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Ukraine - new provider of human organs

In Ukraine, aborting conflict with unruly East of the country, black transplantologists sell the bodies of the dead soldiers of the army of Ukraine is anonymous sources claim that circulated correspondence former lawyer Yulia Timoshenko Sergey Vlasenko and German doctor Olga Weber. The main suppliers of the goods referred to as the commanders of the national guard (army).
Allegedly donated organs are taken under the order of Western buyers. Moreover suspicions emerge. Back in the spring in the media appeared information about the kidnapping of people on the Maidan for sale bodies. Some figures of the scandal denied the information, and most of them did not reply. Among those named involved in this business, there are famous names such as battalion commander Donbass semen Semenchenko and the head of the SBU country Valentyn Nalyvaychenko. Details material of the correspondent of "Vesti FM" Nikolai Osipov. Correspondence, which is shocking in their cynicism; war is just business, death is a way to earn. The defendants in the scandal represented as ex-Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko and a doctor from Germany Ukrainian origin Olga Weber. The reliability of the accounts is not installed, but the uncovered fragments of correspondence look convincing enough. The interlocutors even in winter discussed the details of this scheme - how to put Western customers donor organs. With the beginning of hostilities business went. Sergiy Vlasenko: "Olya, long ago on the link does not go! What have you got?" Olga Wieber: "Yes, all right, only the prices fall(( But continue to work". Orders will be made also by correspondence, just a list, and the authors uses the abbreviated names of the authorities in Latin. 8 of hearts, 28 kidneys, 13 units of liver, pancreas - 6 pan, and 2 lungs. If you move to a cynical style of this correspondence, the raw materials for customers fully convinced member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the center of social and political researches "Aspect" Georgiy Fedorov. "As for Ukraine, long ago, in the beginning of this operation in the medical community, political told that this is the beginning of the industrial sales bodies to the West in the Israeli clinics, American. Why Ukraine? Because when you go active hostilities, many wounded young people, how many dead and wounded, no one believes". Judging by the correspondence, the main problem is not the presence of donors - people in the South-East kill hundreds. The hardest imperceptibly to perform surgery to removal of organs. This requires the hired specialists to work with local dangerous - it is fraught with publicity. And salaried physicians are expensive. And in scandalous correspondence meanwhile the user under the nickname Olga Weber complains about the quality of the goods. Olga Wieber: "My people too late to get access to the material!!! clients are waiting here." Sergiy Vlasenko: "Yes I will wait to whom they still going? Where else can you find? And here shooting, mines are torn, as your people to deliver? Though yours, though my experts - to ensure the safety is very difficult, now. The material has to go out by yourself!" In response, the interlocutor offers to act in a more simple the old scheme - to be used as donors heavy and hopeless, that is to cut people taken to hospital, those which do not need to take off the field. But the contractor immediately recalls that it threatens to leak information - about allegedly warned the head of security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko. Another person, which appears in the correspondence, is the commander of the battalion "Donbass" Semyon Semenchenko, however, he denied his involvement in the trafficking of organs. However, those who believe in the prosperity of this business in Ukraine remind that similar scandal surfaced last spring. It was on the Maidan. Eyewitnesses claimed that the Kyiv morgue was taken by the representatives of one of the hundreds of Maidan, anyone not allowed there, and, as suggested, were engaged in destruction of evidence, namely the burning of corpses with seized by the authorities. And immediately zaprashivat the Kosovo experience, where the facts trade with parts of human bodies were officially recognised as former Prosecutor of the International Tribunal Carla del Ponte. It caused a tremendous scandal, reminds member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the center of social and political researches "Aspect" Georgiy Fedorov. "Any military conflicts of the last time a business for those who are these conflicts serves. If you remember the Kosovo story, there was established, sad to say, industrial supply of organs from Serbs in the international clinic, there was a huge extensive network, which served these crimes". However, continue for Kosovo revelations Carla del Ponte did not follow. The EU gently scandal was hushed up, to some extent, having almost the patron of this black business. Now the industrial level of supply of donor organs may leave Ukraine. There are five centers involved in the transplantation of human organs: in Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lvov, Zaporozhye, they risk becoming a base for bloody operations. Representatives of militia are convinced that in the current situation is no legal continue these scandals and leakage will not receive recognizes the head of the Secretariat of the coordinating Council of the public movement "South-East" Alexander Kofman. "How can it be continued? We, who could initiate an investigation, are in territory blocked from all sides of the junta. The junta against the investigation will not hold. I am sure that after our victory will be investigated, but we have to live". Human rights activists urged not to delay the investigation of similar stories. However, while, according to observers, this is impossible, because in the country fighting is going on, and it is doubtful that the Kiev authorities will agree to a fair hearing. On the contrary, this period stakeholders will be used solely in order to wipe out all traces of the crime.


Some hidden from the eyes of the broad Ukrainian public the secrets of hysteria around the signing of the Association agreement with the EU began to swim out...

The Ministry of health of Ukraine, the European Directorate for the quality of medicines (EDQM), health and issues of transplantation, the national Institute of surgery and Transplantology. Aslamova and all-Ukrainian Council for protection of rights and safety of patients intend to create in Ukraine the National Agency for transplantation.

"I think in the next couple of weeks we will be able to approve the final text of the Memorandum... After approval of the text of the Memorandum will be signed", - said Vice-President of the Council of protection of rights and safety of patients Evgeny Nystatin last week during the "round table" on the visit to Ukraine of the European Directorate for the quality of medicines (EDQM) and the transplantation of the Council of Europe.

At the same time the representatives of the European Directorate (!!!) declared readiness to provide instructors who will help to train Ukrainian graft-coordinators, because in Ukraine they do not prepare.

Of course, Europe will present such instructors as Ukraine in conditions of extreme impoverishment of people coming in the framework of the universal "pokrashen" widespread job cuts because of the disruption of economic ties with the Customs Union will become a giant flea market for the sale of human organs!

And according to the Director of the coordination center of transplantation of organs, tissues and cells Ruslan Selutina, the priority is the establishment of a system that could adequately be managed as transplantation centers and carry out social advertising (!!!).

Oh, CE wrno! Yak escravo bude of zvuchali take ogoloshennya on telebachanne:
"DDoS I babus, Mami I Tata, the artwork I Ducati! Sell two organizations, Tim himself VI rature OC from crisis, Yak said President Yanukovych!"

"We are now actively performative the legal and regulatory framework, which was adopted in early 2000-ies. And now we have the draft statement of the removal of organs posthumous donor specifying the elements of the graft-coordination", - explained Salutin. And said, "Will be introduced regulatory system the graft co-ordination. Now we have such a system no.

According to him, the organs from posthumous donor can be held in major regional clinical hospitals where necessary material-technical base and trained staff.

Now imagine, how will it look in reality: to the extreme impoverished Ukrainians, especially those who either by age or health, or because of some other reasons could not find a job, to live on a meager pension, to go abroad to work, will get wide opportunities to sell their bodies.

As in Ukraine a quarter of the population (which is about 10 million people) lives in extreme poverty, you can imagine how many greedy vultures rubbing their hands, counting the number of Ukrainian kidneys, hearts and other organs...

This multi-billion dollar market.

There is no doubt that Ukraine will start wildly to flourish not only clear but also the secret of the market demand and sale of human organs. Sharp increase in the number of murders on this ground.

That this is not a fantasy, if only from the fact that the Ukrainian mafia best on the post-Soviet space have learned to sell their girls and women for forced prostitution. So the experience they have.


Trade bodies or business in the dead of Ukraine (2012)

Well-known British newspaper The Daily Mail has published a sensational message stating that Ukraine is flourishing American business, which is based on trade bodies. And this is really so and it sensation? The bodies legally and illegally removed from corpses of killed or dead people without family consent and without even notifying them. Patient West buys parts...

What adjectives come to mind first? - Inhumanity, disgust , hatred, disgust, disgust. All that is contrary to the common man of any nationality.
Legalized trade bodies

The dead people were seized skin, bones and internal organs for use in transplants, implantation, the manufacturer of dental implants and implants. For this to not be taken lifetime consent of the donor or the consent of relatives.

One of the customs posts representatives of the Ukrainian authorities found in the interior of the minibus bags-refrigerators, in which were laid human bones and organs. The bags were attached files of documents, envelopes with currency, protocols pathoanatomical autopsy, written by competent medical English. The system of crossing the border was clearly worked out perfectly.
The documents speaks of official activity

It is clear that worked there's not a serial killer, because at first glance, kind of cargo was fully furnished, all customs rules. Just another batch of goods, which regularly passes through customs of Ukraine in other countries. According to the estimates of investigators, for the consignment emptied tens phone

The authors emphasize that the authorities of bags-refrigerators come in large medical clinic, where are used as working material in Transplantology and dentistry. In the confiscated documents indicate that the remains of Ukrainian citizens who died in the coming days, go for the further processing at the plant of the American company RTI Biologics, which is based in Germany. According to experts, the number of companies specializing in the processing of dead bodies in different countries, is growing.
Industry thrives

It turns out that organ trafficking is a very profitable business, despite its moral impurity.

On the other hand, people suffering from various diseases, to save which can only transplantation. Is it still the origin of the human material for their salvation? If the operation is carried out formally, in large clinic, of course, that the documents meet all the requirements. It remains to guess how genuine these documents.

From the bones to such enterprises produce bone glue that is used when restoring the function of the skeletal system of the human body after injury or disease. A particularly important part of the bones, joints and bone glue in the treatment of so-called "glass disease."

Hardly the patient to doubt the honesty of doctors when it is so important recovery.

Corneal transplantation restores sight to almost 100%. Athletes are implanted damaged tendons and ligaments, prolonging their sports career. And at the same time, the authors admit that even smuggling authorities cannot satisfy the health needs worldwide.

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the supply of human organs, bones and skin was established in one of the morgues in the Mykolaiv region. Preliminary assessment of investigators shows information about many dozens of dead bodies of people who were just "dismantled for parts". Representatives of the responsible parties argue that the alleged barbarity rare, the industry is always complies with all applicable safety standards and legal liability.

Medical company RTI Biologics refused to answer numerous official requests. This gave rise to the authors of the article write that the industry is not developed moral methods guaranteeing the legality of the use of tissue and bone.

medicine, hospital, trade bodies, ja-rusНедостаточное legal regulation of the activities concerned and the doctors, because there is a great risk that the use of illegal organ and tissue patients can get hepatitis, HIV, chlamydia, rabies, etc. In such a situation is surprised by the poor response of the authorities, who practically do not do anything to address this threat. U.S. Agency for food and drug knows fabric materials coming into the country from abroad. However, it does not carry out close monitoring of infections, imported together with the materials.
Official transplantation does not recognize the smuggling trade bodies

There are official channels through which medical Department of the country exchanged live organs for transplantation. So in Ukraine receive a donor heart, kidneys and lungs. The way these bodies carefully traced.

The authorities of the USA and other countries are not able to track exactly where act to them for transplantation of skin and other tissues. Also, as in Ukraine is unknown, where are full of human remains refrigerators. The authors emphasize the humane side of informal trade in organs in that investigation, identification of remains, when possible, cause additional suffering to the relatives of the deceased.

Actions are illegal dealers still open. At the funeral, for example, parents discovered that their hanged son had deep wounds on her wrists. As a result of their investigation revealed that tissue guy were seized for export abroad.

In another case, on the way to the cemetery was discovered that the foot 35-year-old A. Frolova empty. Seized parts have been delayed by customs minibus: "two cubits, two ribs, two teeth, two Achilles tendon, two eardrum"... Such examples are given in this article. More on the website of Rouen.
The moral side of the issue and the real danger informal Transplantology

Patients who doctors implanted illegal implants, often do not know about the fact of contraband. They were not warned about a possible risk of infection, the moral impropriety of doctors. Patients remain in ignorance about what they need parts illegally seized from fresh dead.

The moral right of each patient, which illegally implanted organs or tissues, to know where it came from and who was a donor, is it legal to use. This right is violated, and the authors of the article.

While implanted smuggled organs and tissues, medical service of the USA, since 2002, has recorded more than 1,300 official infected patients, of them 40 transplantation cases resulted in death. The weakest point in the system secrecy and confusion; they are caused by violation of customs regulations for transportation of human tissues and organs. There is no common laws and rules, which would be extended to all countries of the world. Therefore, in Slovakia illegally exported human parts of Germany, the Germans get the smuggled goods from South Korea and the US is now Ukraine), businessmen from South Korea carrying human organs in Mexico. Wider all countries trade bodies developed in the USA, they produce informal supplies to more than 30 countries of the world.
This scale... what kind of morality speech?
Profit is more important than morality

In the course of writing journalists conducted their own investigation, during which he was convinced that trafficking in organs - the business is very profitable. Experts believe that only one corpse of a practically healthy person, who died in an accident, businessmen earn from A to OO thousand dollars.

In the USA and in some other large countries of the world have laws prohibiting to buy or sell the organs and tissues of human rights. But this law has bypassed easily: they began to receive a service charge, which formally corresponds to the expenses for the selection, preservation or processing of human tissues.

In America hunters corpses get up to 1O thousand dollars for each corpse, which they unlawfully acquire in morgues. Intermediary services have a funeral, if they have data about the state of internal organs, - is written in the article; public hospitals can officially get paid for the use of their premises and equipment.

Sensational article gives a list of ways to "reuse" of organs and tissues of dead people.
Such bodies are:

when restoring the breast after the amputation because of illness;
when the wrinkles all over the body;
in orthopedics;
in stomatology;
for production of surgical glue, using the crushed bones;
for corneal transplantation;
when tendon transplant instead of torn.

And in what way the American medical company bypass the laws and bans on trade in organs and tissues of dead people? The authors explain that there are non-profit units to collect material. As always, on every law there will always be five loopholes to get around them. Yes and manufacturers not troubled: annual turnover of the company RTI $ 169 million telling.

P.S. Hope You guess what criminal business on the parts of the bodies of only the visible part of the system, used and "living resources"only the disclosure of information about such a profitable industry Parasitic system does not allow. See for yourself statistics in Russia for the last 4 years has remained stable, the number of missing people - about 70 thousand every year. Not surprised by this stability? Like the selection of a certain number of goods for needs of the black market, who has a finite capacity. Moreover, according to statistics, every fourth missing minors, and half of working age. Very similar to the selection of candidates based on specific requirements.

And now look under the control of who is the organ trafficking, prostitution u terrorist attacks.
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