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The story of the "Russian forces in Syria" starts to become clear
Lavrov expressed confirmation that Russia sent Syria military cargo plane (not just the ships), superimposed on a series of messages on our Marines in Latakia. All this allows us to assume with great certainty that Russia is preparing a truly massive occasion and urgent to move troops to Syria. It remains to know for what purpose. Judging by US intelligence in Syria Latakia region in record time, built complexes, strongly reminiscent of the flight control system and staff. According to various reports overlapping sources at the port of Latakia have already arrived two Russian amphibious ships, and Wednesday at the airport landed two airplanes An-124 military transport. Presumably the plane was carrying technical materials that were needed for the construction of headquarters, but part of the Marine Corps, who had custody of the complex, arrived in the Crimea on ships.

"The non-participation of the Russian Federation in the events around Syria, Iraq and LIH has long been used as a bargaining chip American propaganda"

Rumors about the transfer of parts of the Crimean Russian navy to an unknown destination before replicated exclusively Ukrainian "source" and therefore cause very serious doubts. But on Thursday, a wide range of similar information thrown at the same time a plurality of non-overlapping sources. And perhaps most important of it - in fact, the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russian aircraft, including the transfer to Syria to actively try to prevent the US is effect "military products." We must also pay attention to review the press secretary of Russian President on possible naval exercises off the coast of Syria.

The fact that Moscow provides weapons to Damascus, of course, no secret. But until very recently, this was done only by sea, there was even a term "Syrian Express", which is understood as a series of amphibious assault ships Novorossiysk on the road. - The road to Tartous Sea is absolutely logical - ships move slower than planes, but carry much more cargo and shipping itself significantly cheaper transfer of military technology aircraft -. it is very, very expensive, which can justify one, the main thing -.. speed APC loaded with ammunition and a large amphibious ship comes from a few days to Novorossiysk Syrian Tartous But equipped paratroopers and military equipment required IL-76 or AN-124 to Syria are only a few hours in combat Which -. or close fight -.. conditions may be crucial Until very recently, Latakia airport was unable to make such aircraft, at least in the normal mode Now, seems he had the opportunity, or will in the near future.

So assuming that the Russian troops are preparing to transfer to Syria and then to their deployment was not chosen Tartous - the official Russian military base, which really works on improving its system to accept and welcome larger ships. Selected Latakia. What is the reason? After all, in terms of communication military capabilities extremely limited Latakia. The airport and military base is located outside the old town, and there is a possible coordination of flight supply center and force even difficult terrain. Just to drive to the port, it is necessary for a long time to stir the old town with its typical streets and then drive around the area of ​​the stadium and park.

Another thing is that, perhaps, this decision is simply no alternative. Air Force Base in Latakia does not come under the influence of LIH forces or so-called secular opposition in Syria. It is within the reach of Turkish radar, but it is almost impossible to imagine that Turkish planes will attack the Russian ships and the Russian marines. All sources in one voice say that recently a military airbase in record time converted by Russian specialists to the modern level. There were buildings and technical systems, it is very similar to the flight control system, new asphalt, the time scale modules. Moreover, no one has yet noted the work of the active radar or other electronic monitoring systems, which strongly suggests a new center in Latakia command and military control.

The same goes for the question of the appearance of the Russian Navy. No direct evidence is not, although the application of a number of US and Israeli sources can be considered as working versions in the global context. Protection of property outside Russian territory is traditionally assigned to the Marine Corps, just that kind of objects can be one hand to count, so for them until last year and does not need additional protection.

Nevertheless, all the signs indicate that participation of Russian troops in the conflict in Syria is looking increasingly likely. But his ideological understanding more complicated than a simple declaration of "Russia went to Syria, Bashar al-Assad to help." It is not so much about Assad as an operation against LIH. The participation of Russian troops in the war against LIH has not been a public policy debate. But Thursday, September 10, Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the creation of a kind of global coalition, "superarmii," as he says it is impossible. The war against LIH for each of the parties involved, is of a purely individual nature, including due to a variety of circumstances and relationships with the countries of the region.

In the last week of third countries involved in the conflict in the Middle East has taken on the character of the avalanche. About varying degrees of involvement began reporting and France, and the United Kingdom, and even Italy. As cynical as it may sound, but Russia might just be late for the war. But the position of the Russian Federation is not based on a virtual denial of the IHL as "absolute evil" of modern politics and coherent support to the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad.

To fight for the creators of the "Islamic State"

At present, "an Islamic state" controls one third of Syria, but it is the only desert. LIH positions immediately adjacent to densely populated areas just a bit east of Damascus, Palmyra has unfortunately died, but there is a confrontation took on the character of position battles. LIH is significant pressure on the Kurdish situation, making the way to the Turkish border in northern Syria. The war thus turned into an all-out, where more than five warring parties fight among themselves without any prospect of major military success was due to the complexity of the front - where it is, and inconsistencies. This situation can last for decades in the future, as it has done in Lebanon, but the time has come "pressed", and sometimes turn these wars into a short general carnage.

In this situation, the prospect and plans for the presence of Russian troops in Syria (if they are there, and depending on the configuration) can be assessed in two ways.

First, Russia can go on this way, which is declared by the majority of European countries. That is to organize a series of air strikes on positions LIH, probably in the region of the east of Damascus, with the prospect of Palmyra. Perhaps a military airbase in Latakia wait just renovated for this purpose.

But on the other hand, he stressed several times that air strikes on LIH not bring concrete results. The very structure of LIH is that it is only to destroy the air strikes impossible. If the international community had decided themselves to eliminate this source of evil, the ground operation is inevitable. United States, with all their power, it can not.

Russia is able to set a local target. For example, to remove pressure from the LIH in the eastern suburbs of Damascus. This can be quite Marines brought from the Crimea. Take the infantry as soon as possible and in large quantities and can just quickly modernized airfield. The main armament LIH - so-called technicals, the "Toyota" trucks with machine guns. Heavy equipment, they do not have, and a small battle are not used. Their advantage is only to terrorize the civilian population, that they sometimes received whole villages without a fight. Naporovshis even on the Syrian army, they stopped. And the slightest pressure of something more elaborate, they are certainly not survive. Their image and success - all the fruit of propaganda, including the United States, which constantly create you an enemy.

Russia has not hypothetical coordinated the transfer of troops to Syria with someone "partners" - perhaps this is the reason such a strong reaction to such a possibility in the United States. The non-participation of Russia in the events around Syria, Iraq and LIH has long been used as propaganda in the US currency. Like, we fight alone against the "evil world" while Russia cut Ukraine. Now the situation is changing. And it does not matter under what circumstances involve Russian troops in Syria - unless, of course, they will be involved. It is possible that participation in hostilities and at all limited to aerial reconnaissance, or at least the use of attack aircraft. And she will certainly support the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad, and not part of the international coalition. The fact that the participants in a potential coalition one and all insist on the elimination "of the Assad regime," which is absolutely unacceptable for Russia.

And because an unrelated party in the conflict in the Middle East, based on their own interests, it would be logical for Moscow, and even necessary. Lose momentum in such an environment would be unforgivable.
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