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The USA cautiously look again at the Russian Air Force
The American military sound alarm in connection with the growing military opportunities of Russia. The special concern in them is caused the Russian aircraft and in even bigger degree of air defense which, generals claim, don't concede the U.S. Air Force. At the same time the American fighting aircraft promptly grows old. Whether similar statements are reasonable – or it is simple to beat out attempts money from the budget? The commander-in-chief of the U.S. Air Force in Europe Frank Gorents declared that the Aerospace Forces (AF) of Russia liquidated lag. "I don't think that will be disputable to tell: they overcame a gap in opportunities", – he declared, commenting on military construction in Russia and modernization of its Military and air forces.

"As for technological lag, in its some areas was also not"

According to Gorents, he means as "planes which they make, and ability to create the zones which are extremely well protected" by means of systems of restriction of access that in it personally "causes more alarm". Thus the general noted that VKS of Russia was succeeded to increase "quality and quantity", transfers TASS


From the point of view of Gorents, the American Air Force at this conjuncture should improve the preparation. "It is absolutely clear that we will have to return (to former practice) and to start practising in the same things which we did at the time of cold war", – the general believes. In detail he didn't begin to tell about plans of similar combat training.

As two well protected areas from which territory armed forces of Russia are capable including to control part of air space of some NATO member states, Gorents called the Crimea and the Kaliningrad region.

It not the first similar statement in recent days. At the end of August the former chief of headquarters of investigation of the U.S. Air Force lieutenant general David Deptula declared that while the American command staked on actions of small divisions in Third World countries during the local conflicts, they missed Russia which opportunities significantly grew from attention.

He noted that "at Russians one of the best air defense systems on the planet". "Today Russians possess significant superiority of arms of the class "the earth-air", and in the territories protected by the anti-aircraft weapons, they have opportunity to forbid access to air space to any plane", – he told the The Daily Beast edition.

Besides, last week Deptula directly called the American military aircraft "senile", having reminded that average age of planes exceeds 25 years, and declared need to equip the Air Force with new bombers. He demands to buy "so many bombers, as much as possible, and as soon as possible". According to Deptula, last year the U.S. Air Force bought the smallest number of new planes in the history.

And it while the Air Force of Russia exactly on the contrary – bought in 2014 the greatest, record number of planes for all contemporary history of the country.

Two areas

The general Gorents not casually cited as an example the Crimea and the Kaliningrad region. Both of these areas constantly become stronger. The group on the peninsula started being increased right after return of the Crimea to structure of Russia. At the end of November, 2014 on air base Belbek 14 fighters Su-27CM and Su-30 were transferred. Cars were come on duty on protection of air space of the Crimea. This year attack planes of Su-24 and the Su-27 fighters are replaced with Su-30.

Last year it was reported about the made decision to place distant bombers and the operational and tactical Iskander M complexes on the peninsula. Besides, in July of the Ministry of Defence declared plans to strengthen group on the peninsula the distant Tu-22М3 bombers. Newspaper sources the LOOK reported that on Tu-22М3 and on the Iskander M complexes of a final decision isn't made yet.

Experts consider that placement of strategic rocket carriers of Tu-22М3 is a sufficient and exhaustive countermeasure on base of antirockets in Romania: planes can strike to it blow, without entering air defense area of coverage. Range of their rockets reaches 600 km, the base is removed from the coast approximately on 400 km, and land means of the corresponding range of the country of NATO simply have no. To try stop the Russian rocket carriers only fighters could.

The Kaliningrad special area also amplifies. Under the contract on conventional arms in Europe (CFE) Russia could have only two motorized rifle brigades in the region, however Moscow withdrew from this contract, and since 2011 the group of troops started being increased. In particular, near Kaliningrad RLS of an early warning system about rocket attack like "Voronezh DM" was constructed, the Iskander M complexes were placed.

"It is necessary to prove the budget"

The expert of the Center of political researches of Russia in conventional arms Vadim Kozyulin expressed opinion that the general Gorents exaggerated a little. "Such statements often appear when it is necessary to prove the budget. Generally during these periods alarmist messages from military begin. Of course, at Russia the budget grew, new development began, but the situation is far from that as it was described by the general", – he told the newspaper the LOOK.

"This one of not numerous statements in favor of our opportunities, – the LOOK commented to the newspaper on the statement of the American general the vice-president of Academy of geopolitical problems Vladimir Anokhin. – Though, on the other hand, it is possible to understand: NATO goes to pieces in that international situation which developed in Europe, and I don't exclude that it is a message: NATO it is necessary to concentrate on some one enemy".

"Lately we in a complex approached a solution of the problem of protection of aerospace space, and not only in the material plan, but also in preparation of an aircrew", – the expert considers.

Problem areas

According to Kozyulin, Russia still has lag on planes. "The USA operate many years planes of the fifth generation, at us they are only tested. If to speak about air defense, the general, probably, had (in a look) first of all that Russia conducts development of S-500, begins production S-400. But rearmament just begins, and production of perspective models is only planned. To be frightened to Americans of it early".

"As for technological lag, in its some areas was also not, – I noticed in interview to the newspaper the LOOK the editor of the Fatherland Arsenal magazine Victor Murakhovsky. – For example, in air defense systems, in systems of the warning of rocket attack we, on the contrary, have a certain advancing. Really, we had a period when we significantly lagged behind in some types of military aircraft. I can't tell that we completely liquidated it – for this purpose we should mass-produce and put at least on arms the plane of the fifth generation".

"In aviation weapons of destruction we really liquidated outlined there was a lag, – he added. – On radars which are responsible for air traffic control, for detection of air targets, also came to the advanced positions. Besides, systems of radio-electronic fight at us it is valid on advanced, comparable with American, level".

We will remind, Aerospace forces were formed as a result of merger of troops of VKO and the Air Force. Forces of antiaircraft and antimissile defense and Space troops are subordinated to the commander-in-chief of VKS aircraft, all these forces were headed by his deputies.

The aircraft of VKS includes all sorts of aircraft of present Military and air forces, including the army. However the front and army aircraft, except fighters, is included into VKS only structurally, and actually it will be applied according to plans of top military commanders of military districts.

That VKS started performance of tasks, the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu declared at the beginning of August.

At the beginning of a year Shoygu declared that until the end of the year the Air Force and sea aircraft will receive 126 new planes and 88 helicopters, thus serviceability of plane park of distant aircraft has to make 80%.
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