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The State Department has made the release of their job Savchenko
The United States took over the release of Ukrainian Savchenko
Washington has included in the list of women around the world, which is seeking the release of the US administration, Ukrainian Savchenko Nadezhda. In Russia, it wants tried for war crimes, but the United States has an opinion. Experts believe the release Savchenko possible. But against the background of the Ukrainian crisis, it will have its own peculiarities.

The State Department did not forget

"Sometimes sanctions are targeted nature, sometimes have broader application"

The US State Department has launched a campaign for the release of the citizen of Ukraine Savchenko Nadezhda, which in Russia is accused of involvement in the deaths of journalists VGTRK. Savchenko is included in a list of 20 women's liberation sought by Washington.

Such a list has presented the US permanent representative to the United Nations Samantha Power at the briefing at the State Department, the RIA "Novosti". According to Power, are included in the list of "political prisoners and other women."

"We have not forgotten about you, we will continue to put pressure on your government to ensure that you have been released," - she said.

As told to the newspaper LOOK political scientist, president of the National Strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov, of the United States is often necessary to advance in the lives of their interests and, in particular, the release of individuals who, in their opinion, wrongly held in different countries employ sanctions mechanism. That is the sanctions - is the main tool to deal with such "problems" from Washington.

"Sometimes sanctions are targeted nature, sometimes have wider application," - said the expert.

With regard to the current situation on the background of the Ukrainian crisis, Remizov did not see great prospects for the introduction of new US sanctions for the liberation Savchenko.

"These measures of pressure on Russia has already used. Prerequisites for further strengthening of sanctions in this case I do not see "- he said.

According to him, the conflict related to Savchenko, can be resolved after the "Donbass problem solving" and not during it.

There's also a situation that Savchenko eventually exchanged for one of the Russian military, which can be held Kiev, did not exclude it.

US interests around the world

Hope Savchenko - not the first, whose exemption demanded by the US. And for such requirements is not necessary to the list of helpers were Americans and generally had something to do with the United States.

The latest list of women from around the world, which stands for the freedom of Washington, in addition to another 19 names Savchenko. Among them - a few women from the CIS countries. For example, Khadija Ismailova - Azerbaijani journalist who was sentenced by a court of the country to 7.5 years in prison on charges of embezzlement, illegal business, tax evasion and abuse of office.

The list is also a human rights activist Leyla Yunus from Azerbaijan that Azerbaijan was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison, convicted of fraud and tax evasion.

The Azerbaijani authorities to respond to this situation quite dramatically. In a statement, Foreign Ministry Press Secretary of Azerbaijan strongly condemns the statement the US State Department, and the Minister for European Affairs of the United Kingdom and the European Union in connection with the sentence Ismailova. Late last year, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has accused Washington of double standards in relation to this case.

And Azerbaijani Leyla Yunus was the reason for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry harsh rebuke to the British Government, which insists on its release.

In mid-July, the State Department aimed at Kyrgyzstan by awarding one of the local human rights defenders convicted for grave crimes. It happened against the backdrop of dissatisfaction with the Pentagon in connection with the loss of its Manas air base in the country.

Among the cases, when the United States is really sought to liberate his people were mainly the actual American citizens. And several of these incidents related to the DPRK. So, in October 2013, North Korean authorities informed the US about the detention of 85-year-old American Merrill Newman, who came to Korea as a tourist. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Newman admitted that during the war on the Korean peninsula "engaged in recruitment of spies and saboteurs, had close ties with the DPRK operating against the South Korean company."

Despite the fact that Washington and Pyongyang do not have diplomatic relations (US interests in North Korea is the Swedish Embassy), in December of the same year, Newman released and deported.

Then the media reported exactly how Washington managed to push through its decision. Mediator for the release of Newman made the former governor of the US state of New Mexico Bill Richardson, who in the past served as US Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the Minister of Energy and to work more than once visited North Korea with various mediation mission, including those associated with the rescued American citizens.

In November 2014 the authorities of the DPRK has released two detained US citizens. Kenneth Bay was in the North Korean prison for two years, Matthew Todd Miller - seven months. Thanked for the US mediation efforts for the release of the Swedish government.

Adding that the US at the time to seek the release of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is serving a sentence in Ukrainian prison for abuse of power when signing gas agreements with Russia.

How successful were the efforts of the Department of State is uniquely difficult to say. However, the fact that Tymoshenko was set free as soon as the power in Ukraine in February last year and captured the pro-Western, pro-American forces, we can say that American diplomacy is directly or indirectly made his own.

Thus, for example, on the extradition of Russian citizens detained in third countries and serving time in the US, it does not respond.

Case Savchenko

Recall Ukrainian aviatrix Savchenko Nadezhda, was arrested on the territory of Russia, in July last year. According to Russian investigators, it was a spotter

fire during the shelling in the Donbass VGTRK journalists Anton Voloshin and Igor Korneliuk who subsequently died. For this crime she faces up to 25 years in prison


July 30 the judge of the City Court of the Donetsk Rostov region suspended the trial Savchenko, need to move consideration of its case in Moscow. Savchenko believes that the Russian authorities are not able to ensure the safety of other participants in a place like Russia, Donetsk, located near the DNI and LC. But then the case Savchenko Rostov Donetsk recognized.

Referring to the possible release of pilots, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Gritsak not exclude exchange Ukrainians detained in Russia, in particular, Savchenko detainees Kiev Russians Alexander Alexandrov, Eugene and Yerofeyev, which Ukraine considered employees of the Russian GRU.

At the same time in May predecessor Gritsak Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said that the Russians can not be exchanged because Kiev is planning to condemn them on terrorism charges.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not involved in the events in the South-East of Ukraine, not a party to the conflict and the internal Ukrainian is interested in Ukraine to overcome the political and economic crisis. In Moscow, noted that all the charges against her are unproven and detained Russians retired from the army.

Add that Kiev in the "business Savchenko" has no claim to specific representatives of the Russian government. So, in late August, a defendant in the case instituted in Ukraine of illegal deprivation of liberty Savchenko became the first Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov. The Russian Foreign Ministry called such a move absurd.

In addition to the US release of the European Parliament seeking Savchenko, British and Dutch diplomats.

At the same time the official representative of Russian Vladimir Markin UK in July ironically responded to Kyiv's intention to ask the EU to put pressure on Russia in the case Savchenko. "But at the same time to rehabilitate Chikatilo and review the results of the Nuremberg trials ... a worthy candidate in the EU!" - He wrote on Twitter.
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