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The US staged a coup d'etat in Ukraine, and we are hold for idiots
The US staged a coup d'etat in Ukraine, and we are hold for idiots

The expert believes that in all this occurred situation and the question of human rights and the case here in Gaza and in the power ambitions

German economist, expert on financial markets and the journalist Dirk Muller commented on the events that took place last half a year in Ukraine.

- At first we thought that Ukraine will only change the government: old President, relieve, and it will be all very quietly. But there it was. These circumstances dramatically aggravated. And this can only be observed with great concern. In the end it all goes to the fact that Putin is doing the devil. Hillary Clinton has called him by Hitler. President of Russia show that he is the very evil and does things, which you cannot do.

And what's really happening in Ukraine? It is necessary to look at everything, began to reason it.

The expert believes that in Ukraine there was a real coup, organized and financed by the Americans. And they did, in his opinion, due to geopolitical battles with Russia, and to cut off Europe from Russian gas supplies.

The reunification of the Crimea with Russia Mueller believes absolutely logical and reasonable process, which is carried out with observance of all international legal and civilized norms.

- What bad Putin has done on the Peninsula? He's one of the largest military naval bases on the Black fleet and because of the coup was not clear what will be. There are nuclear submarines. And what would the Americans in this case? I think the same thing.

Moreover, continued the judge, Ukraine is an Autonomous region and once belonged to Russia.

- When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine held a referendum and a majority of the population voted for the Autonomous Republic. And the Crimea have given special status. The Russians did not take his illegal ever, and always pay high rent - 100 million per year, and additional Ukraine received gas at a discount of 30%, as compensation for the use of the Peninsula. Illegal if Russia invaded the Crimea? I believe that it is the protection of their interests, which they are economically using normal contracts defended. Passed the democratic referendum - people chose the path, which is considered necessary. What else is needed? - he added.

Note, Dirk Mueller openly calls things by their proper names, mercilessly criticizing the main actors of "euromayday". Party "Freedom", the expert says, is so odious that against the background of the German equivalent looks embodiment of innocence. Confused by the German economist and origin of capital of the Ukrainian political puppets, controlled from the USA.

- And what happened in London? The Parliament, which did not even elected is called himself now the interim authorities. From whom temporary? This government, which is itself called. Compared with them, our National democratic party of Germany looks like "Muhina piece of shit". And accept the German authorities as the government of the future. Just because they require joining NATO. What brainwashing is done in the media? Suddenly the Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who'd made myself formerly illegal huge fortune, became a critic of the Kremlin and the hero of the opposition. And Tymoshenko? She billionaire, who also illegally took his wallet. And it is also called a hero of the future... and everything that is happening now is a very, very suspicious. And it's not in democracy and human rights are complete nonsense. The real reason is gas. Someone wants Russian gas to overlap. Wait, we get it from them. From 30 to 40% of the gas consumed in Germany comes from Russia, and they themselves now, we want this gas to overlap. How foolish it is necessary to be... Imagine I'll stop breathing of protest. Look how many I will stretch, and who in the end will punish grumbled Muller.

Meanwhile, Americans continue in all the sins accuse Russia. Residents of Ukraine are blatantly samasevaya that Moscow wants to kill everyone and to usurp their territory".

By the way, on Thursday at the quadrilateral summit in Geneva with representatives of Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the US adopted a comprehensive document on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine. His main position was agreed that all parties should refrain from any violence, intimidation or provocative actions.
However, while Kyiv to fulfill the conditions are not in a hurry, and States prepare Moscow next portion of the sanctions, if the Kiev separatists does not stabilize the situation in its own country.
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