October, and up to this day.

Here the process frankly paranoid type. I personally liked the stop in one small village, Boryspil district. All yellow and blue. Including the urn, which, of course, emblazoned "Fri FSO". However, two oddities were noticed. First, stop name - "Hospital". Secondly, made of white paint very emotional, I would even say, stating the inscription: "We in due". But all strictly. No deviations from the common trend. Cars with flags. From one to five. A lot of jeeps with "pralaskovsky" symbols and national ornament. On the rear window message to Putin. Rear-view mirror, covered with yellow-and-blue sleeve. Very brightly. As two Gan..she's on the sides. Stylish, fashionable, youth.

The worse case on the Eastern front, the more public displays of patriotism. Obrublennye, cracked facade standard Shovkovskiy of the nine-story. The whole flag. Well, not all, but a very large number. Many paste the flags on the front door. Type, here lives a patriot. As before - "beware of the dog". Even in the gym at the reception there are two girls in embroidery, and the stand itself is decorated with ribbons, clear colors and a large coat of arms of Ukraine, printed and uneven cut on the office of nail scissors. Pancakes for rod... Yes, or blue, or yellow. There are, of course, are black, but as a rare, female, exception. Watching TV shows about zombies? No? But probably all seen the colorful scenes as hundreds of dead people with very complex and realistic makeup pursue the main characters, trying, as a rule, to get into the thick to very cinematic to die with all cut up body parts. Picture one-on-one. But there is a small exception: the constant scandals in the offices of the Bank about the exchange. For the hryvnia patriotism for some reason does not apply. Everyone needs the bucks. The exchangers hang people with helpful opinions. They look miserable, forced to take the coveted bucks, pounce on them and tell terrifying, shocking story. Roughly otpihivaet each other. Pull your hands with UAH. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

You know, "orange" period of our short stories were somehow easier. Color psychosis lasted about six months, and then abruptly went into decline, which was very instrumental activities of Viktor Andreevich. Psychological phase lasted much longer, until 2010. And then vanished. Everything at once. Today the situation is much more complicated, and in order. Still fighting with Russia. Pressed her to zombie-boxes and grasping the flow of reports on successfully defeated the columns, close the help of NATO, the sanctions against the Kremlin and the heroes of the ATO regularly undermines itself in the ratio of 1 to 12. As a rule, check the last effort to pull legless and armless volunteers to inflict maximum damage to Russian ensigns-the special forces. Having absorbed like a sponge, necessary portion of the drug, the citizens are in no hurry to return to reality, hard onaniruya in social networks. Every day is rising irritation: something goes wrong, something not catch, somewhere accumulated a lot of traitors. Because hourly label artillery fire destroyed from one hundred to two hundred terrorists. Already destroyed at least ten field camps separatists, no one survived. If and where heavy fighting going on, it is only against thousands of columns of the personnel of the Russian military and Russian tanks. So why Mariupol storm? How is this possible? There sits a powerful armored fist. Our soldiers were welded to the armor fences and turned APCS in invincible weapon. Took place in Kharkov flashmob "Fuck occupants will go Ukraine!". Cite the Agency "Interfax-Ukraine": "the participants of the flash mob turns eating grated horseradish and passed the baton to others, as in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine and abroad. The organizers hope that flashmob "Fuck occupants will go Ukraine!" will catch there." They have already started eating horseradish, esoterically expelling the spirit of Putin from the environment. Soon will start to eat the garlic under the General rejoicing. Right whole paragraphs written in the history of the disease. Plus the classic "cast out with Putins from midpassage space". Tacked breeches shirt two flags of Ukraine, took up arms and candle. Claimed that it helps against Putin. Known in psychiatry situation preemptive subconscious fears, which is called "perversion". Usually accompanied by sexual perversions. There is a corresponding confirmation from users: "asked his wife to wear a mask Putin." Continue does not make sense.

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