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The war between Russia and the United States is almost inevitable
Sergei Shoigu was surprised that NATO pridvinuv your doorstep to Russia surprised the presence near the threshold of the Russian troops.

Never anything just in America, do not make policy. For the world has already sounded the warning bell not alone. Recent advances elephant US diplomacy are harsh statements by politicians in North America. First, President Obama called Russian threat to world number two after the Ebola virus, and now Defense Minister Chuck SSCHA Hegle publicly warned soldiers and officers of the United States that they were ready at any moment to resist the Russian army.

By the way, a direct clash between the armies of the two countries it rule and Russian experts, who paint a scenario clashes in several areas. Sooner or later, they say, Russia will have to respond to the blatant diving US Navy in the Black Sea. There is no doubt that in a short time on a permanent basis in the port of Odessa "settle" NATO ships.

In addition, while Ukrainian politicians begging for money and weapons, but in a short time apart instructors US and the EU, Ukraine will be the soldiers and officers of NATO. In view of the tense situation in the Donetsk, Lugansk republics, many experts believe the clash of the Russian army and armies of NATO almost inevitable, if not change the political landscape in Ukraine itself.

However, this is unlikely, because now in the midst of anti-Russian hysteria. Reasonable people in Ukraine are forced to remain silent under the threat of violence, and if Poroshenko lose power one way or another, the Ukrainian authorities take the Nazis, which can only go along the path of escalation of the military conflict with Russia.

Therefore, comments the head of the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the last masterpiece of public rhetoric of American politicians were very serious.

Sergei Shoigu said that he was "mildly surprised" statements by US Defense Secretary Chuck Heigl that the main military adversary Americans are the Russian armed forces.

- With regard to Russia at "the threshold of NATO", who is not the Washington, DC, over the past 20 years stubbornly pushes the "threshold" to our door, - said the Minister of Defence.

Shoigu also expressed concern, noting that such statements by the Minister of Defense of the United States can say that the Americans are preparing a major operation near Russia's borders.

- Chuck Heigl's thesis about the need to prepare the American army to ensure that the "deal" since "modern and combat-ready" Russian armed forces at the "threshold of NATO", - cause for serious concern. This suggests the Pentagon exploring scenarios of operations at the borders of our country, - said the Minister of Defense of Russia.

At the same time, he recalled that the sovereignty of our country will always be a limit at which "for all of 1152 years of Russia broke the teeth are not a Western Emperor."

The Russian minister stressed that Russia is not, namely, the United States has traditionally been a country that intervenes in armed conflicts around the world, not even at the borders of their territories.

- Today in the world there is no source of tension, which would not present the US military. Moreover, after the "mission to promote democracy" such regions plunged into a real bloody chaos. Examples are known: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria. Even in the tragic events in Ukraine has not been without an open mentoring of Representatives Task Force Central Command, US Army - reminded Shoigu.

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